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    Hi Everybody,

    Kholmes is not back yet ):

    But he said he will be looking forward to reading our comments , responses, questions to the book.

    I'm so interested in hearing what everyone thought of the book!
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    The Curious Incident is a very well written tale. It speaks in the voice of a teen who has Aspergers (autism).

    I found it to be a wonderful re read. As I have a son with this same neuro condition, I have to say that the boy, Christopher, sounded a LOT like my own son, though Christopher is a bigger "brain" for sure!

    Christopher is typical for Aspergers, in that he does not know how to lie or be deceitful, and the book really is centered around the deceit of all the adults he knows, except for a few of those at school.

    Christopher is good at working things out in a sequential manner (to him) and it is through his ability to do this that he eventually is able to make sense of the ambiguous world the people he trusted have created.

    He definately comes out as being far more capable at life than the grownups, who have told the most dreadful lies and been capable of cruel actions. Christopher is stoic beyond belief, he has to deal with things that others would never be able to, and yet he comes out so forgiving and kind.

    As we alreday know from our own son, people with autism are the "meek" as they put the rest of us to shame really.
    I enjoyed the dialogues Christopher has with himself throughout the book. I worried about him, yet knew he would shine! He became a "real person" to me.

    I skipped through some of the mathematical stuff, but my DH liked that best.

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a novel that is different and interesting. I think it should be required reading for all teachers.

    Love Anne C (looking forward to other comments as I am biased!!!)
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    bumping for others to add to

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