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  1. bioman85

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    hey guys, i have a question.

    i recently started on T3 for hypothyroid - I was working up to a 50 mcg dose, and when I got there, I felt good for a couple of days, but then the fatigue got incredibly worse and my muscles feel very weak. Is it possible that this is because of the dose of T3 being too high? any input it appreciated.

  2. jane32

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    Hey look for my post the other day about my blood levels-ffc...My t3 levels are super high and I just started to get muscle pain and weakness in my forearms, wrist and fingers...I am thinking that may be the cause.
  3. skierchik

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    The same thing happened to me when I took T3. Doctors don't realize how powerful this stuff is. Cut back on your dose and get your blood tested. Too much is really bad for you. Most people don't need much of this stuff; I can only take a tiny piece and I don't take it every day. My T3 is low right now, but if I take too much of it, my blood sugar goes sky high (I have juvenile diabetes too). This is just one of many bad side effects of t3.

    I take T4 also which is supposed to make your body produce free T3; however, some peoples body's make reverse T3 rather than free t3. This is why our free t3 value is too low and we feel like crap even though our TSH is in the normal range. Check out Great info!!!

    If you cut back and take some minerals especially chelated magnesium. You may need around 900-1100mg a day and take it throughout the day, not all at once. This will help with the pain and replace the mag. that is being lost by the T3. Please be careful with the T3, it can cause alot of problems if overused.

  4. bioman85

    bioman85 New Member

    thanks guys, do you know if it is OK to cut off the T3 completely, or should it be ramped down?
  5. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    but I did not take it today and I am not going to take it tomorrow. I want to see if it makes a difference in my wrist and arm pain!

    I will probably call Dr. G tomorrow.
  6. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    I was on 37.5 and he is lowering me to 25 until I see him again in a few weeks.

    I pray this is what is causing my muscle pain...oh please!!!I can not deal with another symptom and this one is awful.
  7. skierchik

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    but it may take longer to get rid of the pain. Cut in half perhaps and get blood tested. Try the mag too. They say that all CFS/FM patients have shown to have very low mag levels. Mag, among other things, is very important for muscle contraction, therefore, if you don't have enough then you can have muscle pain and fatigue.

    I cut it out completely and my T3 is low and I don't have muscle pain, fatigue maybe (I went skiing today) but not pain. I don't like taking the T3 all the time, so I take it when I feel like it. About every other day I take a spec.

    Jane, that's a lot of T3 for a women. What was your T3 level? Can you increase your T4 instead. That's what we just did. Too early to tell if it will increase my T3 or not, but I don't feel bad and I hated taking it. I felt so nervous and I ate more.

    The T3 gets into your system quickly. Do you take the T3 throughout the day? I think you're supposed to break it up into two or three doses, but not to take it too late in the day, cuz it will interfere with sleep. Hate to hear that your pain has increased!!

  8. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    my pain is definitely is spreading up my arms now! I hate it!

    My t3 was 314 and they wanted me to be between 360-450 when I first when on it.

    I just take it once when I first wake up.
  9. skierchik

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    If so, cut way back or stop for a few days. It won't hurt anything. And then you can see if it helps reduce the pain. If not go back on it, but either way you need to be taking chelated magnesium. Have you tried this yet? It took all my muscle fatigue away. I went skiing yesterday for 3 hours and I didn't even sleep well the night before. The acupuncture over stimulated me and I couldn't sleep. I was amazed that I could ski w/o sleep. And today, I feel great, slept a little better, no muscle pain or fatigue. I might even ride my bike to the vitamin store today.

    What supplements do you take if you don't mind sharing the info??

    By the way, my last t3 was 233 out of 230-420(Quest). And I feel pretty good. I think 314 is right on and I personally if it were me, wouldn't be taking it at all if mine was 314. Most people on the thyroid website like their free t3 on the higher side, but I am too sensitive to handle a high t3 and I think it's not good in the long run to have it on the higher side if you have to take medicine to get it there. But it really depends on the person, we're all so different with the same DD. Does that make sense?

    hugs to you!


    Any injuries to the arm or wrist????
  10. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    I startd a new thread about chelton(sp) Magn. that is the difference b/w that and regular Mag.? WHere do I find the one you are talking about. Do you take it at night or during the day?

    I hav eno clue what my pain is coming from. I never experienced this before. I am scared it is goign to spread everywhere else. right now it is near my elbows and the fingers and wrists still ache but now my elbow feel really heavy with it...I did get a massage today. It was my first one since I have been sick. It was super relaxing but boy are my muscles out of whack. It felt good when she was rubbign it but soon stopped when I left the office now all the pain is back. If I do not do anything it is better but it is pretty hard not to use your hands.

    My t3 was a guess b/c I know extreme hyperthyroid can cuase pain but the dr. doesn't think that is it. My t3 was done by quest too but the ffc likes everything to be in the higher range.

    Gosh I would love to be able to ski. Where you always able to do that?

    What do you think of accupuncture? How long have you been doing it? What symptoms did it improve? I am in the process of iterviewing some people now.

    Thanks for all of your help.
  11. bioman85

    bioman85 New Member

    hey thanks for your info. so you are saying that it is ok to stop taking T3 for a few days, and then restarting at the same dosage?

  12. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    I never took a high dosage, but I think you might want to go off for a few days and get it out of your system. Then sloooooowly increase your dose and pay much attention to how you feel. Just a tiny spec makes me super hyper, so I can't imagine taking that much. Just go slow. Maybe half of that dosage will be all you need, who knows, but just don't increase it too often. No hurry, right?

    If it makes you uncomfortable to go off, then cut it in half and see how that goes. And take half of that "half" and break it into two doses. One in the morning and one in the early afternoon. Let us know how this goes and what you decide to do. Are you taking magnesium??

  13. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Gosh, I hate to hear of this setback!! Since you're not sure if the T3 is too blame, perhaps just try the Chelated Magnesium. It's a very important supplement for CFS/FM patients. My doctor told me that the chelated magnesium is more absorbable and I have some absorbtion issues, as do many CFS er's. I like the Solgar Brand, it comes in a glass jar, not plastic (plastic leaks toxins). It's not expensive and you can pick it up at or your local vitamin store. You must take it throughout the day.

    I absolutely would try this and right away. What do you have to lose??? You should be taking magnesium anyway.

    Regarding the T3, if you don't have any other symptoms like anxiousness, increased appetite, can't fall or stay asleep, rapid pulse then you may not need to decrease your dose. Perhaps the T3 is not too much. But if you have some of these other symptoms and you really feel the pain is related to the t3 then cut it out for a few days until the pain subsides and then increase slowly.

    I love my acupuncturist!!! She's Chinese and so good. Really knows her stuff. If you can find a really good one, then definitely go for it. They will balance your immune system and make it stronger, increase your circulation, increase your chi (energy) and generally heal you. A good one can do alot for you!! One that has studied in China would be better than one who hasn't. Find one with years of experience and who dispenses medicinal herbs that you have to boil. I've been going to Ming for 2 years for my car wrecks and ski accident as well as for CFS, juvenile diabetes & Hashi's. She has definitely helped me!! People come to see her from all over. She has a long, long waiting list. People wait for a year or more to get onto her schedule. I am really blessed to have her.

    I couldn't ski much last year, maybe 15 days or so. This year I have skiied 28 days and counting. Two years ago I couldn't ski at all. FM too bad! But in a good year I ski 60 days. It's one of my passions and even a really bad ski accident that put me on crutches for 6 months couldn't keep me from going. Gotta do what you love.

    Try some heat on that arm, too.


  14. elsa

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    I think it took your body a couple of days to get used to the 50mcgs and then it was back to same ole, same ole. Probably have not reached your adequate dose yet.

    Also, could you have felt so good that you overdid alittle bit making you more sore and tired then usual? It happens sometimes at first.

    A good way to keep track of how things are going is to also monitor your temperature. I take two doses a day of T3 and much higher then your amount. (Just raised the afternoon one ... ) and my temp is still around 97.5ish. Can't wait to be back to normal ..... sigh.

    Hang in there .... too much T3 is elevated (to the uncomfortable range) heart rate and respiration. Sounds like you are experiencing the opposite.

    Take care,


    Whatever you do DON'T STOP suddenly for a casaul few days then jump right back in at 50mcgs .... Your thyroid won't have a clue as to what you are up too and neither will your liver.

    Please take the excellent advise and call your doctor before you do anything. Thyroid medication isn't the same as advil .... It's sensitive and needs some easing into and out of.

    Remember that our hormones are all on a loop .... one thing could effect more then just itself ....

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  15. skierchik

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    me to stop taking the t3 when I was having bad symptoms. He had me on two doses of 5mcg's per day and said to "stop immediately". It's always best to go with your gut though.

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  16. bioman85

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    thanks for the info. I'm on 50 mcg right now, and I was feeling better ramping up to that dosage and for a week after I started the 50 mcg, but I have awful fatigue since then. Unfortunately, I'm starting a new job on Monday which is gonna be tough with the fatigue this bad. I guess I'll just have to wait it out and see if it gets any better.

  17. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I hope you are doing ok ..... Checking to see if you called your doctor and what he/she may have said. Let me know how you are doing .....

  18. bioman85

    bioman85 New Member

    thanks for writing,

    I did call my doctor, and they said that my elevated levels of fatigue are not due to the thyroid level, even though I felt better on lower doses of thyroid, and when I started the 50 mcg I had trouble sleeping for about a week and then the fatigue worsened. I think that at least warrants a trial on lower doses.

    right now, though, I can sleep 11-12 hours a night no problem.
    i'll let you know what happens.

  19. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I hope you feel better soon, especially with starting your new job. I'll be thinking about you ....

  20. jane32

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    If you feel better ona lower doese I would lower it yourself. You can pour some out. That is what I am doing. I don't know if lowering my dose helped with my pain or what but my hands are feeling better!