took my first dose of topamax last night

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    when to sleep quick, also take klonopin and valuim, went to bed around 11pm. woke up in middle of night made sure i had drank a lot of water. had the tingling in feet and had to take half valuim to go back to sleep. This morning my imagination! Sure i will die of pain tomorrow. took wellbutrin 150mg twice once in morning and 2pm. I have taken dog for a walk, vacumed my whole house and washes clothes. my thoughts are not fast.
    I may be stupid by in the mother my son oversees called he is coming home. he said you sound like your in a good mood.
    I am day one so we will see having some symptoms i can live with tongue numb. No pain in back while vacuming where did that come from and where did the energy come from. No i have done to much. Usually have so much pain in back cant vacum. Like i say day one though may be to much as it builds up. As far as appetite i can eat and drink coke oh well. go day so far.
    Just letting anyone know