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    Here's a copy of a post I just received via co-cure regarding Tom Hennessy, the founder of International Awareness Day - May 12th. I've known Tom for awhile now, & I know just hearing from others would really boost his morale. Here's the e-mail as it was posted by Jerry <>:

    I promised Tom that I wouldn't say anything, and people who know Tom will
    understand why he wouldn't want any sympathy, but thanks to Diana Saba, who
    broke the news on a couple of lists and opened the door for me, I'm off the
    hook and can post this! Which I've been wanting to do for some time but did
    not want to break our confidence.

    Tom was in a very bad automobile accident in mid April. I will not go into
    detail, however, all of the professionals involved cannot understand why or
    how he survived, let alone not be paralyzed! He has been in a nursing home
    in Boca Raton, FL since the accident. As far as his injuries are concerned,
    he is on the mend. But the accident combined with his M.E. and Drs. and
    health care workers who do not understand M.E. are taking their toll on him.
    Needless to say, Tom is in a very bad place in life.

    Tom has no internet access so I'd like to take this opportunity to ask all
    of those who know Tom, and even everyone who doesn't, to wallpaper his room
    with cards and letters! You can send your well wishes to:

    ManorCare Health Services
    Tom Hennessy, Jr.
    375 NW 51st. Street
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

    I would also like to ask Dr. Nancy Klimas if she would be willing to take
    Tom on as a patient or help to advise those now in charge of his care. His
    current Drs. and health care providers are not M.E. savvy and are a
    detriment to his recovery from the accident.

    His current address and updates will be posted at:

    Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for this informations.

    I'm devastated that I wrote to him, asking for his help in a legal case vs the CDC and I had no idea what shape he was in.

    I shall write immediately and will pray Dr. Klimas will help him!

    Please, folks, we all know this man...well, us 'oldies' do. And you 'newbies', this man deserves all the love and attention he can get...please send a card if you're able...thanks!

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    bump for TOM...OUR HERO!

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    We two here sent cards; I hope they helped.

    Can you just send a note? A card? Anything!

    Please...we are here to support one another, and Tom has been our advocate
    for so many years.

    He needs YOU now...please don't let him down.

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    I have read so many of your posts and replies; I know you understand when
    others are in need, and you have often helped.

    thank you so much, I know every card or note he gets will lift his spirits and
    hopefully strengthen him to pull thru.

    Others: we are counting on you...please help!

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    Let's hope other just wrote down the address and sent the cards
    and/or notes; they don't have to let us know they did, right?

    If you haven't done it, (others), please take a few minutes this long
    weekend and prepare something for one of the best of us!

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    It's not too late to mail a card or just a supportive note to Tom Hennessy. Just in case you missed it, here's the address.

    ManorCare Health Services
    Tom Hennessy, Jr.
    375 NW 51st. Street
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

    For more info about Tom & Awareness Day, check out his website:

    Also, Tom urgently needs to find a physician that is familiar and treats patients with CFS/ME in the Boca Raton, Florida area. Please forward names of physicians, etc along with how to reach them to Tom at the address above or e-mail Jerry at

    Thanks for your time & energy to help cheer up one of our strongest advocates!

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    Just noticed that my post has been viewed 327 times! And my other post on the same topic had 64 hits. Sure hope, at least half that many folks have sent Tom a card or letter of support. Remember, we wouldn't have May 12th if it wasn't for Tom Hennessy! We need him to get well & good spirits to carry on the tough fight we still have ahead of us.
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    I read this when it was posted and even bumped it so that I would remember, and so that more people would read it......and then I totally forgot....Is he still at the same place? I will definitely send him a card. He has done so much to help us.
  11. cerise

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    Please see my post TOM HENNESSY UPDATE for what you can do to help Tom out in his hour of need.

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