Tomorrow is the "BIG" day

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  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    My son goes to court for his "joint custody" hearing with the court!

    Most of you already know that mother of Cohen has the best lawyer in our area!

    My son just could NOT afford an attorney so he had legal aid type up his rebuttal and submitted it to both the court and the mother of Cohen's attorney!

    He is walking into a "shark feast" as far as Iam concerned and he is the feeding!

    This past Saturday when we brought Cohen home from our two hours of visitation we got behind a few slow pokes on the road and ended up being "FIVE" "YES" "FIVE"! minutes late ............

    the "witch" mother of Cohen ran up to our car "hysterically" crying her eyes out saying how we scared her because we were "TEN" minutes late!

    We were "FIVE" minutes late so I said to her " it is 3:35, you were almost 20 minutes late picking Cohen up and we didn't say "ANYTHING" to you"!

    Then she said ( as she was GRABBING Cohen away from my son...and still hysterically) "Well, I have to get off work"!

    My husband was so dumbfounded and sick to his stomach from all the things she has continued to do, and say about, and to us, so he said to her "why don't you go back into your house"!

    Iam sure that she will tell the court how we were the ones who were hysterical and yelled at her causing emotional stress to little Cohen!

    The reality of it was she was indeed the one who was "OUT OF CONTROL" Iam just sick that she is the mother of Cohen and is SO VERY emotionally unstable!

    How is this going to effect Cohen when she cannot control herself?

    I told my son that........that was the "last straw" for me! I have done EVERYTHING Iam going to do to be nice to her and try to make it work "IAM DONE"!

    I also told him they are no longer allowed to drop Cohen off at my work.........he should be at my home and not forced to be at my workplace!

    I also told him it will HAVE to be done through a third party since she cannot control herself! I do not want to see her or talk to her EVER again!

    BUT................there is another BIG problem, of my students has a father who is a lawyer, he told her that the judge that my son is going to have is a JERK! and is VERY hard on the fathers!

    I have NO doubt that her ( mother of Cohen)lawyer fixed it so that would be the now everything rather it is right or wrong is going to go "her" way!

    My son wants me to be there tomorrow and I am going to make every effort to go...............but I really do not want to .................Iam going to have a hard time watching my son get ripped to shreds while the "sick" mother gets her way!

    I hope she is happy with herself and all her vendictive ways..................I hope she can find a way to lay her head on her pillow at night and have a clean conscious because honestly I don't see how she can even look at herself in the mirror!

    I will try my best to come on here tomorrow night and let everyonw know exactly what happens .............but if my gut is right I don't think Iam going to have good news!

  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Goodluck Sweetie for you and your son! sometimes it's better to let the judge observe her behavior in the court room!.............................................................He'll be able to tell who is calm cool and collected and who isn't!...............anyway I'm sure hopeing it will turn out for the joint custody !

    I'm not an exspert by any means but it just seems lodgical that the judge will notice that your son is a good man and want's to spend time with his son!!..............................Hope this Helps.................Sydney
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i should be in bed sleeping, but i am glad i am up reading this,,,,

    my personal advice is this...and i already know i had caught some flack from some others opinions..but i really do not care...and what i have read just confirms the whole reason i am going to reitterate this again..........

    third party exchange can be done at your local police the son can politely sit there and wait for little missy to bring cohen on time....and he in turn will have the protection of the police and witnesses of the exchange....

    and as soon as the visitation orders are agreed he needs to take a copy of the custody order down to your local police department....

    i had to use that one time in my exchanges to my benefit...he was showing up late or not showing at all..etc...the crazy gf he had was caught out of line in front of the police and was asked to leave she had no involvment in the situation...

    well after i prevailed legally...he seemed to be abale to appear on time....

    yes there are going to be times people are going to be late...5-10 minutes is not big deal...

    and cohen shouldn't have to spend his time w/dad at place of work...this is ridicoulus..

    how many employers even allow children at work in the first place...? not any i have ever worked for..

    i would show up if you can///but do not be surprised if you or cohen's other grandmother will even be allowed in the judges chambers...they do not allow that here in marin county...

    they want to cut down on the he said/she said b.s.....

    but being there for suport will be great for you son...

    let us know how it all turns up...and i hope he comes out smelling like roses..


  4. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Doxy I pray it will go well for you and your son tomorrow. I will keep you in my thoughts. Best wishes hon.
  5. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    you and your son are having to go through this, as well as Cohen. Stay strong, be the cool, collected one and be there for your son if you can. This will be in my thoughts and prayers today.
  6. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    So sorry to hear how things are going. I will pray that you son gets joint custody.

    My son has custody of my granddaughter. He xwife decided that the grass was green on the other side. When he went to court for the divorce and custody at first I was worried about the judge. As my xdaughter-in-law told one lie after another and than told the same story two different ways you could see the judge change. At one time my husband saw the baliff roll her eyes.

    The judge will notice that your son is acting adult, wants to be in Cohen's life and care for him.

    Please keep us posted.

    God bless; Pam
  7. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    Do you have a video camera?
    If so have the camera rolling before you begin the baby exchange. Let the 'mother' know you will be doing this each time.
    Could change her behavior for the better...if anything can.

    Best of luck
  8. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Prayer is the answer here. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Nothing will change that your son is the father, can they deny him seeing his own son???

    Certainly document her behavior. It is soooo sad that she cannot see the big picture and do what is best for her beautiful son.

    He needs to grow up with harmony, not hearing them complaining about his father. From what you are saying it seems there is no way everyone can sit down and start over.

    I hope the hearing turns out fine for your son and everyone.
  9. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    thank you so much for your love and support!

    PLEASE look for my "new" post "GOOD GOOD news from Doxy"!

    Prayers have been answered!:)

    Love and appreciation

    Thank you for always thinking of me and helping me along the rough road!

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