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    we got in early. we didn't have an appointment till the 21st, but there was a cancelation.
    Basically, they took lots of info, took 5 vials of blood, and she has to do a bunch of stool samples to check for bacteria, parasites, etc. They want to rule that out first. She will be going in for a colonoscopy and a scope down her throat too, but we don't have that appointment yet. She gets put out for that, PTL! They will also do a biopsy. This is consider day surgery. So glad she is seeing a childrens GI. It is a lady doctor and JErica seems to like her so that is good. She feels more comfortable with a lady considering the area that we are talking about.
    Just thought I'd give an update to what I know so far. I guess after all is said and done we will then know for sure if it is Crohn's or what.
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    I'm so glad you were able to get in early and get the process started with this Doctor. You need a specialist in this case and it sounds like you have a good one.

    I hope the tests can be done fairly soon. The not knowing is a big part of the stress.

    Taek Care.

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