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  1. stinker56

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    I went upstaris, which I never do, to get the Christmas decorations down. I hate to ask my son to do everything and I felt pretty good so I thought I would do it myself and surprise him when he got home. Well I surprised him alright. I tried to take too much down at once to save myself some extra trips, and was letting the containers slide down the stair treads with me backing down the stairs and they got away from me. I lost my balance and I fell down about four steps and hung my left arm on the bottom post then fell into the wall behind me. At first I thought my arm was broken but when I could move it, I realized it wasn't but man was it aching. The storage containers landed on my shins and ankles which didn't help anything.
    Today I am so sore and stiff I can barely move. I am bruised on my arm and both legs. I hurt most of the night and finally gave it up around five a.m. I have already had to take a pain pill and I don't usually until afternoon but I should be glad nothing is broken.
    I get so frustrated trying to do even the simplest things anymore. I wanted to really do Christmas right this year. My dad passed away a little over a year ago and last year Christmas was really non existant for all of us. All I wanted was to make things really nice for my family and now this.
    Does anyone else get this frustrated? I also get angry that I have to give into this DD and lay around because I don't feel like doing anything else.
    Sorry to rant and rave so much but I needed to let it out.
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  2. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    So sorry to hear you hurt yourself. I had a similar incident a couple of weeks ago. I was on my cell phone bragging to my Mom about how good I was feeling - new med regime. I hung up the phone and then walked in to my hair salon and fell flat on my face. I tripped over the stair because I wasn't paying attention. Like you I wondered if any thing was broken but I was lucky too.

    I get so frustrated with the impact of this DD on my life. I have had 3 really bad falls this year. I hope you find the magic of the season despite this setback. Take care - Nancy
  3. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    After reading thise posts I don't feel quite as bad as I did last night! I guess I'm not the only one falling around! I'm so glad that neither of you were hurt badly! Stinker.... try to take it easy for a couple of days...then maybe you can still do your Christmas!!

    I did a very stupid thing last night. I was coming home from our annual church Christmas party. We live in the country and it is very dark. We have a storage house next door to our house...and my son had left the outside light on when he left (as usual).

    I went to turn it off... and didn't remember that my husband had placed two LARGE blocks on the side path for his boat. Well, I was walking along NOT looking down and went flying face first to the ground! I landed hard on my right arm!! I think I am all here...but so stiff.

    The first thing was to feel so dumb!

    I have to watch coming and going on steps with ANYTHING in my arms. I just have NO balance any longer! It is like my mind tells my body to move....but it doesn't respond in time. Is it the same way with you?

  4. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    i, too, over did the "trying to decorate for the kids". I used to always make the house look like a macys store with every nook and cranny covered. i feel so 2 kids are both in college($$$$$$)and when they came home for thanksgiving i was in bed the whole time. So now i am feeling beter and said i will make it up by going crazy with the decorations for xmas. MISTAKE my back was killing me last night and i cannot even think about finishing what i started ...then i realized the best decoration i can give my kids is an upright and walking mom...not in her robe..and maybe some food in the wishes to all !! Thou shalt not Overdo!!!!!
  5. Charleen

    Charleen New Member

    I seem to fall at least once a week. I heard we were going to have a big snow storm and hbby and son was at work so I thought (never should do that). I would go around the yard (we live on a farm) and pick up scrap wood to burn in the wood stove. Well found this big piece and though I'll bring this up and brake it up. Didn't know a part of it was rapped around the tree pulled and went down hard on walnuts. yes it was a big old walnut tree. Today I was putting logs in the stove and burnt my hand. So don't feel bad all. We who have fibro and the other things that go along with it can't be all perfect haha.
    Good luck in the new year and here's to a year of no falls or burns
  6. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Hey Stinker, I hope you are feeling better. I took a fall down my bottom four steps about three weeks ago. I am still wearing the cuts on my feet and knees from it, but the bruises have healed. I felt like I had the flu for days because of the fall and couldn't get up off the toilet without support for a couple of days. My back began to hurt a day or so after the fall and got worse each day. It is still hurting, but much better.

    Please don't beat up yourself over this. You were just trying to make a good Christmas. I was trying to help my husband clean up our front porch because her boyfriend was comig the next day. I guess no matter how sick we get we want to keep our kids happy. We just have to take it easy I guess. It does make me so angry that we have to worry about this DD all the time and how it effects our lives. It is always present.

    I hope you can have a Merry Christmas. Don't worry about the house, love is all you need and no matter how sick we get that can't be taken away from us. I hope you will heal soon. Let us know how you are when you feel better.
  7. hartogold

    hartogold New Member

    I'm so sorry you fell. It's awful how this crap affects our muscles and balance. I'm such a clutz I find myself walking on glass most of the time so I don't do something stupid. If I fall I pay for it. I fell in February and now have to have shoulder surgery soon because of it.

    It's so hard to give into this DD and have to ask for help. That's one of the hardest things for me. I feel like an invalid sometimes (because I am sometimes), but I've always been the active, enthusiastic cheerleader with my friends and family until a few years ago.

    I'm just glad you're ok. Hang in there. Remember, China Dolls are delicate but beautiful too. :)
    Gentle Hug
  8. yorkiegrl

    yorkiegrl New Member

    I too have taken a whole lot of falls since I have been sick. Several times down 8-9 stairs...berber carpet tripped me up...then, this past October, I fell to the floor & cracked my head open, requiring 11 stitches. I told myself I have finally learned my lesson, but I still am not cautious like I should be. I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't keep their balance! I'm ok as long as I use my cane, but I don't always use it here in the house. I never fall whild using my cane. What a dummy I am at times...Lol...


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