Todo list: February 4 through 10

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  1. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Everyone:

    I didn't see the post this morning, so I decided to start it this week. I realized that I haven't been on here since last Wednesday. I read last week's post to catch up on the news.

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes on Thursday! I had a nice birthday. My husband took me out for dinner. Not having to cook is always a present in itself.

    The Excel class I took on Thursday was a challenge for me mainly with not being able to hear well and the brain fog was giving me some problems. But I presevered and did learn some new things. I told the teacher about my hearing problem so she gave me some extra help. I got back in another month for the advanced class. I will have to do some practicing in the meantime. I hope the professors start giving me some work to do in Excel now.

    We had a snow storm on Friday so I stayed home from work. It didn't turn out as bad as was predicted so I felt kind of quilty for staying home, but I learned today that some of the professors and students stayed home, too. So that made me feel not so guilty.

    Terri: I am so glad you finally got your furnace fixed. I am sure you are relieved that this is over.

    Nancy: I am so sorry that your son-in-law is an alcoholic. So your daughter had no idea that he had a drinking problem? I agree with you-there is no such thing as a high-functioning alcoholic. He cannot drink and expect to function well. My grandfather and uncle were alcoholics and neither one of them functioned well.

    Anne Theresa: I am so glad that you are feeling better.

    Kim: So how much snow did you get? They were talking about nine inches for our area, but we only got five inches. Not that I am disappointed!

    To-do list:

    -get hair cut
    -stop at the drug store
    -clean the bath tub
    -put away yesterday's dishes
    -leftovers for dinner

  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Ellen- thanks for starting the list! I hate to report, but our furnace went out again....we need another part besides the one that was put in. So we are waiting again....luckily, it's not terribly cold and the house is comfortable enough with our fireplace and the space heaters.

    Hi Lacey.....good luck washing the dog! I laughed when you said you'd better do that first, before cleaning the tub. Good plan.

    To do: boys to band, then homeschool. They had solo/ensemble last weekend and both did quite's hard to stand up in front of people and play. But I was proud of them both.

    I also need to vaccuum today....clean up after our little Super Bowl party!

    Take care, all-
  3. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Ellen: Thank you for starting this thread! It sound's as if you did have a very nice birthday! We did not get all of the snow predicted, either. It turned out to be around 4 inches! It always goes further north of us, or a tad more south! Good for you and taking the Excell classes! I imagine it was challenging!

    Lacy: Good luck with the dog washing! LOL Our two get 'crazed' if we try. They have their 'hair done' every six weeks which helps. They are to big, and I have to little patience! LOL

    Nancy: I was sorry to hear about your SIL alcohol use. There is alcoholism on both side's of my family, and both side's of Jim's family. Our 20 y/o son, unfortunately battle's with this. As did my younger brother, and my Dad. My brother has been sober for over two year's, and my dad, for 16 year's, at the time of his death. Jim's dad was an alcoholic until the day he died. You are very
    right! There is no such thing as a 'functioning' alcoholic. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you are taking very good care of yourself.

    Terri: I'm sorry about your furnance taking another 'break'! I'll be hoping it's fixed for good, soon!

    Twin: Great seeing your post! It looks as if you have plenty to do! How are you? How's your sister? I believe she was the one having 'puter' trouble's. Or is that in my own mind's 'special universe'??!! LOL

    To Do List:

    Wash floors

    and spend time with my mom tonight. Jim's out of town, so it will be a 'girl's' night for us!

    Hug's to all!


    PS.. Is Sue on vacation? My memory appear's to be non-existent!!
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  4. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Thanks, Ellen for getting us started this week. I'm glad you had a nice birthday, dinner out is always good.

    Good for you for managing the Excel class. Excel - from what I know of it - is a great program but learning it (or anything) with fibro-fog etc. would surely be a challenge. I'm glad you got through it.

    Lacey, bathing a puppy sounds like a chore, especially if she squirms a lot. I hope you (both) have fun!

    Molly, it seems you have a lot on the go - be sure to schedule some rest time as well. I hope you enjoy the time spent with your daughter.

    Sorry to hear about your furnace, Terri, what a hassle. Thankfully, your house is relatively warm.

    Kim, I hope you have a nice time with your mom.

    I'm struggling with pain today and so the housework is going to have to wait. I'm not going to make a to-do list because then I'll either push myself to accomplish something on the list or feel bad for not pushing myself to accomplish. I'm usually okay with taking a down-day but it's particularly difficult to do this on a Monday because the post-weekend clutter is at it's worse.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  5. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all!

    Ellen, thanks for starting the list this week. Also, I'm glad you had a nice birthday.

    Molly, great to see you posting again, it's good to have you back.

    Thanks all for the prayers and warm wishes for my daughter. I'm beginning to see signs that the Seroquel is doing it's job again.

    Get this....she's started to write a book and it's GOOOOOD!! Really, really good. Not just 'Mom speak' but it's really good and she's grabbed me from the start.

    I remember in high school, they had an English testing, quite like the Terra Nova tests the kids take and she scored the highest possible score in this nation wide test. I always knew she could write, it's just been awhile since she's done so.

    My husband's grandparents were Oxford English Professors once upon a time, so it's in her family tree. I hope she keeps this up or stays well long enough to work this through because from the start of this book, I can honestly see it being published.

    I woke up this morning with a head cold so I honestly don't see me getting anything done today other than rest, rest and more rest.

    Anne Theresa, hope you feel better soon.

    Linda, I hope you like the Therma Care heating patches. I think they're worth the money. Also, they have coupons for them often in the Sunday papers and that helps too.

    Take care all...


  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I've missed seeing your posts - probably because I'm not online as much. lol How are things?

    Marta, your Michigan cohort
  7. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Everyone:

    I don't have time to respond to everyone individually today as I need to leave work early in a few minutes as I have to go to the ear specialist. It's been a busy morning and I didn't get a chance to get on here any earlier.

    The Excel class was a challenge and I'm taking the advanced class at the end of this month. I will be practicing what I learned when I'm not busy here at work. But it's been hard for me to learn it with my brain fog problems.

    To-do list:

    -dr. appt.
    -get groceries
    -pool therapy class

    Gotta go!


    Hi, Marta! Nice to hear from you!
  8. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Yes, Kim, we were gone...again. Went to visit my mom who was sick...she's better. It was a rotten cold, but when one is 80, they can be bad. But, she's tough!

    We are headed out again on Thursday for Oregon to have some warrenty work done on our 5th wheel and then head for Bend to see Jim's brother and look at some houses we might be interested in buying...

    So, as DH is upstairs waiting for me to come look at the lists, I'd better sign off.

    Hope all is well for each of you...take care in this horrid winter weather...I'm ready for spring!

    Be sure to vote if your state has a primary today.

    Take care, each one.

  9. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hi Linda, I'm sorry your pain is more intense than is usual and I hope it eases up soon. I hope you have a nice time with your mom today.

    Molly, I'm glad you're feeling well and hope it continues. It's amazing the toll it can take, being overtired or short of sleep.

    How wonderful, Nancy, that your daughter is writing a book! This is an ideal project; writing provides a creative outlet like no other art-form.

    Before fibro-fog & medication side-effects took me down, I used to write short stories & poetry. I never felt so intensely alive as when I was mid-story or working on a poem. God bless your daughter, I hope she continues with her book and meets with success in the publishing world.

    Ellen, I'm glad you're taking the opportunity to practice Excel. With that program in particular, I found the knowledge is easily lost if not practiced regularly. It's a wonderful program - these days I only use it for household budgets, etc. - but I've surely forgotten many of the functions and capabilities.

    It's good to hear from you Sue. I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip and have a successful house hunt. You're not alone in feeling ready for spring - the snow & cold wind is difficult to endure.

    I'm going to pace myself carefully today, only do what's necessary. Then, perhaps I'll feel well enough to get out this eve, for at least an hour, with my friend.

    - put dishes away
    - clean kitchen counters & sinks
    - swipe washroom
    - water plants
    - read & rest
    - fix hair, dress & put on some lipstick

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  10. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    The furnace is fixed- again! But I hope this time it stays on! It's so nice not to have to think about space heaters....

    Nancy- I'm glad to hear your daughter taking interest in writing. It's a good outlet for her, I'm sure, and we'll look forward to her book when she gets it done! My son also enjoys creative writing, and has at least one book he hasn't published yet.....maybe someday!


    -homeschool with the boys
    -teach piano students
    -leftovers for dinner
    -Bible study

    Have a good day!
  11. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I'm tired of dwelling on how much I hurt, so today I'm going to do my best to overcome the negativity that creeps into the experience of living with pain. That's number one on my to-do list.

    2) the usual daily housework
    3) read
    4) make something (?) for dinner

    Beyond that, I'll be in bed or on the couch with the heating pad on my lower-back and ice-packs on my neck (no wonder I flash hot & cold, my poor body doesn't know what normal is :)

    Have a good day, cyber hugs (extra gentle) for all.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  12. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    This looks to be a quiet morning so I have more time to talk to all of you. I went to Ash Wednesday services this morning so I am working an hour later this afternoon to make up the time.

    I have good news. The ear specialist looked at my ear yesterday and said that everything looked fine. He said that it would probably take two months before I get my hearing back. My husband must have misheard him when he told me that doctor had said two weeks. So that makes me feel better. I go back in early April for a hearing test and to see my doctor again.

    To be honest, I was wondering if I had taken on too much trying to learn Excel. I was really floundering in the class between not hearing well and I had a bad case of brain fog the morning of the class. I've always tried to have faith in myself that I can do anything I set my mind to, but I was having my doubts about this. I go back on Feb. 28th to take the advanced class. I hate to look so bad in front of my co-workers.

    But I talked to one of my co-workers and told her about my FMS and concentration problems. She told me she took the advanced Excel class on Jan 31st and she was really struggling. I've always considered her a computer whiz so that makes me feel better.

    Terri: I'm glad you got your furnace fixed. I hope this is the end of the furnace problems for you.

    Anne Theresa: Thanks for the vote of confidence for trying to learn Excel. I plan to do some practicing.

    Sue: Good luck on your house hunting. Glad your mom is feeling better.

    Nancy: That's great that your daughter is writing a book. It sounds like she has a real talent for it.

    Linda: How are you doing? I hope you are feeling better!

    To-do list:

    -go to Ash Weds. services (done)
    -fish for dinner

  13. ksp56

    ksp56 Member


    I don't have much on the list today. Surface clean and few places and mop the floor that has muddy dog paw print's. Guess DH didn't pay attention to all of the rain, this morning, before leaving!

    Yesterday, I did my own exercise routine, which to normal's, probably is just the beginning of their warm ups! LOL I'll see how this goes. I have a new 'Easy Tai Chi' dvd, but need to replace our's! Not much help, at this time!

    Ellen: If you decide the second Excell class is too taxing, don't be hard on yourself. This 'Brain Fog' is sometime's not conducive to some project's. You have tried, and finished the first part! Bravo for you! I'm happy your ear appointment went well! Two month's does sound more appropriate than two weeks! LOL

    Anne Theresa: Take extra good care of yourself! Your plan's for today are perfect. Rest, my friend..

    Terri: Glad your furnace is working! Sound's as if you have another busy day! Take care!

    Nancy: Hope you are feeling a little better and more rested. You've had your plate full these last several months! Take care...

    Susie: If you read before leaving. Have a very safe trip and let me know when you are back! You'll be missed!

    To everyone, I wish you a good day!


  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all...

    Thanks for the kind wishes for my daughter but we're back down again. She should be back in Landstuhl this morning, but her husband didn't drive her up there, after she called at 11:00pm and asked us to drive the hour to get to the hospital that she was at and then another 1 1/2 hours to get her to Landstuhl which we were unable to do after taking our nightly medications for sleep.

    Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I'm just really tired.

    Basically, she needed to be hospitalized and he failed her again. Having Landstuhl give up a bed in their psych ward for a dependent at a time of war is a heaven sent thing, but they turned it down since we couldn't take the 5 hour trip in the middle of the night.

    Sorry, I really shouldn't use this thread to vent so much about my daughter....

    Today I'm hoping for a nap and a few minutes to find some joy again. Still not feeling too well, feverish at times and very tired.

    Hugs all,

  15. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Today's to do list...

    Bank and wallyworld and grocery shopping.

    I have been sitting here since 5am trying to convince myself I can do it. I don't usually dread it this bad, but today it is torture.

    Was ready for hubby to retire last night so he can be here with me to do these things...if you knew the "old" me you would think that this was funny.

    It's not panic or anxiety...just plain old "I don't think that I have it in me anymore" to do this stuff.

    sorry for the pity party...just needed to tell it to someone who understands..


  16. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Sometimes that's all we have in us to say.....the daily tasks seem insurmountable. I hope you can get some rest during the day.....

    Nancy- Sorry things plummeted again. You are used to the severe ups and downs with your daughter. I hope she evens out soon and her hubby figures things out.

    Ellen- I'm glad you have a time frame for your hearing that puts you more at ease. I'm sure you were worried when things hadn't returned to normal yet.

    Anne Theresa- It's OK to let us know if you're not feeling well....that's why we're here! But I hope you're doing better soon.

    Linda- I haven't checked the other post yet, but will after I get done here.

    To do:
    Take a NAP! (didn't sleep well last night)
    piano students
    buy food box for some people in our church

    Hugs to all-

  17. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Jim called me a little while ago here at work and said we can't get together today for lunch as he has a meeting with his social worker. Today really was the best day for me to get together with him, but maybe I can squeeze it in tomorrow.

    It does give me a chance to finish some housework I didn't finish yesterday and get dinner ready before I go to my swimming class.

    In fact, it's almost time for me to leave work. I am feeling proud of myself. I had some time this morning with nothing to do so I practiced my Excel and managed to type a chart and just printed it off. I am feeling more confident that I can do this in spite of the FMS and my hearing problem right now. I will just have to accept the fact that I will learn slower and have to ask more questions.

    To-do list:

    -make spaghetti
    -finish vacuuming
    -swimming class

    Take care.

  18. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Looking out my window to see such huge snow-banks makes me feel better about being housebound this past week. I guess if I'm going to be stuck in the house with a flare, no better time than when the weather would keep me in, anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your good news, Ellen! I'm happy for you and will continue to pray for your full recovery. It would be wonderful for you to completely regain your hearing.

    I'm glad you compared notes with your co-worker about the difficulty of learning Excel. It helps to know you're not alone with the struggle. I've also found that - whether it's a feature of FMS or of reaching a certain age - that my ability to learn has lessened.

    Congratulations on exercising, Kim, and good for you to take it slow at first. Years ago, before my FMS was this severe, I used to take Tai Chi classes and found it a wonderful, relaxing form of exercise.

    I haven't tried Tai Chi for a long time but I've read it can have excellent benefits for people with FMS. Once you get your DVD player up and operating, please let us know how you make out with the Tai Chi. I'd be most interested to know if it's helpful for you.

    Nancy, I'm sorry your daughter's mental health issues have become acute and that her husband is not being supportive. Please don't ever apologize to use this thread to share/vent concerns about your daughter. You are always welcome to share with us whatever is on your mind. God bless you, dear one. I'll say a prayer for you & yours.

    Lacey, my thoughts & prayers are with you today, as well. I know - and frequently share - those feeling of overwhelm and of not being able to carry on. My heart goes out to you.

    Sometimes, during the course of a very bad day, there will come a moment of joy or peace or gratitude, often from an unexpected source (a favourite song heard from a passing car, a smile from a child, a cloud-shaped memory, a passing thought).

    This single moment, like a candle in the darkest night, can give you hope, a reason to carry on, or even a small glimpse of your life's meaning & purpose. I hope such a moment finds it's way to your heart today.

    Thanks for your support, Terri. Knowing I can be myself on this thread is a nice feeling. I do try to stem my negativity as it comes to me frequently through the experience of pain.

    Sometimes it's best for me to do this by venting or talking about my struggles, other times it's better for me to focus on other things. Either way, I feel at peace and empowered by my friendships here. Unlike other public or social situations, I don't hide the pain, depression, etc. or pretend to be different.

    To-Do Today

    kitchen & washroom (finished)
    dust entertainment unit
    swiffer floors
    mop kitchen floor & back hallway (I'll likely procrastinate on this)
    make crock-pot soup (trying a new recipe for Zesty Mexican Potato Soup - I'll let you know how it turns out)
    shower & shampoo
    read, rest, watch TV

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  19. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Well, it's Friday again and payday! My husband drove me in to work this morning. I think he's getting kind of bored since he's been layed off for so long. He won't go back to work until late March or early April. It all depends on the weather and the economy. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this season will be busier than last season was.

    I was looking at my pay stub and figured out that I have 10 weeks of vacation days and 10 weeks of sick days. Of course this is half days, which is what I work. I don't worry about sick days since after I get too many I just get paid for them, but the vacation days I will just lose them. I don't know when I would start losing them. I called the business office and left a message to ask them how many it takes to start losing them. I would like to give some of them to my co-worker and friend, Vanessa, if they will let me.

    I also talked to one of the professors and she thought my idea of taking Fridays off while it's not busy right now was a good idea. That would use up a week. So starting next Friday I will have three-day weekends! I guess I will do this until early April. It will be busier then.

    Anne Theresa: So sorry you are having another flare. I have been feeling achier this week, too. Especially my lower back. It's been so hard getting up in the morning and getting dressed.

    Lacey: I know what you mean about looking ahead about all you have to do and feeling overwhelmed and wondering if you can do it all. I have that feeling quite often. Sometimes I try to break my day up and just think about what I am doing at this very moment. It doesn't feel as overwhelming then.

    Nancy: Don't ever feel as though you can't talk about your daughter here. That's what we are here for. I always want to hear about her. Besides, I am always talking about Jim. I am sorry she has taken a turn for the worse and that her husband is not being suportive. How long did they date before marrying. Did he really understand what he was getting into before he married her?

    Kim: Any exercise you can do will certainly benefit you. As for the Excel, I am determined to stick with it. I practiced it yesterday and felt quite encouraged.

    Sue: You probably won't see this since you are gone, but good luck with your house hunting.

    Linda: I hope you are feeling better. I miss you when you aren't on here. By the way, my husband and I saw the movie "The Eye" last weekend and we really liked it. I would recommend it.

    To-do list:

    -lunch with husband
    -wash sheets and towels
    -go to visitation at the funeral home this afternoon (co- worker's mom died)

    Weekend to-do list:

    -go shopping with my girlfriend
    -dust basement
    -visit in-laws
    (that's all I can think of for now)

    Have a good weekend, everyone!


  20. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Hey Friends!

    Thought I'd check in and see how you all, are. I had a hair color appt this morning, but my stylist has a very bad neck, and needed to cancel. I certainly understand how painful it can be. Just trying to think what to do re: color!

    I plan on exercising, after this. Caught up on most everything. An unsual feeling! Yesterday, I had blood drawn for kidney specialist. I'm a hard 'stick'. The lab people always feel worse than I do! LOL Went to the grocery afterward's, came home and relaxed.

    Nancy: I hope your daughter is able to find the help she needs right now. It must be painful to watch her when she slips. Mental illness is hell. I'm bleseed with my bipolar being fairly well managed, and wish and pray for the same for your DD, as well as her loved ones. Also, please do not ever feel bad posting what is bothering you on this thread. We've all become comfortable with each other, and I, for one, feel 'safe' here with all of you..

    Ellen: BRAVO for moving on with your Excel class! You did well in your other, and I'm sure this class will be the same. Congrat's on your 3 day weekend! You are so kind, in offering your vacation days to your friend. Of course, we all know you are this type of caring friend.

    Lacey: Bless your heart. There are day's when it is very difficult trying to get out of the house. Especially, while in pain. If you made it out, or didn't, please let us know how you are doing...

    Terri: Busy you! I have to commend you on home schooling your children! The thought of doing it with my two kids, when they were younger.. just say it wouldn't have been a pretty sight! LOL How nice to make a food basket for those in need. You are a very giving person.

    Anne Theresa: Hope this find's you doing better. Your list was lon-gggg! I hope that is indication that you are turning a corner! I will let you know about the Tai Chi video. I bought it thru Amazon, and the price was low.

    Linda: I hope this find's you feeling better. Did you find relief with those heat patches? I certainly hope so. When my neck was a mess, I would creme analgesic's. While it didn't make it go away, it did bring some relief. My favorite is Thera-Gesic Max Strength. Of course,I did smell like my great-grandmother! LOL If you do use, apply thin layers and work up to the needed amount. WATCH using heat pad's while it is on your skin. Of course, you probably know this! Yada, yada, yada from me!!!

    Twin: How are you doing? Thank's for letting me know about Dar!

    I hope your weekend's are good ones..



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