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    Dear woofmum, you mentioned in a post that your high bp was at least partly due to the air fresheners in your room. Why? How did you know?

    My bp has increased considerably in the last 2 months and even though my meds have been increased they have not had any effect. currently about 170/105 average - and this is scary.

    I would really appreciate any info. on supposedly 'safe' stuff that affects bp. I cannot work out why mine is still not responding to meds and has increased. However, I am going now to take the air fresheners out of the bedroom.

    Thanks in advance.
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    After waking up with BP of about 180/110 and pulse of 130 and going to the ER with all the classic signs of a heart attack, I investigated. I didn't have the symptoms when I was outside. I had aspartame poisoning two years ago and found out about it by searching the web. I again searched and learned that fragrances (Soap, shampoo, perfume, fabric softener air fresheners, etc.) are made out of chemicals that you can't legally bury in your backyard.I got rid of all and put two air purifiers in my bedroom and my BP became normal. For a few months I couldn't be around any fragrance cause my BP would become dangerously elevated. I've had CFS symptoms for as long as I can remember, but never as bad as now. I believe chemicals messed up the neurotransmitters in my brain.
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    Thanks for the reply. I have thrown out the 4 air fresheners in my house - one in the bedroom plugged into the power point - and shall check this out further. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your input.