Today really was bad for me

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    I never knew that having my car break down would cause me pain. but it did. I felt some thing klunck, break , I really felt some like drop and it made my body ache in my back and hips.

    I went to Walmart to get a few things , I parked in the handicap parking and had just pulled right in so that when I left all I had to do was drive forward. Every thing went well except for the time, I loast track of it and it was dark before I knew it. I am not to drive after dark. As soon as I pulled out of the parking spot I felt this sharp pain in my hips and back as teh car nade this horriable sound. Like some thing had fallen off or like the feeling when teh ball joint goes and the acar jerks when you turn, I kept driving as I wanted to get home but the further I drove the more nervous I felt,

    All I could htink of was getting pulled over on teh highway while driving home with a car that was limping along making grinding and k.lunking sounds. That would have been really bad. Eariler this year I had renewed my driver's dicense adn I have a big restriction no driving after dark. I PUlled in to a parking place at a hair cutting salon and asked to use the phone. I am one of aa few pople who don't own a cell phone. I called my SIL and thankfully he was home and came to my rescue.

    When he got to me I drove the car and he stood there not hearing anything so he drove it around adn said that all he could hear was the ra ttle of where my hub cap cover should have been . So he was going to follow me home adn told me to pull over if I heard or felt any thing wrong. No sooner than pulling on to the street the back end of the car shifted and made a bad noise, it flet like my tires were going up and down not round and round. So I pulled over again and finally he heard this noise I then pulled the car into I finally got the car into a parking place off the road, When my SIL got a look at the tires he noitced that the tire was now shifting and that some thing really bad would happen if I were to try adn d rivee it home. The tire could fall off as the part of teh axle system where the wheel hooks into the axel.
    My hubby is out of town and won't be home till late tomorrow night so Brad called him to see if we had towing insursance , which we don't. So he parked the car out of the way and drove me home. Brought all my groceries in the hose and made sure that I was going to be ok .

    HE is a sweetheart and I just love him so much. I asked him what the palan was and was told that he would try to get off of work early adn d rive the car to a friends house and park it till my hubby could look at it and see if it was worth fixing . It isn't.

    I sat adn cried after he left feeling so guilty that the darn car died while I was drivng it. We can't afford a new old car and I need some thing to drive to take my Mom to the doctors and uptown. I Hope that my sister is not going to keep pulling this BS of saying she is sick adn throwing up so she does not have to take mom places. She only helps when she feels like it.
    NOt only do I have the stress of my car breaking down but it also has almost a full tank of gas.
    I just want to cry again adn I am so angry at my self I knew that there was some tthing was not qutie right when I left this afternoon but I still went tot he store adn poof the darn thing broke and it is now dead undriveable.

    How can sitting in a car when the hub goes out and you feel that popping sound like some thing slipped off i's track and if going to fall to peices if it is moved ? My back is tender and my hips are acheing baldy now. Some must be from standing in the cold blowing wind and being so upset that all my muscles tensed up and now I am paying for it. I feel like I have been slammed into a brick wall and so far nothing has eased this pain.
    So not only does my head ache, my pride is hurt, not having a car and feeling trapped here . but I also hurt alot deep inside my bones.
    I know that stress can really do a number on the midnd but can it do the same with the body? Mine feels like it is broken as well.

    I am so tired, fatiqued, I can't sle ep at night , it does not matter what I take to hel m e sleep nothing works. With teh meds I am oon I don't watn to add sleeping pills as i fear I wouln't wake up caused I od'ed . Morphine adn sleeping pills are not a good combo then add my soma, xanax, and visterial. I just may not wake up if I dared to take a sleeping pill. It has been moths if not a coupld of years since I slept in my bed at night , went to bed before 5 am.
    At night my apin is wores adn harder to deal with , hubby is sleeping as he can't do any thing to help me to sleep. I am so tired of being tired I could scream, being so fatiqued only makes my pain worse. So I am just screwed up and can't sleep.
    Pray for me that my DH will find me a n ewer car for a good price {FREE would be good}. Please pray for me that I will find a way to sleep at night.
    I know that this post really does not discuss my fibro. But it was the only site I knew where to discuss it with any one.

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    I'm sorry you had such a bad time.

    Yes, stress can really play a number on our bodies~~plus raise your blood pressure

    It is not your fault the car died--things like that happen. Thankfully you were not in an accident because of your car problems.

    I'm glad your SIL came to your rescue. It may be something minor that can be fixed~~trying to figure it out in the dark is not the best.

    I hope you can get some rest tonight.

    ****Hey Utah is my home state--I mostly grew up In Salt Lake City.*****
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    Rosemarie, I hope you're feeling better today. That was a really traumatic experience for you. Being alone and having the car break down is frightening. I once had a tire blowout on the interstate on a cold evening, just at dusk. I cannot drive after dark either.

    I don't know when I've been so scared. I had CFS/FM at the time too, I'd been sick for about 7 years. I had no cell phone, don't think they were popular then, it was 1985.

    Three different cars stopped to help me. One was a girl whose husband worked at the college I was coming home from so I let her take me to my husband's workplace. Took me awhile to get over the experience.

    Hope your hubby is home now and you have your car fixed. Maybe you'll find a way to get one in better condition soon. I hope so. Take care of yourself. GB66
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    AFter looking at the car my hubby tells me that it is not wroth fixing. It has over 2,000,000 miles on it . The car is a 1990 pontiac and my hubby just repaired a leak in the transmissoin , not fixed it just slowed it down so that it could shift gears. The darn car would have been easier to fix if it was a standard transmission not an automatic one.

    This is not the first problem I have had with this car, I know that it needs new brakes, the usual oil change, most likely more antifreeze, which needed to be drained and filled again but that didn't happen. So the brakes are not great and now with this newest problem I doubt that it is worth fixing.

    Having some thing to drive should not be an issue because my DH has a truck and a suburan here. But they are his babies and I have not even asked if I could drive one.

    My husband and I had an argument to night and he went to bed with out talking to me. So I have not asked him yet if it is ok to use one of his babies to drive. I don't know if he will even let me drive one of them.

    Even after 31 yrs of marriage we still have arguements and misunderstandigns. I dont' get why he was so upset tonight. I just knew it was not the best time to discuss if I could drive one of his trucks.

    I know that stres can make me have more pain I just forget about it when I get stressed , upset worried, having pain . Having a fmaily that does not understand why I act like I do, IT is really hard for me.
    I dont' want to ask my daughter to take me to twon as her hubby just got back from Iraq and they need some time together before he starts working. I don't think he is taking much time off as he got a new job while in Iraq, They have put a bid on a house and are witing for the papers to go thru and find out it they will qualify for the loan. IF they do the new place is over an hours drive away. So I will be up a creek with out a paddle.

    IF they move I will really miss my daughter as we have been doing so much togther in the past few months. I will miss my grandson who I have gotten to play with almost daily. I realy hate changes, Our youngest daughter 's husband has been home from Afganistan for just over a month he came home with PSTD and is struggleing with it as iis she . He does not help to raise the kids they have thre of them, does not help with the house work , compolains that she does not clean the house enough but won't even make teh kids pick up their toys when he should. HE was alot like that before he left but in other ways he is not the same masn as before. Marriage is hard . Some times I struggle with it but I love myhusband adn I know that he loves me.
    I jsut wish that he would listen and calm down rather than jump to conclusions that have nothing to do with teh sistuations. That is what happened tonight. He just jumped to the wrong conclusin and that was it . his way.
    HE is like that on quite a few things. I keep praying that he will listen and learn to hear what I say not think he knows what I say before I have said it.
    Now I am getting all mushy and talking marrige problems and this is not hte right space to discuss that.

    Other than having a bad casae of cabin fever from beign stsuck in the house. I am feeling better. WE had a big snow storm Friday day and thruout the evening. When I checked teh amount of snow here we had almost 10 inches of new fresh wet snow. So I am glad that I could not drive on FRiday. I would have gone out side if my car worked. So maybe it was a blessing I don't know.
    I have to learn that this DD chages the rules dailiy and I have to do my best to just do the things I need to do.
    I thank you all for your thoughts they really do help alot.

    Thanks again.


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