Today's medical problem(s) - warm skin and pain

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    Hello all,

    Perhaps I should start my messages here with, "Dear Diary". Kidding.

    Yesterday and today have been absolutely terrible health days. Brief run-down:

    Two nights ago, I felt an odd, brief tremor/tremble/shake/cold chills while standing up for a few minutes. Oh, I have all of the typical CFS symptoms (that just made my letter shorter ;)

    Immediately after this feeling, my head had a dull pain. Also, it felt as though someone had kicked me in the head. You know the birds and stars feeling when you hit your head? It is like that but it has not gone away. Feels like my head is vibrating? Also, almost immediately after the "tremor", My skin was warm to the touch. Still is. It isn't really hot, like a fever, but it is definitely warmer. My vision is impaired, by that I mean, I see a lot of white "spots" and light bothers me. Also, I have an extremely difficult time talking (immediately run out of breath and feel light-headed) and have some chest pain (not the major symptom at the moment). Also, my "lump", which has been examined, in my left lower back area - hurts.

    Frustrating. 2 or 3 days ago I had a fairly good day! Now, I am struggling to write this.

    Here's a symptom that I have always experienced but have NEVER had an answer from a doctor or whomever: When i take a deep breath, at the point where your lungs feel somewhat full, I get cold chills throughout my body. What does that indicate? I have had this since my condition started, and only seems to get worse as my symptoms are flaring.

    All of the above symptoms are disabling. Can't drive. Barely can eat. Sometimes I have to crawl.

    As I indicated in my message that I just posted, is there anything that I can say to the doctor next week to get his attention with these problem. He sent me to a PT last visit because I told him my knees hurt! They do but that was at the bottom of my list! How easy it is to see a PT but not for the other symptoms? I guess I am confused.

    Hope someone can advise me.

    Best Regards,

    Richard :( <--- I'll make it a smile soon!

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    My advice to you would be to find another doctor who is familiar with CFIDS & FM and knows how to treat these diseases. A PT is not going to help you in the least, which I am sure you know. From your other post as well, sounds to me like your doctor (Mr. Nonbeliever) has no clue how to treat you and he certainly isn't going to do you any good. It helps if you can find one that someone else is going to in your area. Or call in and "interview" the receptionist to find out if a doctor treats fibro patients before making an appt. with a new one. A lot of people see rheumatologists, I myself am going to an internist, and some just go to gen. practitioners. I'm not sure what to tell you about your symptoms except that we all have some really weird ones sometimes and you really should see a good doctor for a proper diagnosis. I hope you're feeling better soon and good luck to you!

    Take care,
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    I agree with anita....find someone who specializes in FM/CFS, it has made all the difference to me.
    His first question upon my arrival for appointments is...what are your two or three major symptoms that are giving you the most problems, this time. He is willing to go through the entire list, mind you. He is always willing to take as much time as necessary, until we have addressed ALL issues, concerning me. We have tackled many symptoms and problems together, using his suggestions, and some of mine. He has many FM/CFS patients, and realizes that each treatment must be geared to the individual, as what works on one, won't on another. Slowly but surely, we are making progress.
    I have many of the symptoms you have described....especially the visual probs, trembling, shaking, and chills....I believe alot of this are neurological in nature, and caused by mini seizures or misfirings. I now take a dose of klonopin at the onset of these, and find relief within a half hour.
    Best wishes