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    Hi , I'm new , figured I needed to talk with folks who know whats up. I am having some trouble coping with all the changes going on, thought they would come slower, but surprised how fast the changes are happening. Starts bad, stays bad and ends bad, but I guess you all have heard this before. I was a paramedic for twenty eight years and I never thought I'd be on the recieving end, but here I am.
    Just thought I jot down a note and introduce myself.

    Think about the good things that you used to love and love the new things that are in front of you now.
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    Nice post, JW. Yes, there's nothing as sure as change no matter how healthy you are.


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    I wish I could say that it's all been a breeze, but that would be a big fat lie!

    I have lost friends, lost my job, lost the ability to do many things I loved.

    What I have gained is a new appreciation for the simple things in life.

    I learned that climbing the corporate ladder was hazardous to my health.

    I learned that 20 years of hard work meant nothing to my employer after I got sick.

    I learned to cherish my true friends, and let the others go.

    I learned that I know more than some of the doctors I've seen.

    I no longer feel that I need "things" and my definitions of success and happiness have changed drastically.

    I hate this disease, but some valuable lessons have come out of it.

    Take things slow. Make lists. Be selfish. Pamper yourself.

    Most of all, know there are plenty of us who understand and are going through this.
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    Thank you, its very hard for me to pamper myself, like I said I've always been on the end that was doing the pampering, but maybe I'll learn.
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    You have a nice, positive message. Mine goes poz and then neg off and on.

    I am best on a heating pad, doing virtually nothing.

    I just can not do as I used, although though I have tried.

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    Welcome to our world but sorry you have to join us. Might want to fill out your profile sometime so we can know a little more about you. To see mine just click on my username to the left of this post ( tonakay )..... Again, welcome to you !

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    That you want to talk about?

    When did you become ill?
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    Actually I've had it for quite sometime, but you know the story, it took almost twenty years to put a name to it. I'm being treated of course, but unfortunatly, my doctor is not a believer, I have other problems and he seems to concentrate on those. I'm a male by the way, they say thats unusual, course, Ive always fit that definition.
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    Love the profile, you're gonna fit in just fine around here.....