Tomorrow I have my Colonoscopy--UPDATE--

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by razorqueen, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    The prep so far has been fine. In 25 min. I have to take my second dose of Pico-salax. It doesn't taste bad and it hasn't made me sick yet!

    The nurse called today and said to plan on being there all day, as their schedule is full. I was supposed to be there for 11am, but she asked me to come in at 10am instead.

    I hope everything will be ok.

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  2. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Good Luck tomorrow, as you probably read in my other posts, I went on Monday and was fine - and I am the biggest chicken going.

    It is definitely pretty much a whole day affair and you will just want to sleep after. Personally I enjoyed the sleep after years of insomnia.

    Let us know how you make it.

    Sue in Ontario
  3. darvick

    darvick New Member

    I had one and the prep was a gallon of this drink but wasn't as bad as I thought. When I had my test everyone was wonderful and I woke up knowing something had been done but not quite sure what lol. It was no big deal. Hope everything turns out ok
  4. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. You should be fine with all the good energy from the board coming your way. I'm glad the prep isn't too bad. The best part for me was that I had no pain for 4 days after because of the IV demerol!!

    Let us know.
  5. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    Hi Raz,

    I have had several colonoscopies and I remember the fear before I had my first one. It sounds like you are doing great so far. Believe me the prep is the worst part. The actualy procedure is a breeze compared to the prep. I have never had to be there all day but you will not even know what is happening as they give you meds that make you forget the whole thing. Go home and rest and take it easy after it is over. If you can even rest the next day. I will be praying for you. Take care.

  6. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Let us know how it goes.

  7. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    It was no big deal at all! I only felt a bit of pain when they started to inflate me, and then sweet nothing!

    They ended up giving me an enema just to be on the safe side, as I was still passing some stuff. The worst part was the waiting. I was there at 10 am and they didn't do the test till 1:20pm.

    I woke up right a way after my very brief sleep of approx. 20 minutes. To bad it didn't last longer! Plus I still have a killer of a headache that I had before they started the procedure.

    I don't know if they found anything, just was told they took a biospy, and that it went fine. No polops. Now I wait for the results.

    Thanks everyone who was praying for me! God DOES answer prayer!

  8. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I've been watching for your post. I thought about you this morning. I'm so glad it's over. I know that the relief is wonderful. I hope you can relax and rest for a day or two to recover.

    Take Care
  9. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    even tho I have been passing it. I just tried to eat a baked potato, skinless, and got lots more gas. Had to take a gasx pill. Glad I have those!
    Yes I will be able to relax and recoop for as long as I need. I am off work for at least 3 more wks, more if I need too.


  10. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    Hey Raz,

    I am so glad to hear it went so well. I prayed for you yesterday and this morning before school. I sure hope your headache goes away soon. No polpys is a great sign. They actually found a precancerous polpy when I had my first one. If they hadn't done the colonoscopy I wonder how things would have turned out. They are great tests considering the alternative. Take care and I hope you feel lots better soon.

  11. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Now just rest up. I know I had the best sleep that I have had in years afterward.

    Now everybody waiting to have one, don't be scared, just go for it!!

    Sue in Ontario
  12. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    that I had hoped my whole life, up until now, that I would never have to have. The thought of it scared the crap out of me!
    Its amazing that as you get old, have more health issues and so on, that you can get over these fears and find out its not near as bad as you had invisioned!

    I'm glad I did it, and I am equally glad it is over! My headache is somewhat better. I'm gonna have a nice long soak in the tub!



  13. DorothyVivian

    DorothyVivian New Member

    Raz..good for you! I've had five colonoscopies because my mom, my aunt(mom's sis)and grandmother all died of colon cancer and I'm considered as genetically particularly vulnerable. I had a precancerous polyp in the first coloscopy which I'm glad was found. Two years later, in the 2nd colonoscopy--nothing was found. Five years later, several totally benign polyps--and in the last two exams, nothing was found.
    The second gastroenterologist who did the last two exams told me I have a part of the colon which is so narrow he had to use the smallest 'head' to get through it and that this narrowing made it a good idea to have frequent colonsocopies.

    The techniques and premedication of doing the actual exam have improved to the point I did not feel a thing. The colon cleansing has also gotten easier for me, partly because I'm not anxious any longer. (It's not my favorite way to spend a couple of days--but, nevertheless, it is not an ordeal to me now.)

    Both gastroenterologists told me they believe it is important for EVERYONE to get a colonscopy around ages 45 to 50 to establish a 'baseline'--and if a person has/had a parent or close relative who was found to have colon cancer--it is a good idea to have a colonscopy earlier. I've heard that colon cancer is the second greatest cause of death and that a colonscopy almost totally prevents the development of colon cancer.

    I'm really, really proud of you for having this preventative exam done and also, for sharing your process with us here.

    Again, GOOD FOR YOU!!!

    With love, Dorothy
  14. Maribelle

    Maribelle New Member

    I had this test a few months ago and I was scared to death!
    I am a 52 years old and I was told to have one at 50. It took me two years to get the courage. But I am glad I did it. The doctor told me that everything looked fine and that he wanted me to take a round of antibiotics that do not go into your blood stream to help with the IBS that I suffer from. I have not done this yet. I also
    need to follow up with him. But all went well...thank God!

    I am so glad that you did it and that it is over. I know
    you must be relieved. Rest, drink lots of fluids and take
    advantage of this time to pamper yourself.

    God Bless,
  15. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    thanks for your replies!

    I am glad too that you had one done and that they could see if there where problems.
    Maribelle, what were those antibiotices supposed to do for your IBS? Do you have IBS-C or D?

    I am still feeling bloated. Not sure what to do about that other than taking gasx.

  16. pepper

    pepper New Member

    You are a brave woman. I am trying to get up the nerve to have one done myself in the fall. Like you the thought of it scares me to death.

    I am so afraid that I won't be "knocked out" enough. What drugs did they give you that made you sleep? I think that around here all you can get is Valium in which case they might as well give me a Smartie.

    When my DH has his done, the doctor asked him when he got on the table, "How is your headache?" DH hadn't mentioned anything about a headache but the doctor explained that "everyone" gets a headache from the prep and not eating the day of the treatment. Just to know that this seems to be normal.

    Good going, Raz!
  17. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    Scared, terrified doesn't cover how I feel about it. I have severe chronic Asthma and have been told several times I'd never survive being put under for surgery or anything else or that I'd never get off the respirator. I also always had constipation problems all my life, gross but I think I was half rabbit. Sorry about that. I am terrified that the instrument, made for MEN, would rip a hole in me also. I hate being so graffic but don't know any other way to put it.

    The doctor yesterday was angry with me for not agreeing to one, first doctor that even said I should. He said "I'm putting down that you won't do it because you don't like it!". Don't LIKE it..he's NUTS!
  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i had sigmoidoscopy back in march...and boy did the gas cramps hurt for awhile...trying walking around...maybe some tums...just light foods...and take some fiber pills....

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