Too much magnesium?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Natedagw821, Feb 8, 2007.

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    I have a question: How much is too much magnesium? Currently, I'm taking the mega man multivitamin, a liquid magnesium supplement, and a malic acid supplement(it also has magnesium in it). I would say with all these supplements combined, I'm taking about 400mg of magnesium. Is that too much? What is the threshold limit for too much magnesium??

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    PS. Anyone know of any good webpages on this subject?

  2. Natedagw821

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    the reason why im so concerned about this is that my dad told me that if you take too much magnesium, it can affect ur heart rate!

    Any feedback u provide will be greatly appreciated!


  3. Natedagw821

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    Now you've got me thinking. I really didnt take food into consideration. I guess I'll take the megaman supplement, the protein shake,,and the malic acid for now. Plus with the food I eat, it should all balance out.

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    Excess Magnesium just causes diarrhea. When you get a lower endoscope viewing of your intestines they give you a lot of it. Ask any medical friend about Go-Lytely. It really makes you go. It also adds in electrolytes.

    When Go-Lytely starts coming out clear, then you're ready for the endoscope...but until then you keep drinking the stuff. The good news is that it now comes in 2 delicious flavours: Pineapple and Sprite.

    My dad got to enjoy this experience. Magnesium didn't bother his heart, just his bowels.
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    My doctor said that if you take too much it will be excreted from your body. It can give you diarrhea. He did say it could effect your heart rate.
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    The mega man multi contains magnesium oxide which is basically useless, from what I can tell. It's cheap and is usually used in laxatives and such because it tends to pass through the body rather than being absorbed and utilized. I read somewhere you're lucky if you absorb 10-20% of mag oxide so figure that into what you're taking, too. I noticed a big difference when I used mag glycinate and malate instead.

    And I, too, have only seen that excess magnesium causes diarrhea. It's true the heart depends on it and calcium and potassium, especially, but I wouldn't worry about taking too much. I get from my supps alone between 600-800 mg and some days I take an extra 400 mg of malate on top of it all.

    The only thing I would watch out for is not taking it with protein because it will dilute stomach acid and then you won't break down proteins well, like meats. I feel terrible when I'm low on magnesium, I always know if I forgot to take it.

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