Today's Positive Thought

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  1. danny3861

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    Today's Positive Thought:

    Learn to listen to your inner wisdom and
    you will never be lost.

    Today's Positive Affirmation:

    I easily and joyfully listen to my inner
    wisdom, always following its guidance.

    Today's Positive Visualization:

    As I slow my breathing I allow myself to imagine
    my connection to the wisdom of God within me.
    I remember that this wisdom is easily and readily
    available to me. I imagine myself going throughout
    my day easily receiving the guidance I need to
    succeed in everything I do. I ask for and receive
    directions on my financial business, health, and
    social affairs. I feel the peace associated with
    the knowledge that nothing is hidden from me and
    I can trust my inner wisdom to guide me step by step.
    I know that when I need information, it will be there
    for me. I combine these images with the feelings of
    joy and let them go, knowing that they will create
    the good things I am visualizing and thinking.

  2. PrayerWarrior316

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    In every person's life there resides a wealth of wisdom. Sometimes this wisdom seems to escape us, but the greatest wisdom comes to us when we realize God is truly real, truly love, and truly with us every minute of every day. God gave His wisdom to us so we can survive and prosper in life.

    Many Blessings to you, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>