too young not to work

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    i just turned 28. my fibro has gotten more intense and extensive. i cut back my hours at work drastically but still fighting back the tears. my doc says to take time off work. give my body time to rest a bit and see if anything improves. i know, with some, there are treatments that do help, even a little... yet others have no luck at all. im starting on elavil again, didnt work the first time but im supposed to try again and slowly increase the dosage. i took pride in my secular accomplishments, now im reduced to a mindless 'blob' who cant do physical things or be trusted with the mental ones. im so frustrated.
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    i know what it is like to be young and sick...see my profile. i want to accomplish so many things but just don't have the energy. i don't have fibro, i just have cfs, so i can't even imagine how you must feel. i also run into people with the attitude that i must be lazy or stupid....but i'm not. i have a college education and i love many active things like biking and hiking. i just haven't been able to apply myself physically or mentally in several years.

    i hope you figure out what is right for you and i will be praying for you. you are not alone and i am sure you will get many more posts.

    take care,
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    I decided last week to take a leave of absence from nursing school. I am only 23 and am now facing the possibility that even if I make it through school- I may not be able to actually work as a nurse since it is such a physically demanding job. I am hoping that my time off will give my body a chance to rest as well as time to try new treatments. I keep reminding myself that none of this is a failure on my part. I must push myself to follow my dreams, but also be realistic about what goals are possible.

    Remember to look for the little things in life...sometimes the big things can be overwhelmingly bad, so try to find some good in every day. I truly believe in a mind-body connection and feel that the more positive I am mentally, the better able my body will be to heal.

    Please keep your head up. I hope and pray that you will find something to ease your pain and frustration.

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    I am also 28 years old. I have been ill for over a year, and unable to work.Check my profile. I guess all I can say is that it just isn't fair! We are not bad people! We are good people, with goals of helping others and good sweet hearts. I wish I could understand it, but I can't. I am still trying to keep hope that all of this is happening for a bigger reason and that it will all work out in the end. Please continue to come and write! I think this web board is a life saver, for me at least! My prayers are with you!
    Love, Joy
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    I am 33 and although I am on a L.O.A. right now, I am not

    sure if I will be going back to work. I know that if/when

    I do, it will be only part time - 4 hour shifts for 4 days

    a week is what I am hoping to be able to handle, but I will

    just have to see. Husband and I are trying for a baby right

    now, and once I am pregnant and past the first trimester I

    am going to try to go back to work at Wal-Mart. I have had

    to go off of several meds and have had to go through a

    detox, so I have been off for 17 weeks now. I know how you

    are feeling, I really do. It has been so disappointing for

    me on such a personal level, having this illness, and

    dealing with how it has limited me. I have had to pass up

    promotions at work at other jobs , and had to scale down to

    a "simple" job, to be able to still work. The stress of my

    managerial job from 9 years ago was too much and making my

    fibro out of control. So, I scaled down, but it has been

    hard on my self-esteem, and being content with what I do.

    Having to put up with the work environment that I have has

    caused many issues for me, but I have gotten through many

    of them and made it thus far. I came down with full

    fledged fibro when I was about 24, but I had sickness and

    symptoms and problems from age 17 on. I try not to look at

    my life and be disappointed with my accomplishments

    careerwise. My main focus in life was always on marriage

    and family anyhow, but, I still want to have something of

    my own, that I know that I am good at, and can do on my

    own. I sell Avon cosmetics and love that, and have

    purchased my program,books, etc. to become a Bridal

    Consultant, but, I am scared to death that even when I

    finish my studies, that I will not be able to do what I

    want to do because of my health and how it has restricted

    me especially over the past 2 years. This struggle in my

    mind, can just wear me out sometimes. Accepting what is

    happenning to me, and being content in all circumstances in

    life like it talks about in Philippians in the Bible is a

    daily challenge for me. But I press on!!!! There is

    always hope, there is always love, we just have to find our

    way to it! And let it come to us! LOL Carla