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    Hi all, anyone had experience with tolvon/mianserin with sleep. I have read that avanza/mirtazapine was made from this. I have used avanza for sleep which worked well but has a big hangover affect. Tolvon from what i have read has a much shorter half life which should give it less of a hangover affect.

    Took seroquel last night 50mg, this had no effect on my sleep but this is half the dose the doc recommended, so will try 100mg in a couple of nights. If this doesnt work will look into tolvon. Not interested in increasing doses of seroquel past 100mg as side effects of this med dont look attractive.

    My understanding of meds that improve sleep work on antihitamine, 5ht2 antagonism, so looking further down this line. Leaving gaba/benzo receptors alone for now as they dont really improve the quality of sleep. Although zopiclone/imovane does and i use this med but no more then twice a week, anymore and it doesnt work. Lately have also used mogadon/nitrazepam and it gets me to sleep although not refreshing sleep as i toss and turn all night. Not going to use this med more then twice a week as i tend to build tolerance to meds quickly.

    Maybe i need 7 good meds, one for each day of the week, lol, sort of like a polygamy of sleep meds lol. If i didnt have to work i would just sleep whenever/wherever
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    took 100mg seroquel last night at 930, by 1030 i was out light a light. Woke this morn at 930, 11 hours sleep, did wake every couple of hours but drifted back to sleep quite easily. Think i slept 11 hours catching up for what i have lost of late, little bit of a hangover but hour after being awake and a pepsi max(not a coffee drinker) and functioning well.

    Just hope it keeps working and not deveolp a tolerence to it. My plan is to use it no more then 3 times a week alternated with imovane/zopiclone and hopefully get good sleep99.9% of the time. This will go along way in helping me get over this thing(cfs).