Today I was diagnosed with FM...

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    After years of treating my issues separately with different doctors, I was diagnosed w/ FM. I was told of multiple supplements that I could/should take - and I wanted to know what YOU take and where you get/order them from.

    I've raided the counters at CVS, Walgreens, Riteaid, etc... but I'm not really having luck finding exactly what I need.

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Firstly, consider what Fm is.
    In half of the people it is a co-pathology of ME, in the other half it is mostly associated with spinal injury or arthritis.
    Some Rheumatologists refer to primary and secondary FM, I have yet to find a person with FM who does not fit the criteria for ME or who does not have a spinal stenosis. Of course some people can fit both types of FM.

    If the FM is a co-pathology of ME then it is important to begin the mitochondrial support, not necessarily in full (because it is a lot of supplements), in addition you will want to reduce inflammation directly. (Don't believe those who tell you that FM does not involve inflammation because they are referring to gross measures of inflammation. FM is undoubtedly an inflammatory condition.

    If the FM is primarily associated with spinal stenosis and you have little energy problems (eg you can walk several miles/kilometers, or can do some aerobic exercise without post-exertional worsening of symptoms) then you can more or less skip the mitochondrial protocol and just start on the anti-inflammatory protocol.

    basic mitochondrial protocol:
    methylB12 sublingual 1mg twice daily for two weeks followed by 1mg daily
    MTHF (methyl tetrahydrofolate) 800 microgram-1mg daily
    CoQ10 (preferably in the form ubiquinol 100mg but ubiquinone 150mg is OK too)
    magnesium (any form except magnesium oxide) 400mg daily, raised to 400mg twice daily after one month
    vitamin B6

    others you can add, or add later:
    acetyl-carnitine 500 mg daily
    creatine 1 gram daily
    dha (docosahexanoic acid) usually mixed with EPA (this dha has a profound effect on mitochondrial integrity in the brain)
    PQQ (pyrollequinoline quinone) This supports mitochondrial production ie new mitochondria being formed in cells.

    basic anti-inflammatory protocol: (remember this is to reduce the immune systems production of inflammatory messaging substances, called cytokines (IL1, IL2, IL6, TNFalpha, IFN-gamma and NFkappa-B) and to raise IL-10 which is anti-inflammatory.

    DHA/EPA (as much as you can take) minimum 1 gram daily or 1gram twice daily
    Vitamin D3 5000iu daily (have you calcium levels checked after about one month, you do not need to check your vitamin D levels)
    Vitamin K1/K2 mix
    magnesium: as above
    zinc 25 mg daily (ideally use zine-carnosine)

    others you can add:
    proprietary anti-inflammatory preps, ask around.
    curcumin 95% 1 gram twice daily. ( This may need two weeks of zinc-carnosine before starting as it it can be harsh on the stomach). Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and acts also via the vitamin D receptors to lower iflammation.
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    I've always advised our members to treat their worst symptom first and then the second worst and so on. This website, ProHealth, has a store and you can look up supplements by symptom. You can also request a catalog. The supplements sold here are of the highest quality at really good prices. The revenue from sales of the supplements provide this forum and are donated toward research into and advocacy for our illnesses. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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