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    You asked for a reply how it was to play the funeralof a friend on Monday. Stress, added pain, higher BP, plus it was not until 7 pm which was unusual. The church was packed, I had to play for a soloist plus the choir, plus hymns the family requested, plus my own music.
    I did the job. My face was totally red as I finished, heat plus humidity plus emotion. I did fine.
    But after I locked the organ and walked down the hall, I broke down, I don't have the luxury of grieving during a funeral but must do it later or I can't function.
    Thanks for asking amd thank you to those who said a prayer on my behalf.
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    I was thinking of you and praying you would make it through the funeral without breaking down. I am sure your friend's family and the others who attended the funeral knew how difficult it was for you.

    Now that the funeral is over I pary you have the time you need to greive and God blesses you with his peace that passes understanding.

    God Bless

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    I am expecting several others within the next two months, they seem to come in groups. One man in choir was given a death sentence from his long bout with cancer, they said six months. Bless his heart, he said to all of us that he hoped doctors were like weathermen, and wrong half the time. That was three months ago now. The ex pastor had surgery this morning, I never met a finer man. He is elderly, and I am hoping for him to return home. Praying.
    I figured the other day that I have been accompanying, playing and performing forty eight years now. Seventh grade I accompanied a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, along with so many other things. At 15 I had the special joy of playing at my school when the guest speaker was Eleanor Roosevelt.
    Music is a special form of prayer. Thank you for thinking of me.