Tongue is cracking!!! Mouth issues... Any ideas???

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    Hello friends,

    I have had a couple sores in my mouth, like canker sores or burns on the roof of my mouth. I have not actually burned my mouth, it just feels that way. Sometimes I get inflammation of the gums and it hurts. I figured that I was going through a spell of random inflamed gums / mouth that I sometimes get. However, I looked into my mouth as I was brushing my teeth for the morning, and I saw that my tongue had a couple of significant looking cracks in it!! I have never ever had this issue before, and I am really concerned about it at this point.

    I floss, brush and use listerine everyday, as I have done for years. I have never had anything like this happen before and it really is giving me anxiety. Has anyone every had anything like this? Any thought, and ideas, on why my tongue is 'cracked out'?

    I don't really take any medication, I am extremely sensitive to everything. I am housebound with fatigue, light-headedness, POTS and pain. I do take a lot of vitamins and supplements, but not anything new really. I would appreciate any input that you may have on this.

    Thanks everyone!! I do so love this group of people!!
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    My gums had started bleeding and I came online to find a natural alternative to stop it and found HP (hydrogen peroxide). Works great and no more bleeding. It even says on the bottle that it's an oral debrider.

    When it foams up, that means it is killing all the germs left behind that brushing, flossing, and Listerine did not get...and believe me there's a lot. Start with 50/50 solution with water and then as you get used to it you can go straight HP. I don't use anything else but HP.

    It has been a lifesaver for me as I have no dental insurance.

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    Hi happycfs - I googled "cracked tongue vitamin deficiency" and came up with several hits for B vitamins, specifically nicacin and B12. You can do more research on this. I do think it very well could an indication of at least one of B's being deficient.

    I used to get cracks in the corner of my mouth, and found after years that this was an indication of a folate deficiency.

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    Thank you Mary thats what i have been suffering cracks at the corners of my mouth. I thought it might be a vitamin deficiency but i had no idea which one. I' ll write all that down.

    I didnt know about the hydrogen peroxide either, where would i get the hydrogen peroxide from? Would a chemist sell it? I just read up on it sounds like good stuff.

    What i know is that bleeding gums can also be caused by over zeolous brushing to (guilty as charged) i also make sure i rinse my mouth round with water after brushing, swallowing the toothpaste aggravated my throat,mouth, and tongue i dont know if it was the fluoride, mint or alcohol in mouth wash.

    The inter-dental brushes are excellent at getting rid of plaque around the gum line. To help prevent bacteria around the gums.

    Stomach acid can make the mouth sore to if you suffer acid reflux it can make the mouth sore.
    your mouth can also get dry from medication there are salvia replacement gels you can buy for that. Finally some people chew their tongue and are not aware of it (again, i am some people).

    Hope you find relief, and thanks again to everyones replies and the post

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    Buy hydrogen peroxide anywhere...Walmart, drug store, wherever they sell household goods. It's just the 3% solution you can get anywhere.

    Also google hydrogen peroxide and other terms to do with mouth, sores, etc. and you'll see hp is a great germ killer. Is also wonderful for cleaning out ear canals and opening up the ear drums. Lots of great uses for it.
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    It is called "Geographic tongue" I have a lot of them. Sometimes it even looks like it's bleeding. When my chiropractor gave me a mega dose of Vit. B supplements, it did help some. I have never been able to drink soda because of it. The carbonation burns my tongue and can't touch hot peppers or fruits with high acid like pineapple. If you go on YouTube and type in Geographic Tongue, there are a lot of posts for it. A lot of people have it. I think the cracks are caused by swollen tastebuds.[This Message was Edited on 04/05/2013]