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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Mikie

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    Please read the prayer requests if you can. If not, please just offer up a prayer for all those in need. Right now, there is a lot of need, not just in our little community here, but for all those poor miserable people who have lost everything in the hurricane. They have been days without water and food in some cases. Some are injured or sick and many more will become sick from the filthy conditions in the flooded areas.

    Thank you all for your prayers. They really do help. They help not only those for whom we pray but also for us. When we pray, we are in a higher state, much like mediatation, which is calming and healing. Sometimes, we feel frustrated and overwhelmed and helpless. There is always one thing we can do; we can turn outside ourselves and pray for the needs of others.

    God bless you, my friends.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Mikie

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    Please use the Prayer Request thread for prayer requests as more people will see them there.

    Thanks for the bumps. I appreciate your keeping this up as a reminder.
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    My hands, wrists and arms are very sore, and even with physical therapy they are hurting, especially at the end of the day. My doctor who is not someone to trust me stress as she says I can take Vicodin 3 times a day, gets ticked off and lectures me if I use them up before 30 days. I try to stay at two a day...pain is always present now only in hands, etc. but back, legs, neck, etc. I'm just so tired today, and the pain doesn't help.

    Seeing another doctor on Saturday. Please pray that he will help me as I only changed from him becuase of insurance, and now I can go back because his group accepts our insurance again. I am so unstrung today. Going to therapy, but feel on the verge of, so tired.

    Thank you, and forgive me for my vent. I just seem to hurt so much.

  4. Mikie

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  5. Sandyz

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    I am just so sad for the poor people in the path of the hurricane. Its heartbreaking to see people suffering so much. It really is like looking a a third world country. Its not something we think as happening here.

    I am sending prayers up for them, praying God will help them through all this. I pray that President Bush gets them the help they need soon.

  6. Pianowoman

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  7. dreamharp

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  8. Empower

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    I am offering a prayer for perserverance for the poor people who have experienced the horrible hurricane

    I pray they get food, water, medical help and shelter very soon.

    I pray for the rescue teams for their continued bravery

    I pray that the recovery is swift.

    I pray that Pres Bush starts the ball rolling really fast!
  9. heartinheaven

    heartinheaven New Member

    For all who enter this place.

    Peace, blessings, love and a pain free life!

    H Michael
  10. Dee50

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