Today I am painting a masterpiece for my Master

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    Today I am painting a masterpiece for my Master.

    Each day you paint a picture. The picture you paint is painted using the tools you have been provided by God. He has provided you with many tools including individual gifts, talents, and strengths. He has provided you with His Word, love, and promise. He has placed you in a place which is exactly where He wants you to be right now.

    So what kind of picture are you painting for Him today? Which tools are you using? What colors are you choosing to paint with? Are you painting:

    - red with anger?
    - green with envy?
    - blue with sadness?
    - pink with pride?
    - purple with passion?
    - white with purity?

    You are the artist of the painting. Only you can decide what kind of masterpiece you will paint today and everyday.

    You may have forgotten that you are responsible for the work of art you paint for your Master each day. Now you know that you can paint a masterpiece worthy of His glory when you make the right choices. - Gail Lindsay

    "Then adorn yourself with glory and splendor, and clothe yourself in honor and majesty." Job 40:10