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    On the post of mine about the peroxide/Epsom salts baths, you had a question for me. I was afraid that you would not see it if I answered it there, so I thought I would send you a separate post.

    You wanted to know how going to a therapist and shrink looks towards applying for social security disability?

    Well, I think it does look like you have some sort of problem and that you are pursuing help for it.

    But if that is your only problem which is keeping you from working, they will contact those doctors to find out if your problem is 100% disabling.

    I wish you had your profile completed, that way I could know a little more about you. I am confused on whether you are trying to get LTD (long term disability) from your employer or an insurance company, or whether or not you are trying to apply for social security disability.

    SSA considers a person “disabled” if he or she: (1) lacks the ability to engage in any substantial gainful activity; (2) the incapacity is due to one or more medically determinable physical or mental impairments; and (3) the incapacity has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of at least 12 months or to result in death

    “Substantial gainful activity” is defined as working on a regular and continuing basis and earning at least $700 a month. If you are working and earning $700 a month or more, SSA may not accept your disability claim because it will presume you are engaged in substantial gainful activity.

    When you file for SSDI, you have to have enough information to prove to them that you are disabled. You have to tell them EVERYTHING that is wrong with you and why all your problems prevent you from working a job. To do this, on your application form, you need to list all of your ailments—for example, migraine headaches, asthma, diabetes, joint pain, muscle pain, bone pain, extreme fatigue, IBS, sleep apnea, memory/concentration problems, osteoarthritis in hands, knees, hips; a certain type of back problem, etc. You also need to elaborate on how often you have these problems and how they affect your daily life.

    You have to word it so they get the point that these problems DO affect your daily life to a point that you can not work.

    For example, you do not just want to list fibromyalgia—you want to list each particular symptom of it.

    What other types of doctors are you seeing besides a therapist that might agree that your health is so bad that you need to be on disability? Talk to them and see if they will support your claim.

    As far as how OFTEN you see a therapist, I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. If you don’t have the money to go, then you are not able to and that should be included in your info on your SSDI claim.

    Why aren’t you taking the meds that the therapist recommends and prescribes?

    Why do “they” (is this your LTD people?) seem to think that you need to go once a week?

    You said that “they” use what you say in sessions against you. I would need some examples --- but … if they are using what you say against you, then YOU NEED TO WATCH WHAT YOU SAY at your therapist sessions!!!

    Do you need more info on what to put in an SSDI application or what?

    If you are trying to get LTD from an employer or insurance company, I have heard that it is EXTREMELY difficult! You should maybe apply for SSDI now instead of waiting on LTD, if that is the case.

    As I first said, I am rather confused, and need more info…… because I don’t know if I have even helped you now or not … or if I have just rattled on and on about nothing!!!

    Big hugs,

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