Too Much Iron? Not taking multi's w/iron.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrorebel, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. fibrorebel

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    My latest blood tests show high iron and high iron saturation, but the ferritin is a 43. Anybody have a clue?
    I eat red meat only twice a week, don't drink, don't have diabetes, haven't been taking anything for two months or more before test. Never did take a multi w/ iron as I had a hysterectomy ten years ago and know I shouldn't need it.
    My endocrin. doc said to repeat the test to make sure, but that it would explain alot of the symptoms I went to him for. If this next test comes out the same, he is going to send me to someone who deals with excessive iron, did not elaborate on who it might be or any causes of it. So...
    between going with what I thought was thyroid/adrenal issues and finding out I have MS symptoms (primary still won't test to rule it out), finding out I have interstitial cystosis, and now this iron thing...I am really frustrated
    and need anyone with any info on this iron excess to PLEASE
    respond. I am so sick that I just can't seem to think straight. Thank you to all, I appreciate you guys so much!
    love, Rebel
  2. patchwork

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    The only thing I know of which can cause high iron levels( and I'm not a DR!!) is HAEMOCHROMOTOSIS, this is where the body absorbs too much iron . It especially affects the liver and causes a myriad of symptoms incuding joint and muscle pains. Just a thought. Hope the cause is soon found and that you can get a definite diagnosis on what's causing your problems.
  3. fibrorebel

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    That is about all I could find also, yet if that was it I figured my ferritin should be really out of whack also. I very well could be wrong though. I appreciate your thoughts , even if you aren't a doc lol, as the info I get from here is more than my primary has ever tried to share w/ me. My endoc. is much better but can't do anything that would go against my primary. Ahhhhh....thanks again!
  4. fibrorebel

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    bumping for any help I can get!!
  5. klutzo

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    Maybe the test was wrong....lab tests are wrong more often than we would like to believe. Might not hurt to repeat it.
    If it's not wrong, I'd get checked out for Hemochromomatosis, which is a fairly common hereditary disorder that needs to be treated regularly to avoid heart disease. It is one of a small number of illnesses where the ancient practice of blood-letting actually works!
    We have a family friend who has it, and he does fine as long as he gets bled once a month and eats a vegetarian diet.
    Best of luck,
  6. fibrorebel

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    I am with you in thinking probably mistake on labs and am going to repeat as soon as the new requisition gets here in the mail. Mostly because I don't see how I could have an overabundance of iron and also because this is just more to add to the growing mystery of "who took my real body, and who's body is this?!?".