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    This is a question you need to address if you have fibromyalgia and/or IBS. I had always thought I had too much stomach acid since I felt a lot of burning in my stomach and had gastric ulcers several times. My GI specialist also assumed I had too much stomach acid and prescribed antacids and later when they didn't work PPIs (PROTONIX). These relieved the symptoms quickly but because they did not address the real problem became ineffective soon afterward so that I had to keep taking more and more of them.

    My natropath finally recognised the REAL problem as TOO LITTLE ACID in my stomach...a condition which is very common as we age or when we are under stress or are prone to worrying all of which I am.

    Well, to make a very long story short..I now take HCL + Pepsin with my meals where I consume protien or carbs and I have NO IBS, muscle pain, stomach pain to speak of. AND the best thing of all is that after 18 years of INSOMNIA, I now can slepp almost through the night.....each night my sleep is improving.....I had no idea HCL was such an important acid in our systems.

    TOO little and too much acid have all the same symptoms so one really needs to rule out too little acid by conducting a controlled test with it. Just take a tablet with your meal and see what happens.

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    but the 2 times I've done a trial of the HCL I got a really bad stomach - burning, burping, etc., within about 10 minutes of taking it. Wish it had worked for me, tho!


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    so was put on Aciphex. After being on it a while, I started getting another feeling in my chest, i.e., like i feel the need to burp, but cannot and just a pain in the middle of my chest. I quite taking Aciphex and then eventually, the reflux symptoms come back.

    Is it possible to have too much acid and need something like Aciphex and then, after being on it a while, not have enough acid and have symptoms of not enough?

    I hope this makes sense.

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    thanks! you just gave me a good idea. i'm going to try HCL and pepsin. i've been having this problem very similiar to the one donna describes where i feel like i need to burp but can't which causes these heavy suffocating feelings in my chest. as a general rule, this occurs within an hour or two of eating. i've tried antacids before thinking it might be related to digestion, but never considered that it might be from lack of acid.
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