Too tired from lack of sleep and feeling achy all over.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Apr 8, 2007.

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    This started last night. My Daughter & SIL came to visit from Odgen with the 2 grandbabies. I have really enjoyed haveing them come to visit me. But as I have been taking care of my Mom who has buristis that is still draining { I am the one who takes out eh old packing and cleans the woulnd out and repacks it and rewraps her arm, this is done daily}I have been taking care of her for close to a month now and she in not really any better yet.

    The kids stayed at my house last night. But my middle daughter and the youngest one went out to buy some Easter stuff for the babies .It was midnight when they got to my house and then they shopped for over an hour.

    Their hubbies were not too happy to not get to go to bed earlier so they had to gripe about it. By the time everyone got home & settled down, I could not fall alseep.

    I heard every peep that came out my my grandbabies mouths. Having a 2 yr old and a 3 month old is different for me as usually it is just my hubby and I alone so the house is really quite. But then I have not been albe to get a good nights sleep in a couple of days.

    It started to rain last night which only made me ache even more today. I am struggeling to deal with the added pain and lack of sleep. I went out to brunch with my girls and hubbies it was nice but it is so hard to get out and walk around and everything sounds so LOUD to me.

    I guess that being so tired is just making the pain intenseifed for me. I really need to sleep awhile and take a pain pill but I don't like taking them when the grandbabies are here I would like to be able to hold my granddaughter and I can't if I am on pain meds.

    Right now even one is sleeping all here in the living room. My tiny granddaughter is making grunting sounds and is squriming alot so I expect her to wake up soon. My 2 yr old grandson is sleeping but it took a crying fit to get him to sleep. So every few minutes he starts to cry and scream. I tried to lay down and sleep as well but no such luck.

    By tonight I will be so tired that I will be dozing off on the couch. I sound like a baby whining about this. I am so sick of not feeling good and being so darn tired and aching all of the time that I can't stand it much more. I just want to enjoy my grandbabies and play with them but when you can't walk with the baby or pick up the 2 yr old it is so hard to do. I can't get down on the floor as my knees are so bad.

    But as there is not much I can do about how I feel I will stop complaining now. I have enjoyed being with the grandbabies and love to be with them.

    Kari is just starting to wake up and is smiling in her sleep. She is such a pretty baby and I love to hold her. Braxton is 2 and is a handful but loves to be around me he likes to have me play with him out side but he can move faster than I can. I just can't run like I once did. I would be the one to trip and fall on my face.

    I Love the visits and hate how tired they make me afterwards. I want to see them more often but as both my daguther and her hubby work full time we don't get to see them as oftenas we want to. I have had a good Easter with my girls, and grandkids. It will be more fun next year as I will be having another grandbaby in August. How I wish that I could walk better now. I would love to be able to take the babies for walks but my body won't let me do that.

    Well I better quit whining now as it is not making me feel any better. JUst sad. I want to be this fun grandma and instead I am the one who can't walk , run, stand and play with them. But I love them all so much. Somedays this darn DD is hard to live with and try to have a normal kind of life. I want it to be different but I can't change how things are. But I will enjoy the grandbabies alot. Well I can't sit much longer so I will write later on. It has stopped raining but it is still couldy. I just wish this weather would make it mind up and stay warm for a while.

    Talk with you all later. Sorry for all the whining and complaining about life.

  2. Engel

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    No wonder you are tired with company and caring for your Mom. When the company goes home hopefully you can get some well needed rest.
    I am in pain and I had too much sleep. I am in extreme pain and I really think it is this goofy weather. I also spent too much time driving yesterday.
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    I used to watch my grandbabies laying down on a couch. That was all i could do. To help my daughter out with the babysitting on occasion, I would put a blanket and all their toys on the floor and I would lay on the couch. It was the hardest when I was so sick. If they slept over, I would put the playpen in my bedroom beside my bed, and put the TV on! Great babysitter. Still, I was with them, and that is what's important.
    I know exactly what you aregoing through. You mentioned Ogden, is that Odgen, Utah? My family lives in Utah and I live over 2500 miles away. Through all my illness the only family support I had was a phone call. Count your blessings - sounds like you have a few! Good luck and happy Easter!
  4. netnut

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    My son and my grand daughter live with me and I know what you mean about the noise level. She is only 10 months old but she can wear me out sometimes. I have adjusted some of the ways I take care of her to what I can do physically. I cant hold her as easily as I would like to give her her bottle so I would prop her up and do it that way. I put her in a walker in front of me and spoon feed her while sitting on the couch because its easier for me.

    Luckily she is a very easy going baby. She goes to sleep easy and doesnt wake up too early and her daddy handles any nighttime duties. I just have her during the day.

    She does bring me so much happiness.
  5. Crispangel66

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    I told her I hope I get better grouchy wise before my daughter and sil have babies. But I hurt so much I don't know how it will get any better. We went on a trip and my hubby's sister went to the grocery store and her grandkids ran all over the store and were picking on my son who has epilepsy. Then she had the nerve to ask me if I wasn't feeing well or what. Duh!!!! I never let my son run around the store. Some people just don't know how to raise kids.

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    Thanks for all the responses to my post. I posted it and when I read it a day later no one had responded as of yet so I just came back to see.

    I love playing with the grandbabies but they do wear me out. But then so does my oldest who is expecting in August. She is upset because the tech to did her last ultrasound did a lousy job. She said that the baby was a boy but 3 weeks before it was for sure a girl. When my daughter went in on the next visit she was told that the ultrasound pictures were not good enough and had all been deleted. So If she wants to have another one done it will cost her $50.00. As the last was a curtesey for her and not for any other reason.

    Yes I did mean Odgen Utah. I live in Logan which is about a hours drive from Odgen. But at times it is just to hard to me to drive there, and I hate driving at night as the bright lights bother me. But that really does not matter as right now I dont' have a car so unless I borrow my mom's I don't drive any where.
    Well as you can see it is after 2 am again and I am so cold. My feet have been freezing all night long even with a blanket on them. So I am going to go to bed now. I have put a balnket in the dryer to get all nice and warm to help me fall asleep.

    Thanks again for every thing.
  7. netnut

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    The kids are only little for a short time and then they get bigger. You find a way to get thru it.

  8. blkkat

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    ((((( BIG SOFT HUGS ))))) --- GOD BLESS --BLKKAT

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