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    Yay Dona 10/25/05 04:57 AM

    a day off for you. Lay around on your heating pad and eat bon bons all day!

    Well.. girlfriend.. so much for me resting up.. Micaela got the flu and was sicker than a dog all day yesterday.. all night last night.. at least I am finally getting my voice back!!
    Ya know the thing with the Raynaulds.. that was one of the reasons they kept pushing for a lupus diagnosis.. however Raynaulds if really commen with Fibro too.. ya know my rhumie was explaining that fibro is linked with sensory nerve damage... I wonder if we just "feel" the cold faster than others and so our body responds that way?? I know raynaulds is really supposed to be a circulation issue.. I'm already having trouble this year. It's going to be a long hard winter.. My hands will turn red, swell, itch like crazy then turn white.. I've done it for about 4 years already but it wasn't diagnosed till about 2 years ago.. I have trouble with my feet too but not as bad.. my hands get embarrasing.. they look like Mitts!!

    Now about the Rosacea.. I have since I originally got Mono gotten what looked like a butterfly rash.. and the lesions behind my ears and on the back of my head.. I saw a dermie about a year ago and he said it was Rosacea.. and the lesions were psoriasis.. So I excepted that and went on my merry way...but my new GP says he thinks it's a miss-diagnosis as he says he has never seen psoriasis cause lesions that look like this.. my rhumie agreed.. so thus the biopsy to find out what it really is.. I'm just sure it will be clear that particular week and I'll get to wait..
    Tona.. did they give you anything to clear up the Rosacea? The last dermie had put me on Tetrocycline for 90 days and gave me a bunch of creams and gels etc.. seems like it did help for a while..

    The rain actually sounds good Tona.. this would be a good week for it here.. I don't have any weddings this weekend.. YEAH!!!
    Hope your foot is doing better and your having a good day.. I got to get busy.. I have a dozen messages to return from being off yesterday..
    Loves ya!!
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    jeez just bumped my old cymbalta message and came back and saw this from you... great minds must be thinkin alike.

    The last my dermie had me on was metrocream. I had run the gamut of tetracyclines through the years and gave up on them. I don't even use my cream anymore as my rosacea has turned into late stage which means it's mostly veins you can see through my skin now. My bumps have been gone for years and I never did have any lesions. I think all the years at the drive thru with all the sweating and freezing and car fumes really egged it on because it calmed right down after I quit that job.

    The rain has finally quit but it's windy and oh so cold. Tomorrow is trick or treat in town, we always go to my MIL's so Kris can pass out candy. I love sitting outside and watching all the little costumes but the poor kids are going to freeze this year and have to hide their little costumes under coats. Ticks me off, this is my favorite thing of the year. Jalynn may be coming down with her daddy to trick or treat, hope so! She is 2 already and mommy and daddy are divorced.. sigh I'll have to send some new pics your way.

    Glad you have no weddings this week-end. I bet that will change as the holidays get closer. I can't believe that we are looking at Christmas again...grrrrr By the way, did you and Joe set an actual date for the big day and where is the big event happening?

    Hope Michaela is feeling better soon, so glad I don't catch that crap but Kris gets everything going around too.

    Don't work to hard today....
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    I just hope I don't get this flu back from her!! My immune system is just not working at all right now..

    Yup!! We did set a date.. Sept. 2nd of next year.. labor day weekend.. It's Joe's parents 50th anniversary so they are reconfirming at the Catholic church.. we are doing our vows here at the ranch and then joint reception to follow.. I've got to stay on my diet now so I won't look like a polar bear in my dress!

    I miss having little ones to trick or treat.. I wish it was on the weekend so I could run up to Salinas and go with my grandbabies.. oh well.. We always give out candy.. Micaela vollenteers at the park's and rec haunted house then her and her friends go candy "stealing" .. I told her at her age she can't be calling it trick or treating any more! She's going as a cop and her girlfriend as her prisoner..

    I miss being young and energetic enough to dress up and do the halloween party things.. dang I'm getting old!! lol!

    Hope you are having a great day!
  4. tonakay

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    Kris's birthday is on Sept.1st so I ought to be able to remember your big day...LOL

    I thought by last count you had already dumped about 40 lbs girly....

    I'll be in MIL's candy dish myself, we all are, that's why I take some in to pass out, we steal her stuff... it's the good stuff..LOL

    well off to make dinner, it's so cold it's potato soup here!

    Love ya!
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    cold potato soup? yuck!!
    add some clams and heat that stuff up!! best with a little sourdough bread! lol!

    I've lost 36 lbs.. but it's taken like forever!!
    although.. my whole vegie regiment went down the drain with the last colitis attack.. now it's like I'm living off carbs and wondering why my weight loss came to a screaching halt! hmmmm... that and I quit walking.. quit excersizing.. I know I've got to get back on track but my health has really been lousy for the last few months.. hard to stay motivated when you feel crummy..

    bundle up and get warm!!! Love ya!
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    I should have put a comma in there..... it's so cold,,,,, it's potato soup here ! Never ate the stuff cold in my life..LOL

    Love ya
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    I knew what ya meant.. jus messin wit ya!! but ya gotta admit.. Clam Chowder sounds better!!
    I'm going home.. gotta rustle up some grub.. do some laundry and go to bed! Hope you have a great night!
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    but I hate clam chowder... YUCK YUCK Boy did this day start out crudy. I had to be at my pain/rehab doc at 7 am which is still dark here. Headed in the road and just came within 10 ft. of destroyin my sweet little car by hitting a big old buck! That boy was huge.. needless to say that rose my blood pressure..LOL

    Anyway, he says my shoulder problem is in the rotator cuff and it's good old Arthur. Just what I need, more Arthur. So I am on NSAIDS again and to do excercises for 6 weeks. If that doesn't help then he says cortisone shot. Wish he woulda just shot the sludge in my shoulder and forgot the rest of it..LOL

    YAY this is trick or treat night and found out Jalynn is coming for sure YAY grandpa is thrilled. I don't see much of Matthew since I happen to be TJ's mama, guess that makes me the anti-christ or something... grrrrr

    Ok, off to pack up my candy and find my camera!
    Love ya!

    PS. Just sent two e-mail pix of the g'kids to you[This Message was Edited on 10/27/2005]
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    From what I hear Tona the cortisone shots aren't AS bad in the shoulder as they are into your heel..Somehow I don't think the excersize is gonna do much for ya Tona.. seems like everytime they have done PT on me it's been pretty much a joke..
    Hope you get some kind of relief from it soon.. what do they do at your pain clinic? (sounds sadistic!)

    Joe finally got his MRI done and it's arthur in the small joint that connects to the collerbone, damage to the rotator cuff from a old sports injury and damage to two of the 4 supportive tendons.. They are sending him on to an ortho to see if they can do anything surgically otherwise it's just long term pain control.. They took him off the Vicodan and put him on Tramadal as it is less addictive and it looks like he may be on it for a very long time..

    Glad you missed that buck! I hate to even think about it!! We hit a doe when I was a kid and totaled Mom's little Toyota..
    I'm glad Jalynn is getting to come..that's sad about Mathew.. his Mom is too dense to realize she is only hurting him by not letting him have a close relationship with his grandparents.. Unfortunatly that happens far too much..
    Helen is taking Maddy to Los Banos Saturday for a special Halloween festival for disabled little ones. Should be lots of fun for her.. I wish I could get off work and go with her.. but my assistant is on vacation.. uggh..

    It is raining and dreary and cold here..I'm feeling it in every joint.. Tona.. we are too young to be having all these aches and pains! I'm really hoping the weather straightens out for the kids this weekend..

    Ok.. I guess I better go check on my group.. Hope you have a blast and don't eat too much candy!!
    Love ya
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    Kacey and Jalynn did show up for trick or treating and little miss Jalynn was a duck. Cutest outfit and warm too. She wasn't to sure what was going on but she figured it out quick. Kacey was pooped when he got back with her. I told him that's the great part about your kids growing up, you get to stay home on the porch and pass out candy for your MIL...LOL So many cute costumes I just love seeing all the beggars!

    Did your rain end? We had 5 days in a row that were cold too and I thought I'd go mad, makes me hurt so much worse. As for the shoulder exercises that won't last long with me and no way will I go to PT. Never had any luck with it and always ended up with left over bills after insurance. So I'll take the lodine and go back in six weeks if it's not better and get the shot. Wish he would have just put the shot in there yesterday, don't know why I didn't just plain out ask him.. dumb butt me.

    Well off to try the TM, never know til I get on there if the foot will hold up or not which is a pain in itself since I have to get all my duds on and tie my hair back etc. just to try it out.

    So have a good day my friend and yes I did 'consume' quite a bit of chocolate last night but it was oh so good!

    Love ya!
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    Yeah.. the rain has stopped again! Thank Goodness but it's cold.. I guess not really compared to other parts of the country but it was 45 here this morning and even with that my hands and feet are acting up..

    Glad the kids had fun.. a duck? I never would have guessed! I love that they have warm costumes now for the little ones.. I remember having to wear a coat over ours when we were little.. Jessilyn is going to be Snow White.. Maddy a rabbit.. Jayden a bumblebee and I think Drew is just gonna be the baby! Jessilyns school did a costume drive and then sold them at the school carnival so Helen was able to get all their costumes for about 10 bucks! Good idea huh!

    Hope the foot holds up.. if it starts acting up try iceing it down right away it will help keep it from getting real bad.. there are like flexing exercizes you can do that are supposed to help.. I never saw much relief from them. also they put me in an ankle brace at night that keeps your foot straight.. supposed to help.. didn't help me though.. hmmm.

    The wild child is going to her dad's this weekend.. Her sisters are all going to be there and the babies so she should do ok.. I always worry about her when she's not here.. specially since her boyfriend dumped her yesterday.. she seems to be handling it ok but I don't think it's really hit her yet..

    Today is not a good day.. my rep is on vacation.. now my admin called in.. her baby's got chicken pox and our Marketing Director has the flu.. SOOOOOOO... I'm desk hopping today and trying to be everything to everybody.. what a joke! Now this guy from the conference that's in just comes in with a full binder and says would you mind making 10 copies of this binder..
    Oh sure!! that will leave no one in the office while I'm off to the copy room for the next hour!! woopee!!

    Talk to ya later.. hope you have a great morning and get through your workout.
    Love, dona
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    28 out on my deck when I got up this morning...:( Yesterday afternoon we broke down and lit the woodstove. I HATE this time of year. I love the heat but hate the mess and hate setting my alarm for 2 am to drag down the stairs and fill the stove. Needless to say I couldn't go back to sleep so I've been up ever since.

    Got my duds on and made one mile on the TM until the foot blew out. Mine mostly hurts between my heel and toes, feels like all the ligaments in between are pulled.... Needless to say this has not been a good morning.

    Ok I'm done whining, what's goin on at the Harris Ranch today? Thankfully no weddings. All your little ranch hands back to work today or are you still pulling the whole load?

    Hope Michaela does ok with this break-up. Is she still on her meds?

    Well I guess I'll see what else I can screw up this morning, my dad is coming up Monday to go to a funeral with me so I need to sweep up all the critter hair...LOL

    Love ya and have a great week-end!
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    BRRRRRR!!!! ok.. I'll quit whining about the cold! lol! I think I finally got used to the 100 degree weather weve had all year so now that it's normal it's a shock!

    I'm all alone today again.. but I'm usually the only one here on Saturdays except the Banquet Manager.. I need the girls more during the week when the phones are ringing off the hook..

    Should be a pretty quite day.. (I hope!) I've got a few odds and ends to finish up then I have one of the set up guys coming in to help me rearrange and clean up this office before we wind up on some office makeover show! That's the problem with having a bunch of creative minds in one office.. we tend to throw organization out the window.. but give us an ad to write and we are happy campers!

    I'm really thinking Tona you should be draggin somebody else butt up at 2am to stock that stove!!

    Sorry about that foot.. I was afraid of that.. even now every wedding I do I can barely walk by the end of it. I have heel spurs so I get pain in the heel and in the long tendon on the bottom... it gets pretty frustrating.. We go to the flea market even and I'm limping by the time we get done..

    I hope Micaela is doing ok.. she's at her dad's for the weekend and I couldn't get an answer on her cell last night.
    She was actually thinking of dumping him but he beat her to the punch.. It doesn't hurt as bad if your the dumper and not the dumpee.. the guy was really immature.. even though he's three years older than her, emotionally Micaela is much older than him.. he exagerates.. (no .. lies) about everything.. just brags all the time.. he was getting really annoying.. anyway Micaela caught him in a few lies and confronted him about it so he dumped her..

    Micaela has been off her med's since she went to her dad's last year.. she's actually been doing really, really well though.. aside of jerking Joe's chain every chance she gets.. Her grades are up.. and aside of taking off with Joe's truck this summer and no licence she hasn't been in trouble in close to a year.. I think she is growing up..

    Have fun with the critter hair.. I've reached a point where I keep a lint brush in my desk.. My cat thinks we have to cuddle every morning when I'm heading out the door!!

    Ok... Off to get the boy.. time to rearrange!! have a great weekend!!
    Love, dona
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    This is the worst day of the whole year. I HATE when the time goes back, today I will be fixing dinner in the dark. This day signifys winter to me... waaaaaaa But, it is supposed to hit the 60's this afternoon so the guys will be out mulching leaves and I've got a couple of big downstairs windows that need washed... PLUS that 'Pony' of mine needs a bath...LOL

    Only three weeks til the Queen arrives. She didn't make it for Thanksgiving last year so this will be special. She didn't miss anything last year, our electric went out right when I put the turkey in the oven. Thankfully we have a generator so I could still cook but it's only big enough to run the oven,fridge and water pump. Without that old woodstove we would have frozen. Hopefully this year that won't happen again!

    Did you get a hold of Michaela? Kris is out of cell phone minutes right now and it's driving me nuts. With him driving I want a phone on him at all

    I suppose you are working again today. Does Joe have a Monday-Friday job? If so I bet he hates you being gone on week-ends.

    Have you heard from Carrie or Foxy lately? I haven't heard a peep. Wonder what happened to old Mad Cow? He just disappeared too.

    Well better get my butt in the shower, Kris and I are headed to Church this morning. The Choir has started back up and I love watching Kris sit up there. Our Church is small, maybe 20 people in the Choir but they do a good job.

    Have a great Sunday girl...

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    bump bump
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