Too much Tramadol/Ultram???

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    Hi my friends...
    I keep running out of Tramadol before I am suppose to so I am beginning to worry if I am abusing them? Can you other users let me know what you think...

    I was given 50mg Tramadol....the Rx says I can take one or two every four to six hours. Well there use to be a time I only needed one here....two there. Now the pain has progressed into needing two every four hours on most days. I find if I do not take it on time, the pain is harder to get rid of. I was told that as long as I do not go over 600mg a day its ok.???

    Does anyone know about this? There are days I can actually go without any...but not very often. I am so thrilled that this medication seems to help me and I do not have to take anything stronger....but I am worried I might be hurting myself with these high doses.

    Sooo confused...and hurtin

  2. "I keep running out of Tramadol before I am suppose to"

    "the Rx says I can take one or two every four to six hours. "

    and then this statement, cause me to have to ask, how many pills, total, is your (monthly?) rx written for?

    There are days I can actually go without any...but not very often.

    Did your doctor permit more than he/she wrote the prescription out for?

    I know it always makes me nervous- I have a 2wk prescription of Norco 10/325 - EVEN THOUGH- the nurse practitioner wrote it out as "take 1 or 2 pills every 4 to 6 hours, as needed for pain. Max of 6 per day" that is exactly how it is typed out on my prescription bottle... it made me nervous- even though 2 pills every 4 hours, does NOT equal "6" pills per day- that would be one pill every four hours- including of course- waking up at night to take a pill...

    Anyhow, I was worried about telling the other NP (whom I do not care for much), that, yes, on the days my pancreas would tolerate it (it's always playing russian roulette with my pancreatitis :-( I did need the maximum dose, two pills, about 4 hours apart...

    Unfortunately- DUE to my pancreas issue... they tend to think that I can - or rather- they even understand- that I have to CHOOSE- "is my trigeminal neuralgia (called 'the suicide disease'- personally, I DON"T LIKE THAT- but, know why medical doctors have called it that, unfortunately, & sadly),... "is that pain worse than what my pancreas feels like it may do?"

    One or the other pain reaches absolute-pit-of-he** "do or DIE"..... before I can decide that yes, I will take the pain medication, PRAY to GOD, take allllll the OTC stomach medications I take during pancreas attacks, crank my heating pad up to high, & lay in bed, praying I will NOT have an attack, on TOP of my trigeminal neuralgia pain.....

    They don't KNOW what to do..... and I can understand that- my situation is a TOUGH one..... but at the same time---- and I've told them so- THEY ARE "PAIN SPECIALISTS!!!" and "I still have to LIVE for ? XXX years- so, somebody has to figure SOMETHING out"....

    I get an understanding- but couldn't really care less look from one NP when I have said that-.

    I was on Ultram ER briefly- and OH! that FIRST WEEK! such relief, no pancreas/stomach/bowel problems, could even take it on an EMPTY STOMACH! BLISS!

    ANDDD I had an awesome benefit of actually feeling a noticeable 'lift' in my mood- for no reason at all, other than just the ULTRAM.... but, after a week... nothin' from it. :-(

    I'd thought about asking for the regular (non extended release) form again, (I was on it back in 2001 or 02... but, I can already know that any effect- if it did work for me again.... sadly, would quickly dissipate... that's just how pain medications have been for me, except for Norco/Lortab- don't ask me why..... been on OxyC, MSContin, & their immediate releases, Fentanyl, Dilaudid, Percocet, Darvocet-aka PEZ CANDY, and, lortab/Norco were all that have ever worked, other than briefly- Ultram..

    Anyhow, if your doctor prescribed it the way you type above- and it's a case of him not writing the script for 160 pills- you do need to just call them, & remind them that it IS written that way, and that you are in bad pain right now, and rely on that maximum dose, and are not receiving enough pills to take it as permitted to, per his/her own Rx, and could they Rx the correct amount of pills...

    That's all you can do, it would seem to me... and why shouldn't ya, it's Rx'd to you that way- but, I know, (like I said) I was nervous about my temporary Rx of Norco, & telling the NP that (only when my pancreas would even cut me some slack/mercy,) was I needing to take 2 pills q 4h...

    Good Luck.
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    This info is from

    Adults (17 years of age and over)

    For patients with moderate to moderately severe chronic pain not requiring rapid onset of analgesic effect, ULTRAM 50 to 100 mg can be administered as needed for pain relief every 4 to 6 hours not to exceed 400 mg/day.

    So if you are taking 50 mg tabs, you can take up to 8 tabs per 24 hours.

    You might consider asking your doc to prescribe Ultram-ER. It is sustained release and I take 300mg twice daily, with Tylenol Arthritis, which potentiates the Ultram ER. Ultram ER is not available in generic form.

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    No matter what the doc tells you, Tramadol is highly addictive. Just google Tramadol addiction and you'll see tons of people all over the net addicted to it. And the more you take, the more you risk having a seizure on it. You would be safer asking for something else because it's causing a classic pain pattern in you. You need more and more of it to try and control the pain and it's just going to keep escalating.
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    If you feel you are taking too much or if you feel it helps the pain but not for long enough, I would highly recommend Tramadol/Ultram ER. The extended release versions help pain all day and you don't have to keep popping pills all day or worry about running out because you only take one or two a day depending on what your doctor prescribes.

    That's what I always went with because the normal release pills never seemed to last long enough and I don't like carrying pills on me every where I go.

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    I can always count on my "family" here on ProHealth to give me some guidance. I have an appt. with my doctor to go over all these concerns and ideas.

    I have one concern about changing to Tramadol ER... what if I get a headache in the middle of the day and I am already on the Tramadol?? Would I still be able to take Excederins or a migraine pill? Right now I can at least wait four or six hours and be able to address the "new" pain. Tramadol works on me for almost every FM pain...EXCEPT headaches...which I get fairly often. What do you do then?

    I do have some good is 1:23 pm and I have not had to take ANY pain medication!!! My hubby was even able to lightly massage my back without me jumping or screaming with pain! Dont get me wrong, I still have low level achy pain 24/7...but today is nothing I need a pill for. So I do not think I am addicted....or have rebound pain. I hope I did not just jinx myself LOL!!!

    Well, I await more advice from all of you. I am going to go DO something on this beautiful low pain day!!!!

    (((((((((((((((((((thank you! )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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    If you want to stay on the non-ER just ask your dr. to write for 2 pills every 4 hours-that way you won't run out. Pharmacies guesstimate the amount that you'll be taking when it says "1 or 2" and they lowball it so it's no surprise that you're running out. As you know it's always better to have a little extra than a little less :)
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    I also took ibuprofen along with the tramadol er I was on for any pains the tramadol didn't help. The doc said this was absolutely fine to do. As long as you are not taking another pain med with the same ingredients as tramadol or another narcotic, usually it is okay.

    Of course talk to your doctor, but my experience has told me that there are certain meds that can be taken together even tho they have the same end purpose, relief of pain.
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    I don't know what your other meds are. I was taking ultram and cymbalta. A new dr. was "concerned" at how much tramadol I was taking in combo with the cymbalta. Of course he wouldn't give me anything else, so I'm not sure how concerned he was. I also take mobic and that helps bump the tramadol up a little.
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    I can take up to two fifty mg. three times a day. The tramadol has really helped with the pain and I have been on the same dose for three years. There are days when I may only need a hundred and some days the 300mg. This is why I decided that I did not want to go on the extended release.

    My pharmacist said that you could take 400 mg. per day but not more than ten days as taking it longer than than that can cause liver damage. I have never taken 400 mg. However when I have had breakthrough pain my rheumatologist recommended Tylenol. She said it was fine if I took the maximum of each but not at the same time.

    Narcotics do not help my pain except for fentynl patch and I never want to be on that unless it is an emergency.

    There have been a couple of times where I did not take the Ultram for several days, but did not experience any withdrawal.

    This is my experience and may be different than others.

  11. jmq

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    Yikes....God only knows what damage I have been doing to my liver! I am taking Milk Thistle that is suppose to help ...but who knows.

    Thanks to all of you...

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    I think you're okay if that is what your script is written as. do you have refills or do you have to call your Dr. every time. You should be able to refill as soon as you max (2 every 4-6 hrs) is up - whether it's 30 days or not.
    Mom was recently on Tramadol and she was allowed to fill at that time. She had to take 2 every 4 to 6 hrs - sometimes in the middle of the night. She also sometimes had to switch between Tramadol and Norco as her pain got worse.

    It doesn't mean you're addicted because you need more.

    Also - I've never heard of a Dr "low-balling" a prescription, but if they do, as I said, you can fill or ask for refills when you need them (as long as it doesn't exceed what it's written for)
  13. gapsych

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    I am only reporting my experience so I would go with what you doctor is telling you.

    Best to you and report back as I have had the same problem with reading other prescriptions I have had.


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    Just to clarify-it's not the doctor-it's the pharmacy. If the doctor writes for "one or two" the pharmacy has a formula to determine how many pills that should be. You will not be able to take 2 every time because there won't be enough, because of this formula. That's why I suggested increasing the script to 2, because then it will be filled accordingly.