Today is a day to appreciate nature

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by TwoCatDoctors, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. TwoCatDoctors

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    Today I woke up and was so grateful to see the sunshine, some trees with green and a slight sway with the breeze and the chorus of the birds singing--like they do everyday. I enjoy their singing so much, and it's almost like they realize I appreciate them so they sing near where my place is.

    Maintenance had treated the grass so it is very green and the birds go through it and pick out anything that may be nest material. I used to have a string mop and the birds would come on the patio and rip strings out of my mop for their nests. So I had an idea and would groom my long-haired cats at night and began leaving several clumps of cat fur at various areas of my patio and on top of the mop. Soon the birds were arriving in the morning for their cat fur and leaving my mop alone. I got up late one morning and a bird hopped up to my patio sliding glass door and was screaming at me while I'm fixing my breakfast because there was no fur on the patio --I had forgotten to put fur there. So I quickly grabbed the cats and did some fast grooming and the bird was on the patio wall waiting for me to put the fur out there. As soon as I put the fur on the mop and went inside, he grabbed the fur and took off. I'm sure the fur made a lot of nests very warm and who would figure that cat fur would end up lining bird nests. So after that bird season I got rid of the string mop and got another type and the birds never came back. Maybe the mop was a signal that cat fur was out there.

    Every so often I see a Gecko lizard in the afternoon sunning himself on the patio and I love watching them sun themselves as if they own everything. I pass them by in my electric scooter going in and out and tell them "hi there" and they seem to know I won't hurt them.

    That's all the stuff about nature that I love. Soon some people will have their roses and flowers out and that's another part that I really enjoy.
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    I love it TwoCatDoctors, that you like to help the birds out.Today is a wonderful day for me too and I am glad I can enjoy it. I like to drink coffee on the front porch so I can see what is going on in the yard. Everything, including the chair I am sitting on is covered by a fine layer of green pollen from the oak trees. The tassels from them are covering the sidewalk and blow in the house every time the door opens. Major broomwork needed here.

    I can see a few Bluebonnets here and there, but not the usual carpet of flowers we have at this time of year. Bad drought. I hope my well doesn't go dry.

    The mocking birds are continually scolding us (me, the cat and both dogs) so I know they have nests, and probably eggs too. I also like to help them with nest material, from my Corgi. She sheds so much and one of us brushes her daily, poor English girl stuck in south Texas. I found a nest blown out of the tree with her hair lining it. I think it water proofs.

    Yesterday the first rose bloomed. Small, red, and beautiful. I am thankful for Spring.

  3. Sacajawea2

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    It's cool and been raining all night and all day...had a few beautiful days, though and tulips and other bulbs are coming up...

    Your descriptions are so nice...we have a squirrel's nest up in our tree that has bits of metallic cheerleader pompom stolen out of the girl's outdoor can see the bits glistening...I couldn't figure out why there were bits in the yard until we looked up high enough. Not as warm as cat fur!

  4. Denamay

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    Oh, how I envy you all!

    We had another snowstorm today.

    But then again, if I look at snow flakes as tiny snowflowers, I have about 10 inches of lovely white flowers piled in my yard, lucky me.

    Anyway the sun will soon shine and spring will arrive here too.

    I love the story about the cat's fur used in the bird's nests. Isn't nature grand?

    Love Denamay

  5. Rafiki

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    Trust you to turn everything on its head and have the birds lining up for the cat fur!!!

    What a delightful story!

    Denamay, where are you that it's snowing? You're not in eastern Canada are you? It's snowing there.

    TwoCats, thank you for this delightful thread. I needed to be reminded that nature was not all mites! Somewhere in Texas there are birds without mites making cat fur lined nests. Magic!

    Living in Peace,
  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    The amazing thing is that when the bird came to the sliding glass patio door screaming for cat fur, my cats were eating and didn't move and were sort of in shock that some bird would be so brave to come "collecting" at the kitchen door. I think they felt he must be a "mafia bird" and this was a shake down for fur.

    So watch out for your string mops (at least in Arizona)!!!!
  7. Denamay

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    here in the Canadian Rockies, but the sun will soon come out.

    No spring birds or flowers yet.

    I am making a trip out to the B.C. coast next week were the tulips are blooming and ithe grass is green.

    I can hardly wait.

    Lydia, I must tell you how much I enjoy your posts!

    The work you do on your missions is Christ at work.

    Love Denamay