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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shannonsparkles, Apr 28, 2006.

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    I'm so tired that I can hardly play a simple computer game, too tired to get up and to do all the little jobs that have to be done (going downstairs, setting up my pills for tomorrow, brushing my teeth) for me to go to bed. This is so frustrating!

    I wish someone would just pick me up, brush my teeth for me, and put me to bed. I can move my fingers to type, but I can't move the rest of me. I feel so sick and groggy and awful with a weird chemical feeling in my throat again, all I want to do is to sleep. But I'm stuck. I'm too tired to get up!

    I hate this DD so much! I wish I could just do something to make it better. Every little action is such a struggle. It's exactly this hard when I have to try to go to the kitchen and grab some food, or get up to go to the bathroom. It's like, I don't have the strength to do this simple little thing, but I have to, so here goes. And even then, I can't always get up and do it.

    Why isn't there a cure for this stupid illness yet?
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    Hey, Shannon
    I am there with you this morning. Been awake since 1:30 this morning after 2 hours sleep. I hate it when it happens on weekends. It will take the whole weekend just to get enough strength and rest now to go back to work.

    I have just been reading about trying to get Dr. Phil and Oprah to showcase this DD. Good grief, I have heard them talk about everybody's sex lives, rotten kids and fad diets but even if they don't believe that it is the real thing, let experts and public decide. They could at least do one show with real live people who sufer from it and open it for discussion.

    Do you think that you will be able to sleep later on today? Hope so. Sometimes I get on a roll. My doc has given me some samples of ambien CR that I am going to try. I don't want to go to bed now as the whole day will be lost but I am so tired. You can't have a life with this crap!
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    No word on the nurse yet. Prickles, I should send her over to your place first and get her to clean it! But, I've been asleep during the day all week, so they might have tried to call me. Bathing is so hard. I had a bath yesterday and it took an hour and a half of effort, because I had to keep stopping and resting. Then today I tried to cook some fish because I was all alone, and I had to lie down on the floor before I could pop it in the oven. It's scary having to lie down and not knowing how long it will be before I can get up!

    I had to get Dave to CARRY me down to my room when I got sleepy... but as soon as I got the energy to set my pills up for the next day, I got hungry, then I had to come back up for some goat milk (baaah) and now I'm here again.

    Cactuslil, I agree that Oprah and Dr. Phil are frivolous at times. Wouldn't it be lovely if on May 12 they had special shows for us...

    I didn't get to sleep really. Just nightmares on and off, then resting groggy for a few hours. I always come out of it every day with an hour or two of being too groggy to get up. I'm so scared that I won't be able to walk anymore because I can't walk some of the time.
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    I am so worried about you!