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    Well, I have my list of the people I have prayed for today. I have decided to do this on a daily basis, so the list is from the posts I read last night and from today. Did you get to this? If not, here is mine for today:

    Karenanne and Martin
    Jackie F
    Faye and Alex
    Selena and her Mother
    Father Troll

    If anyone wants, they can print this out. Hold it between your hands and pray for these individuals. They need our prayers and God's strength at this time. Tomorrow, I will post another, along with the Daily Verse. In His Name, may we pray together. Deena
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    my reply, but i haven't been on my computer since i posted the other night.
    i think this is a great idea.

    now i have to go read and see if there is any good news, i read on the FM/CFS board that Karreanne was to come home from the hospital Sat. am.At least one {2 really, Martin} is doing better today.
    i agree that is is wonderful that we have this board, to ask for help, and to offer it to others when they are in need.

    Oh, i also read that CactusLil was feeling a little better , she tryed out her new scotter/wheelchair{?} and went to Walmart. She said she actually laughed , was enjoying herself w/ her sister.

    lets try and keep this up, it really makes me feel better, as i was getting upset over so many of us w/ more hardships of late, and feeling frustrated as i didn't know what to do.

    That you so much for suggsting this. i will keep my eyes open to those of us who may be in a special situtation, along w/ praying for all of us on our board - i know how much we have helped each other before; and now maybe we can help even more.

    take care, toni.m

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    Lets add Shirl to our list, she has been ill since tues! many prayers coming your way Shirl.
    I just read about Soulwritter-our prayers are going out to you also , for a speedy recovery, and thanks to your wonderfull husband- i remember when i had strep - i was so painfull.

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