Took Myself Off 6 Medications and Feel Human Again!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MimiMLR, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. MimiMLR

    MimiMLR New Member

    I DO NOT recommend taking yourself OFF prescribed medications without your Dr's knowledge. I've had some Medical training so was comfortable tapering down the way I did.
    I started thinking? Okay all my blood tests every 6 Months have been great! But, I was afraid it wouldn't last forever. So I weeded out everything except the Duragesic Fentyonol Patch for pain. And occasional Xanax! Now I want off the patch but My Dr. is arguing with me about it. I was on Vicodin and my stomach was so messed up from so many pills they decided on the patch so the meds would bypass my stomach and go directly into my bloodstream. My Insides are much calmer. But I think the medication has attacked my beautiful teeth?? I was just going to look up the Fentynol and Teeth? If it was that I swear I'll Sue someone for Veneers! 4 Dr's including a "Pain Clinic" came up with the Patch Idea since I had an ulcer. In 2003 I wanted to get a divorce from my EVIL ex! I ended up clinically depressed. They put me on Seriquil 25 mgs 3 times a day. And Remeron 45mgs at bedtime. They should NOT have just left me on them this long.
    It's been 8 months or so since I tappered myself off those and It's like I finally woke up! I feel and act more like the OLD pre-FMS me. I'm LIVID that they just let me stay on them. Too many years have gone by in a blurr! I didn't even do my own grocery shopping at a failrly young age I just couldn't focus. Now I'm running everywhere Myself. I DO NOT reccomend taking yourself OFF prescribed medications without your Dr's knowledge. I've had some Medical training so was comfortable tapering down the way I did. And they didn't tell me that those pills were what made me rack on 40 extra pounds I never had before either. I've lost 20 of it just since I ditched those Meds.

    Now I often forget to even change the patch in 72 hours ever since I started the Glucosimin and Condroition with Vitamin D and Fish Oil. I'll get in the shower and think?? Did I put my new patch on the same arm?? Then I look and I never changed it!! This Summer when it was hot and dry I forgot the thing for 8 days. I had nightmares and sweats a few nights that finally ended then realized I still had the same patch on. My BIGGEST mistake was putting on a new one! I had gone through the withdrawals and didn't have any pain. Wish I had Never put that new one on. Or I wouldn't be on ANY prescription meds except Xanax that I've been on for 15 years before I got fibro. I noticed someone mentioned MONO! When I was first DX. I went to a board and asked if anyone had Mono prior to FMS! I got over 75 replies?? I still think there is a connection between Mono and FMS?? Just My humble opinion!!
    Take Care All,
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    Congratulations, Mimi-- it's a great feeling to have a clear head, isn't it! I have never been able to tolerate most narcotics or other potent meds for more than short periods of time because of that dullness and loopiness. However, I'm grateful to have them to give me relief when nothing else will help.
    I recently tried to go back on an old sleep med I'd taken in the past and remembered just how much it affected me in other ways. So I stopped it again and haven't been sleeping great, but will keep searching for something that will work and not leave me feeling so drugged. I'm still trying to find a happy medium. I'm glad you have!!
    Take Care,
  3. loto

    loto Member

    I'm happy for you MIMI. My question is, did your doctors think your meds caused the ulcer you had? I'm going for an upper GI in a couple of weeks because my GI doc thinks I have symptoms of an ulcer. I take up to 8 500 mg vicodin per day, 120 mg cymbalta per day, and now 40 mg prilosec and bentyl for my lower abdomen pain (as needed) per day. Just wondering what may have caused your ulcer!!

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