too much stress to even describe

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Kathleen12, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Kathleen12

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    But I'll try. I had an appointment with a holistic doctor 65 miles away yesterday morning. It took a lot of effort for me to shower and get dressed and take care of my animals before I left. I was so wasted even before I got in the car!

    So when I get to the doctors office and signed in, they said, "Oh, you're Jake's patient? We tried to call everyone last night to tell you that he no longer works here". I could feel my blood boiling, slowly building to a crescendo and I exploded! "I do not live a few blocks up the road, I live an hour and a half away and NO ONE called me!" Any way, I did get in to see my internist who referred me to him and again exploded on her, though she was innocent. She signed my handicapped tag app and wrote a couple of scripts. So I left there somewhat satisfied.

    Part 2....So I get home and rest for about an hour or so then go get my scripts filled. I took my little Sheltie with me since she wanted to go so badly. I get into the pharmacy and wait a few minutes when I realize it may take a while longer than I expected. So I go out to check on my dog and she is GONE! She jumped out of the window! Sooooo in my already exhausted state, I walk up and down the streets calling her and got the assistance of a young man. I am PANICED! Could not find her so I flew back home to get into some better walking shoes and make up some tags with my phone number to pass around to various buisnesses. When I got back into town, the man who was helping find her was walking up the streeet with my dear Lizzie tucked under his arm like a water melon! She was just having a nice leisurly stroll down the street with a perfect stranger! I was so happy to have her back and slipped the young man a $10 and took my weary self home with my "so what's the big deal" dog.

    Part 3.....I get her home and our other dog who is totally invalid is on the floor and can't get up (as usual), so I pick her up and place her in her bed, sit down for a much needed rest and she is again on the floor and can't get up. This went on for about 15 minutes and I can't rest! So I finally just have to put her in a cage in order for me to rest! That is where she slept last night and I finally can relax.

    Wow....what a day and am glad it's over! I sure hope today is so uneventful that I'm bored!
  2. Kathleen12

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    You know? It's kind of funny today looking back on it now. I didn't even get into all of the small stuff that happened in between the bigger events!

    Today I am extremely wasted already but still have to get to the store to buy batteries for my insulin pump. It's totally dead now and just can't get to town right now.
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    Kathleen, I agree with painawareness. If that were me, once that second dog was in the cage, and my butt hit the chair, I would have bawled my eyes out. What a horrible stressful day! I dread being alone and having to deal with an escaped pet. I can't even imagine being in the situation you were!

    Well, I hope today goes much smoother for you.
  4. rockgor

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    person would be worn out w/ all that!

    I hope you have some nice, quiet, boring days for a while.

  5. fivesue

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    You poor dear! That is all just too much, espcially the doctor's office not contacting you about your appointment cancellation! Of all the nerve!

    Hope today is restful. You certainly do need that.

  6. Kathleen12

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    Oh yes....I cried several times yesterday....after each event and then again when I finally was able to go to bed last night.

    So far things are fair today. I managed to get my handicapped tag and a voice recorder to take with me to my next appointment. I can never remember even 1/2 of what the drs tell me, so I think the little recorder will help.

    I also managed to give the sick dog a partial bath and replace all the soiled newspapers. That was really more than I could do right now I have the rest of the day to do NOTHING but recover! (I hope...LOL).
  7. Cromwell

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    Hi I don't believe we met yet. I am Annie, been a member a long time but absent most of last year.

    I am so sorry you had such a terrible day. I don't know how you even began to cope and thank goodness your Lizzie was safe in the end.

    I have had that happen to me twice at alternative practioners BTW. I wonder if they think they have some right to be sloppy that way? In fact the last time it happened the staff were so off the wall I decided not to go again. The only really excellent one I had was in Newport, Oregon. She was wonderful.

    They should at least recompense you for your gas mileage and cost. I would think about writing to them about that.

    Love Annie
  8. fibromickster

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    I am so sorry what you went through yesterday. Wow, no wonder you are wasted out of your mind. I would have been out for days.

    You probably think today, how in the world did i do all that yesterday??? Hopefully, you were able to get your prescriptions. I wouldn't have been surprised if you forgot and had to go back and get them.

  9. bevy2most

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    I am glad that THAT day is over, when I have days like that I do a giggle cry. I cry because of tiredness, and giggle because I know days like this are plentiful. I always say a little prayer that the next one will be humorous.

    Thank goodness that your fur baby was found.

    Better days to you,
  10. Kathleen12

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    Annie....I love the internist at this office, but the front desk girls are totally idiots! Sweet....but idiots nonetheless. I can tolerate incompetent employees as long a I have a great matter the miles at this point.

    Mickey....Yes, I am always amazed what I can do when I have to. As far as being wiped out? I have been totally couch bound for these past 3 1/2 weeks. Yesterday was the first time I got out since my trip to ER last week. I guees there's little hope of me coming out of this any time soon after yesterday.

    Bevy....I know what you mean about the giggle. When things are so over the top, you cry about the frustration of it then later you can laugh at the absurdity of so many boots (not shoes)falling on your head....LOL. "When philosophers shake their heads, and mystics only smile".