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    Hello to comrades in pain, I read the survey on racial background and noticed the two of you not only said you were African American but you also made a comment about how
    others treat you. I am so sorry that people treat you badly.

    I am an African American, Christian woman, 39yrs old. I've had this illness a long time but was not diagnosed til I was 29 years old. I have been misjudged, mistreated, and misunderstood. What gets me thru the pain of being rejected is my relationship with God and a good support system. My support system consists of several family members, support group, message board friends. I cultivated friendships with people outside of my church, and outside of my family; some of them have illnesses and some of them don't. I kept my eyes open to find people that would accept me the way I am and it has helped me tremendously, especially when my feelings get hurt by those
    who lack compassion.

    I offer you my hand in friendship and hope that we can be a
    blessing to each other...


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