Today's Pain Devotional

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    "For it is God who works in you to will
    and to act according to His good purpose"
    (Philippians 2:13 NIV)

    Do you sometimes feel like all your life
    has disappeared? That all the characteristics
    that made up the real you are no longer

    When I was thinking about this today, I
    remembered how I used to love to bake. First
    came the white sugar and yellow butter. As
    the beating progressed, they took on a
    different shape, color, and consistency.
    Then came the egg. What a mess it made! Soon
    it was time to add the flour. It looked
    so white and clean, but was swallowed up
    almost immediately. Everything was losing
    its identity. It was all a sickly beige.

    It reminded me of when I learned that my
    pain and aching wouldn't go away and that I
    had arthritis and fibromyalgia. God wanted
    to make some changes in my life. I protested,
    "No, LORD! I'll lose my identity! I'll lose
    all my color, my reputation, my fun! I'll
    be a nobody."

    But God put the changes in my life anyway
    and I continued to cry out against them. I
    was unwilling to be swallowed up, uncomfortable,
    unrecognizable for the LORD God's sake.

    Thankfully He has continued to work in my life.
    In much the same way as I took the butter and
    the flour and made a cake out of it, so God has
    taken my life and is making something good out
    of it. He slowed me down so I would learn to
    know Him. He has given me lots of opportunities
    to encourage others.

    A cake is mixed and baked, then eaten and gone.
    But with God, He's still busy changing and making
    improvements. He's not finished with me yet!

    Dear Father, I'm so glad that You are The Master
    Baker. Thank You for being in the business of
    making something good out of our lives;
    especially mine. Amen.


    About the Author:

    Beryl Henne lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband
    of 34 years. Her challenges include myofascial pain
    syndrome/fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and hypoglycemia.
    She is a freelance editor and writer, and works with
    her husband, as she is able, for a Christian custom
    book publisher.

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