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    Today's Scripture:
    "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy
    and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you
    learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in
    heart, and
    you will find rest for your souls" Matt

    Two oxen were hitched to a plow. These particular
    oxen had
    been used in tandem for years – they knew each
    other’s moves
    and moods and had adapted; they worked well
    together. The day
    came that the older ox dropped dead in the middle
    of the field,
    still hitched to the plow. The farmer was in a
    quandary. His plow
    was too big to be pulled by the remaining ox. He
    had no other ox,
    but he had a mule. Unhitching the lone ox, he
    went to his barn
    and returned with the mule. It so happened that
    the mule and
    the ox were about the same height, so the farmer
    thought they
    could work together until he could afford a
    replacement ox. So
    with this belief, he hitched the old ox and the
    mule into the same
    yoke – one made specifically for the two oxen
    – and began to
    plow again. He soon found the error of his
    thinking. The ox was
    much stronger than the mule so it seemed that the
    plow would
    not pull true. The farmer found himself plowing
    in circles – when
    the stupid mule would even try. After several
    hours of frustration,
    the farmer decided this would not do, so he
    unhitched the animals.
    The ox was tired but fine. The mule, on the other
    hand, was a
    bloody mess. The animal was unaccustomed to an
    ox's yolk.
    It had rubbed him raw! His hide was ripped to
    shreds. His shoulders
    were cut to the bone. Not only did the farmer
    have a dead ox to
    dispose of, but he had ruined his mule as well.

    Obviously, we who are in the know of Bible themes
    know that you
    cannot hitch an ox and a mule. They are unequal.
    They both have
    their strengths and their weakness, and both do a
    wonderful job
    when called upon to do what they were created to
    do. But a mule
    is not an ox and cannot do the work of said
    animal. The ox can
    pull just about anything, but it cannot work with
    a mule. To the
    ox, the yoke was easy. To the mule, it was harsh
    and unusual

    Jesus tells us that we need to come to Him if we
    desire rest.
    We will find that the yoke He provides for us is
    easy. It is made
    just for you and just for me. We will not chafe
    under the burdens
    because we find all the rough spots of the yoke
    have been smoothed
    out – and the beam of burden has been
    painstakingly fitted to our
    shoulders. It fits the contours of our backs to

    Not only do we find that His yoke is easy, we
    discover that its
    burdens are light. He never overloads us. He
    knows what is
    within our strengths – and He makes sure that
    we never reach
    the point of breaking. There will never be a
    “straw that breaks
    the camel’s back� in the Kingdom of God.

    Perhaps you are presently thinking, “Yeah,
    Pastor Jeff. You
    don’t know what my life is like.� And indeed
    I don’t. But this
    I know from experience. When I find that my
    burdens are too
    much for me, I have taken upon myself burdens
    that were not
    intended for my back! It is these situations that
    I am wearied
    and broken. It is at this time that I must
    consider whether I
    must allow the Lord to reconfigure my burdens.
    And, in severe
    cases, I find that He must remove my burdens for
    a while,
    apply healing salve to my wounds, and give me

    Of course the ideal is that we allow Him to be
    our loadmaster –
    let Him do the burdening – and refuse to accept
    a weight He
    has not assigned to us. Amen and Amen

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    Today this Scripture seems to be appropriate, especially reading Father Troll's post on the FMS/CFS Message Board. Please pray for Father Troll and for others who are searching for the right answer. In His name, may we pray together. Deena[This Message was Edited on 04/27/2002]
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    for sharing this scripture with us. I do like this passage in Matthew. It is so comforting.
    That is also a great illustration with the mule, ox and tying it in with the yoke. He is there to take our burdens from us if we allow Him to.

    God bless,
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    Imagine my surprize when the first post I have ever read on the worship board was from you on my behalf, that is kind.
    I am however lost to how it made you think of my post, I am interested in knowing how you arrived at that thought.
    John aka troll