Tomorrow I begin to glow in the dark.

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  1. joyfully

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    Tomorrow is the BIG GUNS radioactive iodine. please keep me in your prayers. I hope and pray that this treatment works. They already had to postpone this treatment from last Monday when my body developed a huge case of thrush.

    I will be unable to come to the computer for at least a week following the radiation. I have one room set up in the house as my quarantine room. I'll be glad when this is over and done with----
  2. getridof

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    Nothing I can really say. I think I can understand those "BIG GUNS THINGS". I'll pray for you, my friend. May God give you calm and stable moments. I know it's difficult to cope with on your own. Hope you can feel God's arm.
  3. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I think part of my brain is still in denial.

    When you NORMALLY get surgery, then the problem is fixed. I'm concerned that the problem is just postponed with this cancer.

    I just want that alien to be killed off. I will be doing alot of visualization during the next week to help the radiation treatment kill the remaining cells. I just want the cancer dead, gone, bye-bye, burnt up with radiation, etc.
  4. kriket

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    may the Lord be with you throughout this. I will say a prayer for you. Let us know how you are doing.

    Love Kriket
  5. pepper

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    Joyfully, you are on my prayer list every day. Praying for the success of your treatment. Praying that your side effects are few.

    Love, Pepper
  6. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I have on surgical gloves and have desk chair covered with a sheet. I can't stay in here long.

    I had the treatment today. I'm experiencing some nausea tonight. I think it is from the sour lemon balls that I have been instructed to use for saliva production. They want to protect my saliva glands from the ravages of the radiation treatment.

    I'm just pooped. I did get the treatment---that was one of the stumbling blocks. I do pray that it works.

    I may be gone for a week because I'm really supposed to stay in the TV room.
  7. kriket

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    I am glad that you let us know how you are feeling. Bless your heart. I'm glad that the treatment that you have been dreading is over. I will continue to pray for you. I know you must feel weak. Feeling nausiated is just plain miserable. I know that you may not be able to stay on the computer for very long, but know while you are in your T.V. room that we are all thinking about you and praying for you. Love and Hugs!!!! Keep us posted when you can!!

  8. kriket

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    Been praying for you. Hope you are not feeling to bad from te reatment. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you today and wondering how you were feeling.

    Love Kriket
  9. joyfully

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    My hubby is on business trip so I'm able to leave his desk chair covered. I still have to wear the surgical gloves in his office though. I get "sprung" from the solitary confinement on Friday morning. I also get my next body scan on Friday. One of my neighbors is going to take me since I'm still not allowed to drive.

    I have no energy and am sleeping alot. I began thyroid replacement in an exceedingly tiny dose last Wednesday. I get to increase it a tiny bit on this coming Wednesday. The dose is about 20% of what they eventually think I will be taking.

    Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement and prayer.

    I am rather shocked what I look like when I happen to look in a mirror. I am pasty white---REALLY pasty white.

    I am down to 2 baths per day now from the radiation treatments. I only have to dispose of my toothbrush every 24 hours now instead of each time I use one.

    This IS progress! My whirlpool is so clean that I hope I haven't scrubbed off the finish. I have to really scrub it each time I use it to remove any residual radiation.

    All the disposable plastic bags get to come off of door knobs, sink faucet handles, light switches, toilet flush handles etc. on Thursday night. I will be so happy to begin living in all parts of my house!

    I'm allowed to eat NORMAL food now. I am making progress. That very low iodine diet was really stressing me. I can have dairy again! Hip Hip Hooray!
  10. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Wow. Sounds like you have been through it. You must of had to buy a ton of toothbrushes!!! I did not realize that you had to cover so many things like you were describing. I'm sure you will be very glad to kind of get back to normal.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on how you are doing. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Whenever you get a chance, come visit with us and keep us posted.

    Love- Kriket
  11. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Had body scan yesterday. Good news, the cancer didn't spread to other parts of my body.

    Bad news, there is still cancer in my neck. The trouble is, I don't know if is normal for the cancer to still be alive at this point after the radiation????

    I don't know how long it is supposed to take for the radiation to kill the cancer cells.

    I'm ready to jump ship and change endocrinologists. I have to lay out my plan of attack with this issue.

    I have to be very careful because the endocrinologist's office staff can be very nasty to patients when they want to be. I've seen it happen while I've been in the waiting room. First, I have to find another endocrinologist who is willing and competent. I have two in mind. Then, I have to get my records out of the present doctor's office.

    THAT is going to be the hard one. yes, I know there is a law that they have to release them, but this office has it down to a fine "game" if they are approached the wrong way.

    Have you seen the program about Ice Truckers on TV where they ride across the frozen lakes in Canada to the diamond mines???? Well, that is a pretty good analogy what it is like trying to successfully get my complete records out of this endocrinologist's office.
  12. bandwoman

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    I sure hope you are over the worst of your ordeal. I am not sure if the radiation kills the cancer cells immediately or not. That is great that it did not spread.

    That is such a shame when you are already going through a traumatic thing to have a doctor that is not cutting it. I read your post on another board about how insensitive this dr was. That is just terrible when you are dealing with all of these things.

    I sure hope you can find a doctor that you feel comfortable with and that your present doctor's office will cooperate in transfering records.

    I pray that things start to look up for you. You have been through a hard time for sure.

  13. joyfully

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    Well, I finally got into my dentist. Several molars have been hurting ever since I had to do the 48 hours of sour lemon balls to keep the saliva glands stimulated after the big dose of radiation.

    Dentist tells me that the lemon balls ate the enamel off of several small spots on several of my back molars! Just what I didn't need---another problem. I had to use 4 sour lemon balls per hour for the first 48 hours after the radiation treatment. I fell asleep with a lemon ball between the inner skin of my cheek and my molar. The acid nature of the sour lemon ball ate the enamel right off of several molars. So now they applied a fluoride paste to the areas. I'm supposed to follow up with this high fluoride tooth paste twice a day to attempt to replace/harden the exposed inner layer of my tooth so it behaves like enamel.

    If it doesn't work, then they are going to have to treat the areas as if they are cavities. I really don't need all of this stuff. Jesus take the wheel. I'm afraid to ask, "what next?".
  14. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Well, I made my list of steps necessary to change endocrinologists last night.

    This morning I called several endocrinologist's offices and asked what area of endocrinology that the doctor's really focused on. Some are into bone density, others are focusing on diabetes. I found two on my list that have a large client base of thyroid patients.

    I decided to make appointments with BOTH of them. I've also decided to make an appointment with a third one too.

    HUH! you are probably thinking. Well, I'm switching from my present endocrinologist. The EARLIEST appointment I can get in to a new endocrinologist is the second week of September. The other initial office visit with endocrinologist #2 is the very end of October! I've decided that I'll go to the first one, if I like her---then I'll cancel the second one. It takes soooooo long to get in for an initial visit that I've decided to make an initial office visit with the third doctor on my list too.

    I don't want to wait until mid August to find out that I have found another doctor who just has the PA's do most of the office visits. I want to cover my bases. I'm at a point in my post surgery treatment that I have a window of opportunity to switch doctors.

    I went into this with trepidation. I know I've made the right decision because I can feel the weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I made my ever-helpful list and started crossing the steps off as I accomplished each baby step on the list. I ended up skipping several items on the list when the scheduling staff suggested that I make the appointment NOW because of the long wait for an initial office visit.

    Now, I have to lay out my strategy to get my medical records out of the existing endo's office. This should be straight-forward, but I know it isn't going to be. I have to plan my strategy very carefully because I'm going to be walking through a mine field. Back to my list making!

    Soft hugs. Joyfully
  15. kriket

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    Glad to see you back on the board. I am thinking and praying for you to regain your strength.You have been through it lately.

    Love Kriket
  16. springwater

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    have you bought any books on anti cancer treatments which you can do at home? Diet, coffee enema, green juice etc.
    I remember seeing a book cant remember the name and it was written by a 'hopeless case' cancer patient who recovered completely after some of those above treatments in addition to surgery and chemo. It gave very minute details of why each thing worked.

    God Bless You with a full recovery


  17. joyfully

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    No, the cancer has evidently not spread there. The surgeon called me today with the results from the barium swallow test. SOMETHING is making my voice hoarse. I get food caught in my throat. Now, I have to see the gastroenterologist. They say that the food/liquid are "pausing" at that spot by my voice box as I'm swallowing. It almost feels as if I'm having spasms or a dead spot in my esophagus.

    So now I get to go back to the GI specialist. At least I like this one! I see the new endocrinologist on the 11th. I get my blood work done about a week prior to my initial visit with her. This is the most important blood work since the surgery and radiation abatement therapy. This blood work evidently will tell if any cells are still using iodine. I guess this is the test that determines if I still have the cancer that had spread beyond the thyroid gland. GEESH ! I'm trying not to think about it. I do hope and pray that the radiation abatement therapy killed all the remaining thyroid cancer cells.
    Thank you to everyone for your kind words, prayers, and suggestions. I do hope the blood work shows no activity. It would be nice if I could just avoid doctor's offices for awhile.