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    Gosh, we spend so much time wondering about our pains, where they come from, what is the cause. Couple that with doctors who give us the brush off, well it lets our imaginations play havoc.

    So today, I am just not going to let the "why" of my pain torture me as well as the "pain" of my pain.

    It is Springtime, the crocus's are out and the daffodils, even in cold, old New York State. Birds are busy making nests, squirrels all over the place, and I am hoping the deer are not thinking of using my lawn as their preferred birthing center (one more thing to worry about-"are the fawns safe?")

    The sky is blue, the sun is peeking out, God is in His Heaven and all is going to be well in my world today. I hope that all will be well in all of yours, or at least, a little better.

    Much Love,

    Anne C
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    Hugs Splooofy
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    This week-end we went for a little shopping spree. My daughter, a friend and I.We saw a sign community yard sale.It was in a community where they have gated entrances and beautiful houses.

    Now see this with me Anne....a huge beautiful house sittind on a slight elevation.Pool in the back yard.Green grass about 5 inches high.Birds singing, sun shineing.A black wrought iron fence surrounding the yard.

    Along the fence are thousands of tulips all colors standing
    tall blowing in the wind,on each side of them hundreds of beautiful pansies.

    Around each tree was the same beautiful sight.Beautifully landscaped with the tulips and pansies.

    It just made my day.I asked the people that lived beside them about the tulips.They said the people that live there have a gardener and they spend thousands ayear to always have somthing in bloom.

    I could tell you love nature, just wanted you to viualize with me.

    To day i won't be scared either.I don't listen to the news any more.I choose this day to be happy, productive,calm and hopeful.Dianne
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    Gee yes I CAn visualise all those things.

    Wake stay away from the news you know it makes you mad!

    I had two geeod meetings today. One with a special schools program we think would be GREAT for Danny (and a few minutes walk from here) IF he passes the screening test-hey what a world when you have to prove how needy you are to get a place. Then had a meeting with the woman at the top,(of School District) who is going to try and help us with that process.

    So day went well. Had to use a few pain killers-isn't that an odd word killer, more like pain reducer, maybe.

    Boy I feel lucky when I see how the lower states got hit yesterday with the tornadoes-big prayers for them.

    Have a good evening and sleep filled night.

    Love Anne C
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    May you have a beautiful day!

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    No matter how bad things have gotten for me, I've always said to myself that if this were my last day on Earth, would I want to spend it worrying or enjoying the day? Enjoying the day always wins out. Carlos Castanedas (sp?) in his Don Juan book series said that death should ride like a bird on our left shoulder to remind us that we do not live forever and we should embrace the present. That has always stuck with me.

    It was beautiful here today too. It's about 85 degrees with the most fabulous tropical breezes blowing through the condo. The sky is sunny and blue and the air is sweet. At 7:30 p.m., I still have all the doors open and am enjoying the evening.

    Love, Mikie