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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by hallelujah1, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Posted a couple of days ago about great results I am getting from a new product. Got a troll response. I also got a lot of negativity from parents on the phone last night.

    Wow. You'd think people would be happy that I have finally found something that works after years of trying. It's not even an MLM company which I prefer not to purchase from.

    This reminded me of how hard it is to believe anything could actually work and produce the results its promises. Our society has become a place where unethical companies prey on peoples' desire to heal their illness and take advantage of them.

    So what happens when I find one that doesn't? I get slammed.

    I probably won't post here again. What a shame. But I'm happy that after years of looking hard my efforts finally paid off. I wish the best to any of you other posters or readers here in your quest. May you find something that really works for you and when you do, I hope somebody believes you. Don't be surprised if they don't but I hope you have better luck than I am having.

    It is just hard to see so many people sick and miserable and not want to help them.
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    I'm no troll and have been on this board for several years. I went on the website for the product you offer and it was too incredible. Glad it works for you. But again, there is a church in the next big City that claims to heal people without meds through "sessions" that last a few hours for about 6 months. You can try that too and it won't cost anywhere near what you have paid. That's not being slammed and it's an offer of a cure just as you posted.
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    This not a negative board. It is a supportive board filled with people from all walks of life, experiences and opinions.

    When a posters first post is about a product that "cured" them, why is it so hard to understand that people will be leary about that product?

    Seriously, this board of hundreds...thousands (??) of people are all sick with the same syndrome. Who wouldn't think that a sales person wouldn't say "hummmm, here are all these people with the same things. Surely I could make some money off them."

    Well it has happened and it continues to happen every single day. Not always this board of course, but one of several. People can be horribly opportunistic whether by design or desperation.

    The result is the same. Sick people, many out of work, working part-time or trying to survive on disability. taken for millions of dollars trying every remedy out there to feel better, reclaim their lives.

    If you got you nose out of joint, too bad, move on. I hope the product worked for you but you need to keep in were ever really sick then this attitude should not surprise you.
    That you were offended tells me something.

    If I ever recover you can bet I will try share my story with all of these fantastic people, if there is questions of my honesty??
    All I can say is "It worked for me". I'm certainly not going to complain that sick people questioned my claims and had a rant at my offer to help.

    Do you know why?? Because I am sick and understand why sick people have to question everything and everyone.

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