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    Hi All!
    It has been awhile since I've posted but i continue to read many of your posts and i can honestly say you have all helped me so much and thru so many awful times with this DD. Not to mention the support and the peace of mind you all give each and every one of us on this site. And for this i want to Thank-you! I have spent the past few years going from dr. to dr. and having tests after tests and trying meds after different meds. and for the most part these tests have found nothing fatal and for that i am very thankful. But at this point I am just so tired of going to drs. and taking all these meds. I am not really too sure what is helping and what is not. Have any of you had the experience that all this "too much" can actually make things worse for the way you feel? Can too many meds./supplements make it worse? The doctors are finding no other answers to my symptoms(besides FM/CFS, Seizure Disorder, GERD and chronic esophagitis, and arthritis in my neck)I am on Prevacid,dosage was raised to 2x aday due to extreme upper abdomenal pain,( now my gastrologist wants to get an ultrasound of my gallbladder) changing from dilantin to Keppra for seizure disorder,changing from Ultram to darvocet for FM pain due to Ultram lowering seizure threshold, Ambein & klonopin for sleep and anxiety and B 12 injections for energy. Supplements of MSM 8000mg, Malic/mag, Glucosamine, Vitamin C and Calcium. i also use Maalox for stomach & gas. Has anyone ever heard of taking pepto-bismul for ulcers caused by bacteria? My doctor also suggested trying P-K-5 lotion for pain, anyone have luck with it? some days i just get so discouraged and want to stop it all or at least start to wean myself off some of these meds and maybe i would feel better. I just keep thinking there is something fatal wrong with me, are the symptoms I have what you all have experienced living with FM/CFS? Lower back & hip pain, leg and ankle pain, neck & shoulder and back of head pain, headaches hands hurt(all over body pain, very tired and unable to stay asleep, stomach pain diahrrea. I am a mess.Has anyone else just got so confused that you stopped it all besides natural/excercise treatment? Please help!
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    I went through a phase a few years ago of wanting nothing more to do with doctors, supplements, massage therapists, special diets, etc. I let go of all the frantic-ness, searching, etc, because I found it just too exhausting. At certain point I began to get better, and I attributed it in part to this 'doing nothing'. I felt I was in remission (from CFS, I don't have FM) for all of 2001, but I've since had a relapse (it's been over a year now) and now I'm back in search-mode again. But it's totally understandable if you want to save your energy for things that are pleasurable, being a patient is not fun. I wouldn't ignore any doctor's advice, but you could probably afford to drop all the non-essential stuff.

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    There are certain medications that you obviously need to take such as the seizure medication and stopping any prescription medication "cold turkey" could be dangerous and if you chose to stop, you should definitely discuss a safe method with your physician.
    Many medications prescribed to treat one condition will have side effects for some people and cause more problems. The trouble is, when you are taking so many different things, it becomes difficult to distinguish side-effects from symptoms. When adding new medications or supplements, it would be best to start them one at a time to determine what the side-effects are of each new med.
    If you are taking something which causes intolerable side-effects, there is often another medicine available to treat the same condition that you could be switched to which may not give you the same problems.
    I recall that when I started taking Zoloft I developed severe heartburn for days ( and I feel for you suffering with was horrible!). My doctor didn't believe it was the Zoloft causing the heartburn (I'd never had it before in my life) and presribed a medication to treat the heartburn (which wasn't very successful). To make a long story short, I gradually went off of the Zoloft and was prescribed another drug and remarkably, the heartburn disappeared. In my opinion, rather than taking one drug to counteract the side-effects of another, it is best when possible to try something else or if it is an option, discontinue using it altogether.
    What jumped out at me when I read your post was 8000 mg. of MSM! Do you think you might be taking too much of these supplements and they could be causing your GERD and diareah to be worse? My bottle of MSM indicates to take 2 tablets/day with food (that's 2000mg. total).
    Just something to consider.
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    Hang in there I suffered from this for 3 years before I knew what was going on. I thought I was totally crazy. Then when the fibro-fog came I really wanted to commit myself.

    If it weren't for will power and knowing I actually was not nuts I started in search of a Dr. that would get to the bottom of this madness. I think I have had enough blood test,I could supply the Red Cross for months. I have had urine tests and xrays, Mri's you name it they have done it. I have drawers full of medicine that did not work or I got sick from. I now ask if they change meds to give me a sample to make sure I can tolerate it or not. You should also try that. It saves $$$.
    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. But we have to keep going. Try your hardest there is a Dr. out there that can help...trial and error. Try to keep a positive attitude that is so important.
    Take care of yourself, lots of us are behind you.
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    When I first starting having symptoms, I was a one woman army going to any doctor I thought could give me some concrete answers, a sensible treatment regimine, and some hope for resuming normal functioning. A few doctors, prescriptions, referrals, tests, hospitals stays, MRI's, and crying jag's later, I have come to a few conclusions. Doctors rarely agree, tests aren't always conclusive, and simple is sometimes better. I have accepted that I will not feel like I did 8 years ago. After seeing another doctor re: an MS diagnosis who said that I more than likely have FM/CFIDS, I had all of my meds discontinued. After a very rough week of withdrawl of some kind, I was able to get my body a bit balanced and decided that I only needed one medication and that the side effects of the others only made some symptoms worse. I do the treatment that I am comfortable with and that is it. I try to manage things more naturally if possible but don't go too overboard (Life without Diet Pepsi is NOT an option :) ) My futile mission to get straight answers is done and leaving that stress behind has bee one of the most theraputic things I have ever done. I found one doc that I trust and I play a very active and informed role in my own health. A day at a time......
    All my best to you!!

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    I go through this "giving up" phase as I call it every few years with this lovely DD. It typically coincides with me seeing one too many doctors who give me, what I perceive at the time as a hassle. And also for me, when I'm at my worst. But in my case I give up everything - including natural means. And I wallow in the suffering, to be honest. Not a pretty sight by any means :(

    It's hard. As I was saying to my SO yesterday... it takes so much energy to get energy. And I don't have the energy it takes. And I don't have the energy sometimes to even describe my symptoms, answer questions, or care.

    The trick is to keep the length of these phases at a minimum. For me I have a great group of people supporting me that give me a good swift kick in the butt to get me going again. And they let me lean on them just a bit more than normal to get through it. But I'm one of the lucky ones, and believe me I know it.

    I'm also a great rambler aren't I ? LOL

    Shannon L.
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    Hi Debbie,

    I checked our what your occupation is, so chances are, you move around a lot. :eek:) That kind of shoots down my theory about your abdominal pain. I was very sick with a pain right where my sternum is, and along my ribs just under my breastline. I've since found out that being ill, and sitting all the time was actually what was causing it. Now that I know that sitting causes it, I try not to sit a lot, and to keep moving. If you still are a preschool teacher, your sitting time is probably limited, so this information won't help you.

    If you have a good combo of meds that you really feel help you get a good night's sleep, I would stick with it. Too many people are unable to find a good combination.

    Neurontin is a pain medicine that I believe is also an anti-seizure medicine. It's possible that just that one medicine could solve two problems for you. Perhaps our good docs here on this board would know for sure about this.

    Magnesium, malic acid, and MSM are good only if they are actually helping you. In my case, they pretty much do nothing.

    The glucosamine is good for your neck, and calcium is good if you need ? it. I am post-menopausal, so I take 1500 mgs. daily. Also, the B-12 shots should be good, if you definitely notice a difference in fatigue with them. If not, I'd skip them.

    A lot of people on this board take Vitamin C, but the GERD and esophagas things I can't help with. I have some GERD, but nothing severe.

    Good luck,

  8. kredca4

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    I'm feeling that right now myself. I have 2 Doctor appointment's this week, and 2 next week. We are looking for 2 different condition's right now, a Mastoid Disease, they aren't sure what kind or how bad, it showed on the MRI, but I just had a CT, hope that can pinpoint it.

    Then I have some disc' that are bad in the C4/5/6, section of my cervical vertabre, already had one operaton on my neck at the c-7. So am not looking forward to more. The Neuro said he wouldn't operate at this point, but who know's, that was before the recent MRI.

    I see my Rhumey Dr. who treat's my FMS, she's a Sweetheart, and so nice. She listen's to me, and my Idea;s on what is causing my FMS. I am always looking for answer's to the puzzle.

    Tomorrow is with my Orthopedic Dr. who saved me, lol, he figured out why I was having so much pain and not getting well , etc. So he's a Favorite also.

    I just saw my PC doc. for a Physical and test. the Rhumey Dr. will run some test's, and I am hoping that the other Dr's have finished running their's.

    I just want to crawl into bed, and pull the cover;s over my head. You know that song, "Is This All There IS My Friends"? asking about , it this all there is to life,??????/ well as the song say's, just keep dancing. Love doing the Chair Boogie. lol.
    Don't give up tho, cause you never know what is just around the corner.

    Hope you feel better soon, and keep in mind that these Syndromes can produce a Depression, not like the Clinical type, but a sad type of mood. I think they call it GAD? I call it , Gloom And Doom. I do know that it will go away if you don't give in, like I want to do right now. It;s so overwelming at times. I think, if I have to suffer Pain like this the rest of my Life, is it worth it?

    Yes, cause there's still something I can do. Isn't there?

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