tongue muscle spasms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tnovins, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. tnovins

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    I have been having for month episodes were my tongue does this wave type thing and it contacts(Muscle spasms). It get so bad that it feels like I am going to gage. It actually has woken me up at night.I am told that this could be Fibromyalgia, that the tongue is also a muscle. It come alot when my throat muscle are tight. Has anyone had this? (All neurologiclal tests ruled out seziures) Thank you
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    My eyelids once twitched for a month!
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    My thumbs, eyelids & eye muscles regularly twitch; I think any of our muscles can be affected. The tongue twitching sounds horrible though! (((tnovins)))
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    My tongue does hurt like the rest of my body , and no it has never stretched out of my mouth. It is a horrible experience. It started when I tryed to take AD. this seems to trigger it, I am told that they can give you a tremor or muscle spasms , but in my tongue? Then supposably aworld renoun Dr.said it is Fobromyalgia and the tongue is affected like every other part of the body. I just wanted to know if any else ever experienced this.. Ps what is bump?
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    I have that off and on, sometimes at night when i am trying to go to sleep [ya, like i can sleep].

    I have also gotten that when just riding in the car, shopping, etc.

    It feels like you are going to swallow your tounge, and is very scary.
    I think my gosh am i having a stroke or something?

    But then it calms down and will slowly go away.

    I have no idea what causes that. But I did notice that higher stress level times make it worse.