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  1. Wolverine

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    Hi Wayne and all!

    Just a Q about your long term cortisone replacement.

    Since you've been on it for so many years, i'd guess you've found the right dose for yourself and the best way to separate the doses etc.

    Something i wondered, they say people with complete adrenal insufficiency or addisons need to carry around an 'adrenal crisis kit' containing an injection of solu-cortef in case of severe immediate stress.

    Have you personally ever had such a stressful event that has required immediate injection? Say car accident etc?

    How about less stressful events? What if you had to run from something all of a sudden, or say almost hit a kid/animal in your car slamming on the brakes? I just wonder where the line is that requires the injection.

    Also see my other post on Duocort - new once a day cortisone therapy for adrenal insufficiency that looks extremely good for anyone on long term replacement!

    Take care. ~Chris.
  2. deb_46

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    I'm on daily cortisone for adrenal insufficiency. In most stressful situations like you mentioned you can get by with "stress dosing". You can take an extra 5mg and wait a little while and if not better keep increasing until the shakes subside.

    Now, the actual car accident depending on how scary or injuries involved you might would most definitely need an injection. I have been hospitalized twice in the past six months with adrenal crisis. Both times were brought on by a stomach virus which threw me into severe adrenal crisis. They keep me overnight and I'm given between 400 to 500mg of Solumedrol for the next 24 hrs and kept on a heart monitor. Scary times believe me, thought I was going to die both times, husband did too.

    I now have an injectable here at home that I'm hoping will keep me out of the hospital the next episode.

  3. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Ah i see thanks alot Debbie. Sounds terrible sorry you've had a couple of crashes! How do you find day to day life? What sort of activities can you manage etc?

    At the moment im not on any cortisol, waiting till i have an endo appointment at the end of this month to see what they say. However, i currently feel like i have to lay down about 22hrs out of the day at least. I go from feeling heavy, weak and dreadful to feeling almost fine as soon as i lay down from standing.

    You should really check out Duocort - it seems like it may help alot of the problems you mention - it's sposed to be good enough to dose once daily following a normal cortsol rhythm - looks really good -

  4. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Chris,

    I do remember reading about Solu-Cortef when I was investigating supplemental hydrocortisone about 10 years ago. I never really felt it was important for me to follow through and make this available for myself.

    My primary reasoning was I had already determined that my body could fairly easily handle anywhere from double to triple my normal supplementation without much of a problem. This would be close to the equivalent of doing the Solu-Cortef.

    I seem to remember you didn't have a very good ability to do the oral Cortef. I would suspect that if your body is extremely sensitive (vulnerable) to even low doses of hydrocortisone, it might be the same for the Solu-Cortef, but who's to say? I guess there's only one way to find out, and based on your history, it could prove to be an anxious experiment.

    I checked the Duocort website you posted, and did a quick browse. I'll keep it in mind as I go forward. It's just hard these days for me to get things together to make doctor appointments of all kinds.

    I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been posting on my MMS experiment on a thread entitled <a href="">Jump Starting Mitochondria with MMS ? [DCA Notes</a>. Richvank has been posting on it with some great supplemental information. You may want to check it out.

    Haven't seen you around for a while. Hope all is well for you (as well as things can be I guess).

    Regards, Wayne
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