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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CherLyn817, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. CherLyn817

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    I spent about four hours today packing up and cleaning up for our move. Russ is gone and will be for a few more weeks, so I thought I'd get some work done while he was in Washington, but oh my goodness I did WAY too much today! My body is already paying for it now and I'm sure tomorrow is going to be much worse.

    I'm still confused by this move (it's just to a different city) because we will be moving again in January to Texas. I know Russ has a means to his madness ... I've given up on trying to figure that out (his madness that is ... lol). Anywho, I have almost everything packed up and ready to go for him to move when he comes back. It's sad, as much as I want to go to Texas and be close to my Pop, I wish the Navy would change their mind and tell us we can stay in S. Cali so I don't have to move again.

    So here's a question for anybody that is awake at this hour. What can I do tonight to relax my body so I won't be in so much pain tomorrow. I have a busy day at work with the doctors tomorrow and I don't want to fall behind on my work while they're around. Any suggestions?

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    hi cher,

    i take it your hubby is in the navy. i to was married to a uscg man. i know the stressors that go along with that lifestyle. my suggestion is take a bath with epson salt and relax. that seems to be about all i get for some pain relief temporarily. maybe your meds might give you some relief and possibly you can sink into a nice night of rest. no guarantee, but when i feel so crappy i have to pull myself up just to turn the water on and sit there and relax and lay there and stick my head under water. and stretch my neck.

    the moving stuff is a whole lot of work. just do as much as you can w/o overdoing it. get the important stuff packed that you are taking with you such as all you bills and accounts, and yes of course take your jewelry. i have had things missing when i packed them, never saw them again. so i learned my lesson the first time. i had a beautiful diamond bracelet that my brother bought me when he was in the airforce get stolen. that was all it took.

    so if you don't get the rest packed let the movers do the rest if you can, i don't know if you're doing it yourself on the move, but i always found it was just less stressful for me if they did it. and the unpacking. if they are unpacking you tell them exactly where you want everything that is what they get paid for.

    best of luck
  3. CherLyn817

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    ... for the advice. I took my meds and I'm going to head to the bath tub pretty soon here. I'm hoping that'll work. The doctors I work with are really anal about speeding through the paperwork and keeping up with all six of them is getting harder and harder.

    Russ and I aren't married yet, at this point we are only living together. Getting married is definitely in our future, but I want to be settled down with our new house in Texas before I start planning a wedding.

    As far as my move, I totally forgot about the military packing us up. Geesh, I wish I would have thought about that before I started packing things for myself. I've definitely packed up the important things ... jewelry, pics, etc. Because of the fact that I grew up in the military, I know that packing personal items is the most important thing. TMO is no longer run by the military, they now have an outside company doing all the moving for us. Moving with them has made it a nightmare. The last time I moved Russ' "Full Metal Jacket" movie was replaced with "The Little Mirmaid," my panties were stolen (that's just wrong) and our lap top's LCD screen was busted (we ended up spending at ton of money to fix it).

    So now that I've learned my lesson, both remembering that TMO packs everything for me AND that I need to take my personal items, I think I'll be set for both of our upcoming moves.

    Thank you again for the advice,

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