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    Whose Healing Are You Seeking?

    (Jeremiah 33:6 NIV)"I will heal My people
    and will let them enjoy abundant peace
    and security."

    The pain I experience daily is related to
    a nerve disease which has progressively
    become worse during the last 6 years. I
    recall when I was first diagnosed, I would ask
    friends to pray for me and I also would ask
    God to heal me.I felt that with all of
    these prayers my pain would go away. Didn't
    God promise healing if we called to Him in prayer?

    However, even with all the prayers, my physical
    pain has not gone away. Actually, it has become
    worse. As I studied God's Word, I began to
    understand that maybe I am being healed, but not
    in the way I was thinking about being healed.
    Knowing that God is behind our suffering makes it
    much more meaningful."The will of God is like a soft
    pillow," F.B. Meyer said, "upon which I can lie
    down and rest in all circumstances."

    God's Word often comes to us in the brokenness of
    our health. Therefore, "consider it pure joy
    ....whenever you face trials of many kinds. Cheer
    up! Rejoice! God is making of us a better thing
    than we ever thought possible. Isn't this real
    healing? The healing that lasts for eternity is
    the best healing possible.

    I agree from our human outlook it is often hard to
    understand why year after year, pain and illness
    may be perpetuated. But when we see that behind
    every difficulty lay the purpose and love of God,
    we feel a peace and comfort that can overcome
    physical pain. As we pray and study God's Word,
    let us ask God for this real healing that
    nothing can take away.

    Psalm 30:2 NIV "O LORD my God, I called to you for help and
    you healed me."

    Prayer: Heavenly Father, we pray to you for healing for
    ourselves and for all those who are suffering.We ask that
    You guide us in the way you know is best for us-the way
    that will bring us closer to You.

    Patricia Armstrong lives in Va. Beach, Va., with her very
    supportive husband, Richard.Patricia enjoys church
    activities, reading, gardening and campingShe also gets
    much joy from helping others find Christ's healing in the
    Chronic Pain and Illness Support Group which she has
    organized at her church.

    Compliments of Rest Ministries, serving people
    Who live with chronic illness or pain.