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    Easter went pretty smooth here.. though it still beat me up.. I get home and Joe is sicker than a dog.. He has only been out of bed yesterday long enough to go to the docs and for x-rays. They think he may have valley fever.. ugh...

    I'm praying it's not, it can be as hard to get past as cfs..

    So Daves turing 50!! I would start with the old jokes.. but it's right around my corner... your right time is going to fast

    I'm feeling really behind today.. can't catch up long enough to see my shadow!

    love ya
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    Ok, what the heck is Valley Fever? It sounds awful, is he getting any better and what do they do for it? I hope he has some sick days, not being paid always makes a person feel worse. I'll add him to my nightly prayer list..... it's so long now I don't get to sleep til 2am...LOL

    Dave is off again today so we're off to pay bills and get groceries..... the usual fun stuff. We did get the fridge washed out yesterday so that's a start. I wish it'd warm up and dry up so I could do my kitchen windows. We had big storms come through last night, hail and all. Poor little miniature horses next door went nuts.

    Gotta run but I'll be checking back to find out how Joe is doing, all you need is something else to worry about! Love ya and hang in there!!
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    Valley Fever is a disease caused by a spore that is found in the ground in San Jouquin Valley (where we live). It gets in your lungs and causes pneumonia, if it goes to far it can effect your other organs, even cause death. Usually these folks have a very slow recovery. One of my servers was diagnosed with CFS about 8 years ago. Well they found out after a year or two that it was actually Valley Fever. She has recovered but it took about 6 years. I don't think he has it. He seems to be bouncing back now and goes back to work tomorrow...

    AWFUL day today... High winds, we have lost power 3 times today. No problem except we had a huge fundraiser for Congressman Costa. Crazy... We were frantic - brought in generators to fire up our catering trailer - The room is lit by candles.. Portable microphone - Power off - were grilling lunch outside - power on - bring the food in and fire up the grills - power off - bring everything back out.. what a nightmare - In the meantime, I've got a group from the district attorneys office, 'Are we gonna get some food???' (Hello.. the power is out... your meeting is being held by candlelight.) Anyway, we got them fed and they are gone so all is good. But we are all just shot. Bad day for all the big shots to be here.

    So now, the forecast is 40% rain Sat. and 60% rain on Sun. wouldn't ya know, I have an outdoor wedding scheduled on both days. yikes! Calgon, take me away!

    I had a voice mail from Ali earlier while I was chasing politicians.. she sounded in good spirits.

    Ok, computers have been down most of the day so I have lots of catch up to do.

    Love ya much ~

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    Just checking in to let you know I'm still among the living..... haven't felt very good the last couple of days but I'll survive. I'm glad to hear that Joe is getting better, that's still the case right? Glad to hear that Ali sounded good too. If you get a chance to talk to her again tell her to come visit us that we miss her!

    Your weather sounds as awful as ours. This week-end is dang near winter weather.... rain and wind all week-end and if the temps were just a tad lower it would all be snow! Jeez!! Have you figured out what to do about the weddings? No wonder you're so stressed all the time Donna!

    Ok, headin back to lay down a while. Dave went in early and I've been up a while..... can't never seem to sleep in when I can! Love ya!
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    I'm so shot I can barely walk - brought last night ceremony in due to rain - today is clear but windy so we were able to do the cereony outside..

    I'm heading home early - Wedding was at noon- They are done with all their agenda stuff - so I'm going home, taking a hot bath a Soma and going to bed -

    Catch ya tomorrow..

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    Thank God for Soma huh? I took one before I got out of bed this morning along with a Norco. I was up in the garage attic yesterday looking for a box to put one of Dave's gifts in and being bent in half for a while somehow I screwed up my hip and am hobbling around.... sigh.

    Dave is the big 5-0 today! He's getting off work an hour early to come home and clean up. We're heading to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Kris has a fire training meeting so we have to go early.... PLUS happy hour ends at 6 LOL LOL Can't beat a dollar margarita...

    It's still windy and cold here, the woodstove has been going again for days and I'm sick of it. Well girly I've got a cake to bake, hope you have today off for some rest! XOXO
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    Dollar maggies sound like a danged good deal!

    Happy Birthday Dave!!!!

    I'm shot.. waiting for a late bride to come in for a consult then I'm off tomorrow... THANK GOD!!

    You guys have fun tonight and hopefully after a Maggie or two, you'll be feeling no pain~

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    At the Roadhouse it is dollar Margs Monday - Friday from 4-6, dollar drafts too. Really packs the folks in around here.... LOL I had my usual prime rib aw juice (lol) and it was good as usual. The only thing that ticks me off about that place is that they have no chives for baked potatoes... grrrrrr, you can have butter and sour cream... or a loaded cheesed up potato but no dang chives, what's with that?? Dave wanted a harley for his birthday so I bought him a little metal one and parked it in the garage... he didn't specify what size harley or that it actually ran... LOL All in all he had a good birthday.

    Finally starting to warm back up a little. The stove it out and I'm not lighting it again until fall, I don't care if we have a blizzard! Maybe my flowers and onions will start growing better now.

    Did you have a good day off? Get any rest, bet not! I'm heading out to pay bills today and don't know what else. Tons of things I want to do before the Queen gets here but too soon to do alot of them, it'd just be dirty again by the time she gets here.

    Well girly the TM is callin my name so best get in gear. Hope you're having a good day! Love ya!
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    It's raining.... it's pouring.... I have a outside wedding rehearsal at 6...... ugh!

    I'm with you - it ain't a baked potato without chives - I've been on a bad baked potato kick lately. It's something I can grab in a hurry so I'm not popping pills on an empty stomuch. They are always ready to go here... But, do you think I need to drown them in butter.. sourcream... chives... and BACON!!! and I wonder why my fat behind isn't gettin any smaller.. speaking of which.... sounds like lunch to me.

    Love the harley- Joe wants one too. too funny. And.. I agree 50 is too close for us to give him a hard time. Dang! When did we get old???

    Joe had his lumbar injections yesterday. Took all danged day! He had his at a surgical center so they did the IV and all. I think I got jipped. No wonder mine hurt so bad. I want the IV and the good drugs! lol! Anyways, he seems to be doing fine. His leg went out from under him a few times but seems ok today. Hopefully he will have some pain relief within a few days. He is running a slight fever so we are having to watch that. The doc said if he hits 101 to take him to emergency. Terrific!

    They have been doing a drunk driver program at Micaela's school. It's called every 15 minutes. Don't know if they do it out there or not but it's really cool. Every 15 minutes the grim reaper comes into a classroom a pulls out a student. They announce the student's "death" over the loud speaker and do a obituary - At lunch they took some wrecked cars and piled them up on the field. Students laying in the wreckage with their faces painted grey. Used Jaws of life to take a couple of the kids out of the cars. Some they took out in body bags, one they flew out in a medi-vac helicopter. They picked a boy to be the drunk. They pulled him out of the car and did a sobriety test on him then handcuffed him and took him away in a squad car. The fire dept. was involved, the sherrifs, CHP's, everybody!

    Then, the next day, none of the "dead" kids were allowed to come to school. They showed videos of the family hearing the news that their children were killed by drunk drivers. They showed the "drunks" family and Jacob calling them from jail. They showed some of the kids being "worked" on in the trauma unit at the local hospital.

    Joe's nephew was one of the kids chosen to "die"... His family was on the video crying... It was really a touching deal. I don't think any of these kids are going to get in a car drinking without at least giving it some thought..

    Micaela hardly spoke a word when she came home from school. It really had an impact on her with her cousin being one of the victims. They need to do this program everywhere.

    I agree.. it's too early to be cleaning. Everything will get messed up again. I'd wait till a few days before Mom was due and just panic instead! lol!

    Ok... back to work with me!

    Love ya!

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    How is Joe doing today? My first injections were at a surgical center too, the IV with the good drugs and all so I know exactly what you mean. Now my doc just gives me a 10mg valium to take an hour before the injections..... I'd rather have the good drugs...LOL really makes it easier to take. One time the doc pumped so much in my back that I couldn't walk for six hours. Mom and Dave had to drag me into the house, every time I stood up I'd fall down.... that scared me!

    They do have a drunk driving thing here too but for the life of me I can't think of the name of it. It doesn't go quite as far as your program though. I agree, that program should be everywhere. They always do ours right before all the proms.

    Dave and Kris and I are going to a wedding reception today at 4. It's for our neighbors. Joe grew up across the road and dated my daughter Tonya in high school. She broke his heart ( you know why ) and he stayed single all these years. I think he is 33 now. I'm happy for him but a little sad for ME, I always had hopes that 'one' day maybe..... oh well not to be. So anyway I get to play dress up today and wear the outfit I wore in Arizona last Thanksgiving when my aunt and uncle renewed their vows.

    I spent five hours working in my kitchen yesterday. I used murphys oil soap on all the cabinets and it took forever to clean off the grime from opening cabinet doors. I washed down all the counters too and then started on the stove. Got the top all cleaned and then took SOS to the oven door where the self cleaning doesn't get to. The oven racks are sprayed with oven cleaner and laying in a trash bag outside to be hosed down today. I'm turning the self clean on in a couple of hours. Donna I can't remember the last time I cleaned that oven.... I just keep putting new foil in the bottom to make it look better...LOL LOL Dave and I washed the fridge inside and out a week or so ago so that's already done. I'll be down to cleaning the ceiling fan and washing the windows and the kitchen will be done other than mopping before the queen arrives. She gets here on the 8th.

    I'm so stiff and sore from yesterday that the TM is gonna kill me today but I better get in gear. Dave is off today so he'll want on it too.... Have a great day! XOXO

    PS.... hey Foxy, doesn't cost nada to talk to Donna, I call the 800 number : )

    PSS..... Liver alone cheese mine!! Knew you'd like that one Donna!
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    Foxy!! Thank you! Ya know, We are doing great except for health problems.. Dang it bites to get old! Now.. I will put the word out with these rich ol farmers that come in that I'm lookin for a man for Foxy!!

    Tona.. Have fun at the wedding. As for Tonya, well, if she is happy that's truly all we can ask for. I got to admit though that would have been tough for me if Helen and Micaela had chose a different path..

    Dang I gotta run. Bride is nipping at my heels!
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    Micaela says she can spread the word with the old guys that keep hitting on her at Subway~ lol!

    Love ya
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    you doin ok girlfriend?? Buried here with administrative professionals day.. catch ya tomorrow -
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    Been a busy week here, been washing windows. Also a friends mama died so I'm getting ready for the funeral home soon. Not looking forward to that!

    Got rain moving in today and David Whine (oops Wayne) is off today so I guess it's errand running day... can't get a dang thing done while he's home that's for sure.

    Micaela probably thinks the guys who are 30 are old guys so I'm sure fox would settle for that! Can't believe she's run out of Mounties... LOL LOL

    Ok gotta run! Hope you're having a better day today! Love ya!
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    ugh.. Gosh I hate funerals.. We do memorials here quite a bit and it's so hard.

    I hear you with not being able to get anything done with Dave home. I'm looking forward to Sunday. Joe's been off everyday with me for the last two weeks and I need a day to sleep. I get run down and I get sick.. nothing works but Hard Core Sleep!! So, I'm already waiting for Sunday. I figure I'll get up about an hour before he gets off work to pick up the house and that's it. My lymph nodes are up, I'm running a fever, it's heading for crash and burn..

    Your right with Micaela thinking 30 is old... lol! She showed me pictures of the band that came in last week - She was saying they are old and they are probably in their late 20's! I'm a dinasoar.. (Ok.. I know I spelled that wrong!)

    When your done with those windows... I think mine haven't been done in about 2 years! Yikes!

    Love ya
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    Sucky day today... ugh!! I'm quickly losing my mind Tona.. I can't remember my own name!

    Hope all is well...

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    You're heading for another crash and burn, hope you get through the day today. Can you take Monday off so you'll have two days? Even tough broads like you have to holler 'time out' and you need it badly!

    Dave goes back to work this morning, thank you God! He did go cut a load of wood yesterday so the woodbarn is half full for this winter. Don't even want to think about it at this point. I still haven't cleaned up the stove from the last time we burnt it.

    Funeral home isn't until tomorrow. I feel sorry for my friend, she lives a couple of hours away and is staying with her dad until this is over. Her mom died on Weds. and isn't getting buried until Monday! I guess the funeral home already had two on Saturday (today) and the little cemetery doesn't bury on Sunday so that's why they were stuck waiting so long. I talked to her yesterday and she's about to go nuts with it dragging out forever. That's why I decided years ago to be cremated, to heck with putting my family through all that misery and I sure don't want someone looking at my dead body and saying 'didn't they do a wonderful job on her, she looks great'...... DUH dead don't look great.... LOL

    Nothing else new right now, just working towards the royal visit. I suppose you have two weddings to deal with today but I hope not. On to the TM for me, gotta get this day started. Love ya!
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    You are so right.. crash and burn is immeninent.. (did I spell that right?? lol!) I'm off Sunday and Tuesday. I don't go back to my doc for another week.

    I'm going to go to my GP on Tuesday though and ask for a referral to a neuro. The fog.. Forget-eos as Mr. Dad says is out of control. I've got to get this congnitive stuff documented before I lose my job!

    I can't keep going like this. I know it's just a matter of time but I'm trying to get my documentation up to speed so that it's not a 3 year wait to try to get approved for disability. I pulled up some good info yesterday on benifits_com that help prepare you for the right way to go out when it's time.

    It would be a lot easier if I got hit by a truck! Then it would be a no brainer.. she's broken, she can't work... But this crap hits us different. It's little by little, until it breaks you. I think Fibro must be the equivelent to Japanese Water torture. Little by little it breaks you.

    I'm really frustrated with the whole situation. I'm tellin ya I think it will be a relief when the whole mess is over. Though paying the bills might be a whole new stress.

    Gosh.. The woodbarn. It's going to be 95 today! They are expecting a record for this time of year.

    Outside wedding at 4:30 today.. Also an off site wedding but I'm just doing the one here. One of my General Managers is quitting Monday. The good one. The one that can look me in the eyes and say, You don't feel good today. I'm going to be lost without him!

    Tona, That is the reason my mom got cremated. She couldn't stand the morbitity of people looking at her dead body. We scattered her ashes at sea off her favorite beach. It's an amazing thing. When the ashes settle in the water it looks like glitter and as the boat pulled away there was like a glow in the water. I'm with you on cremation.

    Ok, on that morbid note, I guess I better get my self in a "Perky" mood so I can go help Missy Bride set up!

    Love ya girl...
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    I hope you call off Monday and have three days! That one here one there just doesn't cut it.... you need some in a row to have any chance to get any rest..

    Love ya, it's the funeral home for me today. Oh, that little cemetery that her mom is being buried in is the one where mom got my name... LOL
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    Hope all went well with the funeral. Always tough...

    Sad day here too... General Managers last day. ugh.

    Off tomorrow. Joe has an appt. in the morning and I'm going to try to get my referral while we are there.

    Love to ya girl!