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    I noticed you are from Mpl, MN. I am from the west central part of MN. about 2.5 hours from Mpls. I have been thinking that relocating to a warmer climate may be a good idea. You used to live in a warmer climate, right? Do you think it makes a big difference? with Fibro?
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    I wrote a big post about the pros and cons of it...then I felt kind of funny putting it out there...if you are interested, I can post it for you again...

    I guess I felt funny putting my story out there, I didn't want people to misunderstand what I was trying to say...

    Also, some hard things happened out there, that made me remember how hard it was at times, and how sad I was to move back under those circumstances.

    I did feel better in some respects, and worse mentally, because of some hardships.

    So, when you write back, let me know, and I will repost it if you want.