took son to urgent dr appt...missing my math class

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    but i think i will show up i can use the lab stuff and go get my book refund and voucher..

    well the dr said he was full of s--t. i think you have ibs...and asked me i bet you have it..i said well yes i have fibro..among other things..

    he said the good things fibro isn't hereditary....

    i said then why does my mother sister and i all have it...he made no comment..

    continued on the usual how to eat fiber etc fro cody

    well i need to go get my elbow band on and get out the door...
    the dr advised that i didn't leave him alone....but i have a quiz due today...and i have that 4:30...then i will study between 2:30-4:30....

    hopefully i can get in i can get back here...

    they xrayed his tummy and he was constipated way up to his shoulder area...

    well i got to pun intended..

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    Hi Jodie

    Don't understand the problem. Cody is an athlete; gets lots of exercise, right?

    You've seen those lists of "How to tell that you're Old".
    They can add to the list: has ernest conversations w/ friends about the importance of bran in the diet.

    You know some of those cereals, even ones that claim to be healthy, have no fiber at all. And some have 8 or ten grams.

    I read it should be at least 4 per serving.

    You've really taken on a job for Superwoman w/ school and parenting, etc.

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    oh well not bad for not much sleep...then i stayed finished up all the other work so i could take the last anyways...i need to take that sometime tomarrow...before my 11 am class..then i hayve psychology class..

    i got my 200 dollar book that was cool..

    we got my tentative schedule done...he told me if i wanted to go into teaching to ask state voc rehab for the world...he said his mother used to work for state voc rehab..he sa dhe couldn't beleive some o the things they used to buy..

    i said i have my appt on friday...i am hoping i can schedule my pschology quiz on friday in the disability resource cebter,,,

    give me another day to digest the science of the neurons and axons...etc..

    i need to get some food going cody still hasn't eaten to day...

    guess when you are full of it you don't feel like eating much...told him needs to get his bowels i will give some fiber pills..

    i was his age when i was having problems and they said diverticuosis..

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    I don't know if fiber pills work all that good. Does he like dried fruit like apricots? If you could get some magnesium down him by some method, that would help. And make sure he is drinking plenty of liquids. Apple juice, sports drinks and some orange juice and water.

    And best of all, vegetables!! Green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, spinach salads. And you can add fiber to anything like soup and sauces with the powdered fiber.

    Hope everything comes out okay, HA.
  5. 69mach1

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    i didn't think about the soup one and sprinkle some fiber on it...good one...

    it looks like we both have to watch our diets more...but he has only had a slice of multigrain toast w/butter and rasberry jam...and he has his gatorade and water..but he said he doesn't think he will hold it dwon..but i am going to toss him some magnesium tablets here now...

    then i have to go study...i do not know if he will go to school or not tomarrow...but he is going to really need to watch it...fiber

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    i wished i was superwoman...i wouldn't even mind being wonderwoman w/the nice brass top.

  7. 69mach1

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    i couldn't believe that docotr..i thought it was strange that the ibs was hereditary but not the fibro..i told him dr lister that retired already mention how he thought got had fibro and just let him do what he can...

    and usually isn't as bad in children..

    but i have to chalk it up to the kaiser's here in marin county...sometimes they are hit and miss..

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    cody wants to know what a fleet enema is? i told him something you stick up your rear to really getting you going...

    i said you want one? he said i don't care at this point...

    dear lord i can't do that for him he is almost 17 years old...

    i had to do that for my sigmoidoscopy...boy was that a time i wished i had a partner to do it for me...

    try squeezing some bottle w/bad tendonitis in your elbow and carpal tunnel...

    i am out of the enema business...