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    I just saw that the post was gone and read your reply on one of the other posts.

    Congrats on the new grandkids.

    The past 4 days were pretty darn rough, I ran out of pain meds. My wife started a new job in January so we had no insurance for a little while. I thought I had enough to make it until the new coverage took effect.

    Yesterday I finally got a script for the oxycontin and was floored when they told me how much it cost without insurance $600 plus for 3 months. I told them to only fill for 1 month. There is no way that these pills cost that much to make. $3.00 apiece, what a ripoff.

    Cyrus is doing fine and wants to be out side more often now that it is getting warmer out.

    I haven't heard from the lawyer that is taking care of the problems with my fathers estate for me. I'll have to call and find out what's going on this week sometime.

    I did finally get the results of the MRI and they are worse then I thought they would be. Disc degeneration has been confirmed through out my spine, with other problems thrown into boot.

    Here is the summation of the report.
    Disc degeneration with diffuse disc bulge, central disc herniation and facet arthritis at L5-S1 narrowing both neural exit foramia without central impingement.

    My rheumy is sending me to a pain management specialist to see if shots into the spine helps alleviate the pain before she recommends going to see a neuro doc to see about possible surgical correction. Not to happy with that latter choice.

    With the amount of degeneration in my spine what good would it do to try and fix one area when there are problems from top to bottom???

    I still have to make an appointment with the pain management doc and will let you know what he has to say, and if it does come down to surgery I don't think I do it as the surgery that I had in 04 is thought to be what kicked of this DD coupled with the flue and a 4 day long temperature of 104 degrees before it broke.

    I hope your feeling better as the weather warms up

    Take Care

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    bump for tonakay
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    I was afraid you wouldn't find that note! I've had facet and cervical injections and one time had the nerves burnt in my lumbar spine. Some helped and some didn't. I haven't had it done in a long because our insurance doesn't pay as much on it as it used to and I hate having hundreds left to pay.... especially if it didn't do any good. Sounds like your doc really wants you to try this first, which will be good documention of disability that you tried everything.

    If this gets deleted click on the message board tab on top and click on chit/chat board and post to me there. Don't know what we said was wrong, maybe too much non topic I don't know. Anyway, don't lose touch as I like to know how you're faring over there.

    My doc wants an MRI of my shoulder in the next few months if it doesn't get any better. Shots don't help it anymore but the insurance is the same with an MRI and I don't want to find out after paying all that money that's its FM and nothing to be done. Our insurance used to pay 100% of everything but has been paying less and less each year but I am thankful that we DO have insurance.

    Glad Cyrus is doing well. Our warm weather didn't last long did it? Any news on the Will?

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    I was also on oxcycoton for 3 years it was just to expensive when I reached the donut hole in my Medicare part D.That means I had to pay for my scripts.

    Well I talked to my doctor and she put me on methadone works better than the oxcycoton and boy its a lot cheaper.eight dollar co pay and without ins 32.32.for a 30 day supply.

    Wanted to put in my 2 cents.LOL

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    You aren't buttin in! Hopefully this info will help Jake, is there no generic for oxycontin yet? Three bucks a pill is HORRID!!
  7. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    It's OK your no butting in.

    Thanks for the info.

    Tonakay there is a generic for the oxycontin which is what I'm already getting.

    I would hate to think what the real stuff would cost.

    Is it snowing anywhere else besides here??

    We are supposed to get up 6" by the time it's done

    Take Care

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    tonakay New Member

    I'm ready to fall out of my chair! You mean the generic is still three bucks a pill?? Jeez Louise what is the name brand then ten bucks? How are people supposed to be able to afford these prices? Do you think it has helped you any with all the pain?

    Just flurries here today, gone is the 74 from Tuesday!
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    Yes they do help with the pain although not like they used to.

    They do allow me to function some what normally(without having to depend on anybody to help stand and walk) on a day to day basis depending how bad the pain is.

    This week is not turning out to be all that great. In the past 2 days it's been nothing but bad news on top of bad news. Monday I received a call from one of my sisters friends that she was in the hospital, that she had a stroke sometime during Sunday evening. None of my family even bothered to call and tell me. Guess they are pissed that I'm contesting the contents of the will and disagree that that they have given things of value to my other siblings by word of mouth nothing in writing stating that it was to be given to them but my canceled check for the purchase of the cabin means absolutely nothing.

    My father in law was also taken to the hospital on Sunday with difficulty breathing and chest pain. He seemed to be doing better yesterday, but took a turn for the worst during the evening hours and we received a phone call around midnight from the hospital that he had succumbed to heart failure.

    Why are these bad things happening to my family? We are not bad people.

    Take Care


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    Bump for tonakay to see
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    I had an appointment with a pain specialist on Monday and I new right away that he would not be to responsive to fibro. He looked at my answers on the eval sheets, then the list of meds I take and said there is nothing I can do except recommend a vigorous exorcise regime for you to follow.

    Then he said that the exercises would build the muscle mass back up to where it should be while helping to alleviate the pain.

    He also asked why I am not taking any type of antidepressant such as cymbalta.

    When I told him I'm not depressed he said most people that have fibro are depressed that's why they prescribe antidepressants for it.

    Needless to say I will not be returning to see this doc again.

    Take care

  12. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    What a QUACK.... vigorous exercises? That guy is totally uninformed on fibro. Too bad he can't walk one day in your shoes. Jake I tried cymbalta for four or five months when it first came out. I had never tried any anti d in my life but read all the hype on this and thought what the heck. It did absolutely nothing for me other than make me tired. I had to nap every afternoon and that is something I never do.... plus it packed about 10 pounds on me. My co-pay wasn't cheap on this stuff since it was so new so one day I decided.... why am I on this? I'm not depressed and it's not helping the pain in the least. So I quit taking it cold turkey and only bad side effect I had was one bad nightmare. Glad I got off the stuff and will never try another one!

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your father in law and your sister being ill.... seems when it rains it pours. Try to keep your spirits up Jake. Is there another pain specialist you can try? Not all of them are imbeciles like this guy. Keep me informed!

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    Did you dump that pain 'specialist'? Is there another one close to you that you can try? Not all of them are stupid but that guy sure is....

  14. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    I told my rheumy about this guy and she is looking for another one to send me to.

    She also wanted me to go to have PT as was recommended by him to see if that may help but wrote a new script informing them of the fibro and that they should not push me to do things that I know will end up being detrimental.

    So I've been going to PT and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot that they can do. After the second visit I let them know that almost all of the exercises they wanted me to do to strengthen my back muscles have put me into a bad flare and that the only thing that seems to help is the use of a tens unit which I use daily at home.

    So I guess that it looks like the next step will be to get shots in my spine which I don't know if I want to have done.

    I'm a little leery about having someone stick needles into my spine as I've heard some bad things about having it done, missing the spot, going in to deep or not deep enough.

    Take Care

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    I've had different spine injections through the years, some helped some didn't. Spine Universe is a great site to look up all the different injections. They tell you what the prep is, how the procedure is done and recovery. You can also sign up for a weekly email newsletter that focuses on different ailments each week. PT never helped me either, all made me worse. The only part I liked was the big heated pad they'd put on my back...LOL

    Did your rheumy find you a new pain specialist yet? Got to be someone around there that will help, not like the first one who hadn't a CLUE.....

    Same old same old here. Getting ready for my moms visit for Mother's day, she'll be here three weeks. Always good to see her but glad when going home day comes...LOL

    Take care Jake,
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    On Monday I had another appointment at my rheumy and asked her about the pain specialist. She told me that she couldn't find a better group then where she sent me to the first time, so she called the head doc in the group and talked to him about the doc that I saw and she said she was assured that the doc that I saw the first time would definitely be informed about fibro and the treatments that go along with it. She said that I should let her know how it this visit went, because she sends all of her patients there.

    She also added a muscle relaxant to my my list called Soma in the hopes that it may help.

    So she made another appointment for me the next day,I wasn't to happy about it but I went anyhow and wouldn't you know it I had the same doc again. His personality was 100% different then it was on my first visit and he apologized for his behavior.

    This appointment turned out to be almost 2 hrs long and my wife was worried that something had happened because others were in and out in less then half the time. We talked about the injections on the way there.

    He reviewed my MRI results, plus the reports from PT and explained what was happening then covered all of the options for treatment from drugs to shots to corrective surgery.

    Most of the drugs that he mentioned I've already tried so I decided to try the trigger point injections and he said they might not start working for a couple of days. It does seem to have helped some what but I still have some of the pain but not like it was so maybe another day or two it will take full effect if not I guess I'll just have to live with it. Because the other type of injection is an epidural and I've already had 2 of those when I had operations done and I'm not going through that again. I wasn't able to go to the bathroom for weeks without the use of a catheter and intervenes for food until the effects started to wear off.

    Just thought I'd give you the latest, hows your min pin doing? Hope you have a great mothers day with your mom.

    Cyrus has been doing really good. We stopped giving him commercial dog food though and started making home made for him since all the recalls involving that poisoned food.

    Take Care and halve a nice mothers day.

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    Wow, I'm impressed with your doc making that phone call. I was worried what you were going to say when you said you saw the same doc! I figured you'd say he took his chewing out on YOU but thank God he didn't. I've had a lot of TP injections in my head and neck and truthfully I never saw that they helped much but I hope they work for you. I remember one epidural I had Jake that the doc put so much stuff in me I couldn't walk for 10 hours. Dave and mom had to drag me in the house. Late in the afternoon as it started wearing off around my midsection I had horrible stomach pain and couldn't straighten up..... finally figured out that they had given me coffee in the little recovery room and I'd been so numb all day that I didn't know I needed to go to the bathroom! Had an awful time trying to empty my bladder and it scared the heck out of me!

    I take soma and I really like it, I can actually feel it kick in. It's an old muscle relaxer and has a generic so it's cheap for me. I take two a day but on a bad day I'll take three. My doc also took me off lortab 10/500 after all these years and put me on Norco 10/325.... he says the less tylenol is better for me.

    Kayte is in season right now, as a matter of fact we decided to try and breed her this cycle.... I'm taking her up the road to see her 'beau' today...LOL I'll let you know if we're going to have pups. My neighbor is a breeder of all kinds of dogs and she said she'd teach me everything and come down when Kayte has her pups to help me.

    I guess that's it for now, keep me informed on what's going on. Mom stays in this room while she's here so I'm no online as much but I'll find this when I do...

    Better get your wife a mothers day gift... LOL
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    Thought I'd let you know how the shots worked since it's been a while. They have worked pretty good and I'm going to have the spots in the middle of my back done the next time I go in. Then the following appointment to have the spots in my neck done.

    Hope you had a nice mothers day with your mother and of course yourself.

    I can sit and walk with out being in to much pain now, once the other spots are done I should be pretty good for a while.

    Also the new med that the rheumy gave me seems to help a lot to.

    How are you doing now that it's getting warmer out?

    I'm pretty angry with my siblings right now as I recently received a letter from the estates attorney accusing me of stealing all of the contents of the cabin.

    I'm working on putting a letter together in response demanding that this matter be turned over to the state police for investigation as the executor had told me during the hunting season that he found a second had shop that was going to buy the entire contents of the cabin.

    Luckily I have pictures of everything that was in the house which I plan on turning over to the police so they can identify this stuff a lot easier if in fact they do report it to the police. If they don't this will be proof to the estates attorney that they are in fact lying about every thing they have told her. Also they have told her that my dad payed for my education at Lincoln Tech and she is demanding that, that debt be repaid to the estate, just wish I could see the expression on the lawyers face when she sees proof that the state of Pa paid for it under a grant for dislocated workers back in 1995.

    So with any luck when she finds out they are lying she will recommend that they settle this matter before I start a law suite for defamation of character which will be my next step depending on how they respond to my letter.
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    I'm glad to hear the shots helped and the soma is helping too. I take it and it really helps me. I'm on two a day but sometimes I take three. It's been so dang hot here that I hurt like crazy before I even get out of bed and have to take a soma to get moving! Also I take norco for pain which helps too.

    Had a great visit, she went home last week. We tore carpet out of my upstairs living room and hall and laid a antique oak floating floor.... looks great. Her next visit in August we will wallpaper that room and as soon as I can afford a couch and chair that room will be usuable again. With me not being able to work we only do one project at a time until it's paid for before doing another.

    I can't believe the family misery you are dealing with. What goes around comes around Jake and they should be ashamed of themselves! Did you turn over the pictures of the cabin contents yet? Your dad would be so upset if he knew of all this mess and I KNOW all this worry has to agravate your fibro big time. Just hang in there Jake, the truth will all come out!

    Did you get the rest of your shots yet? Check in when you can and try to keep cool in all this heat and humidity!

  20. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Hope you're doin ok!

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