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    When you’re taking too many pills and the doctors have you on enough pills to make the drug companies rich, is this best way to go? Each case is different but what if you went on a veggie diet so all the lard is cut out and had one glass of red wine at dinner time. I know that the wine don’t go with most meds so I’ve been told. I don’t drink but I would try one glass of red wine if I thought it would help. I’m just grabbing at straws but I though this post was worth it.
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    I got really angry and disgusted with myself feeling bad all the time back in Nov and decided to try every supplement that would help all at the same time. I started taking about 30 different things. And it worked for me! They gave me the jump start my body needed and it's starting to be able to replenish reserves now, finally. Now I've cut out most of them and have been transitioning to a veggie diet only. My next transition is to raw food only. It's definitely something you need to get used to slowly, taste included, but after reading and searching for the healthiest things, I've concluded that raw food is the way to go.

    So a veggie diet is definitely good. Are you making sure you are getting adequate amounts of the simple things, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in forms that your body can use, not cheap ones from the grocery store? I am eating well but still can't get along without taking easily absorbable forms of vits, mins and aminos everyday.

    I don't know if my digestive system will ever return to normal and be able to process and assimilate nutrients properly again, but I'm betting on the raw food diet to be the ultimate healer. I've come along way after finally getting a new doctor: Dr. Google.

    I used to drink wine and loved it. Now I can't touch it. My liver screams bloody murder and tries to bolt from my body; it's not pretty.

    bon appetite with the veggies! I think veggies taste like dirt (probably because they are!) , look at for gourmet veggie recipes that make them taste good.

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    Hi! I'm so happy to hear from you. :) Haven't seen you on the board for awhile, and I was wondering how you are doing. Is anything better these days?

    Some of us can't take any pills, drugs or suppliments. I can take a few suppliments, but most of them make me sicker. The ones who can't do pills generally work with the disease through diet - veggie juices and such. I can't drink wine. I get really spacey for a day or two if I do that.

    Is your doctor willing to reduce some of your meds? Is there any one in particular you don't feel good about? Suppliments are good to try. Our members are pretty knowledgable about what suppliments to try for this or that. If you have a particular symptom, you can ask them for suggestions for it. Suppliments are usually pretty affordable.

    Did you get to move to Kansas? Hope things are going well wherever you're at.

    (( )) Shannon
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    Karen and Shannon

    Thank you for answering my post. I can’t sell my house here in Buckeye AZ and I don’t think anyone is having any luck because it’s a buyer’s marker. About a month ago I got a nasty chest and head cold and I think it might not be a good idea to go to Kansas. I need to be in a warmer climates so if I move I think I’m going to Texas where it’s warmer. I’m transferring my eating habits to a veggie diet but it’s hard when my mother says to come over and have roast beef and she lives 6 houses down. But I think a raw food diet is the way to go and I think I am going to go that way also. Once you are on a veggie diet for about 2 months they will start to taste better and your craving for meat will decrease. Try this web site.
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    I was going to put that website in my post but my braim bog made me forget about it by the time I got to the end!!

    how funny!

    I'm ordering the 3hp blender. Between that, a juicer and a dehydrator, I'm all set for the complicated, fancy raw food recipes like nut cheeses, fudges, pizzas and casseroles. It took me 3 years of slowly changing my taste and body to veggies and raw but a person could probably do it in a few months if they really wanted.
    The stuff I tried 3 years ago and didn't like I really love now.

    good luck!


    oh, raw food is supposed to cure braim bog, I guess we'll see[This Message was Edited on 01/10/2007]

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