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    I had my appt with the rheumy today. Sjrogens (sp) has been ruled out which is a big relief. My cholesterol was perfect at 135. (Not that its related but I'll take anything The only thing that was abnormal was my C Reactive Protein (CRP) which was 15.9 and I guess the norm is up to 3.00. I guess when its high it represents inflammation?

    She increased the Neurotin to 900 mg a day, told me to take Mobic and prescribed Trazodone for sleep. Has anyone taken or had any luck with it?

    The Xrays showed what she suspected, osteoarthritis in both hands and wrists but she considers that secondary to the fibro.
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    I read in your bio that you make scented candles. It's not up to me to tell you what to do. But, you really need to read up on the bad effects of fragrances and scents. They are made in a lab using chemicals that can and do cause or contibute to all sorts of bad health, even death.
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    My rheumy suggested this. Once I get moved to IL and go see the rheumy there she wants me to ask him about water exercises as part of a physical therapy treatment plan, primarily for the FM, so I guess I'll be killing 2 birds with one stone. I hope the dr. in IL is as thorough as this one. I was armed with a list of questions to see if she had ruled out other things, not realizing that the labwork that was done ruled everything else out including rheumatoid disease, Lupus and just about anything else you can think of.

    I didn't think to ask her this but maybe someone here would know, and it may be a dumb question but you don't know until you ask - but in regards to pain management and therapy, is there such a thing as massage therapy to treat FM and if so is it helpful?